Smite Tactics - a Tactical Turn-Based Strategy Spin Off of Smite Announced

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
Smite Tactics - a Tactical Turn-Based Strategy Spin Off of Smite Announced

Smite Tactics is a spin-off of Hi-Rez Studio's popular MOBA: Smite.

While League of Legends and DoTA 2 are still the kings of MOBA, Hi-Rez studio's "third-person" take on the genre, Smite [], is still pretty popular. So popular that the developer has just announced a turn-based strategy spin-off called Smite Tactics. Check out the pre-alpha announcement video to the right.

"Smite Tactics is a game of strategy where players will carefully choose which minions to deploy across the battlefield and which gods will lead them. Every unit has unique abilities and players will build their armies prior to battle using collectible cards. Players will be able to compete for prestige in 1v1 ranked competitive modes and experience various adventure modes versus AI," said the developer.

If this sounds like it's something that may be up your alley, you can go ahead an sign up for the beta [] right now. It's due out by the end of the year.

All we know is that it will combine turn-based tactics with some kind of deckbuilding feature. We don't know what payment model it will use, but given that Hi-Rez's two most recent titles, Smite and Paladins, were both free-to-play, we can probably assume that Smite Tactics will also be F2P with microtransactions.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios []



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Feb 16, 2009
so Turn based strategy lead to Real Time Strategy, which gave birth to MOBA's which just created a Turn Based Strategy game...



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Apr 5, 2020
So, if I'm controlling multiple gods at the same time, does that make me the one true god? Is that why Yawheh isn't in Smite? 0_0


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Jan 28, 2012
Maybe I'll touch it with a 10 foot pole when hi-rez reconsiders putting their hidden little patcher permanently into the system bootup where it remains even after uninstalling the game- until you take special measures.


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Jan 30, 2012
...OK, I have come to terms with random forum posters not knowing how to spell the name of Dota 2 but I would have thought professional articles should be able to get it right. I know it's not really that straight forward, but come on, it's not that hard, either:

The first custom map that was released for the original Warcraft 3 was called Defence of the Ancients which is shortened to DotA - capital D and capital A for the two words, the other things lowercase. It's as per normal rules for titles.

When the WC3 expansion came out, DotA was updated and expanded, also gained a subtitle: Allstars. That map is somewhat formally referred to DotA: Allstars or DotA:A although not many bother with the distinction - when referring to DotA many actually mean the Allstars incarnation of it.

After Valve acquired it, they dropped the acronym and simply called the game Dota 2. It's a bit confusing since it now doesn't stand for anything - their game is just the fabricated word "dota" but there you go. Yes, this also means the number is technically inaccurate, since there wasn't a game called "Dota" before. It's spelled with a capital D because it's a single word - there is no "defence", nor "ancients" in the title. Yet some do call it "DotA 2", either because they don't know it's not an acronym or don't care.

Writing the name in all caps as "DOTA" somewhat side-steps the issue with "how the hell do I capitalise this?" especially if you want to refer to the entire collection of incarnations of the game, given how they are different and is indeed used occasionally. Also helps that you don't have to randomly press the Shift key[footnote]for the Caps Lock key, like, 4 times, if you're odd[/footnote] while typing

However "DoTA" is just weird all around - the capital T is just out of place whatever the case.