So Portal is Getting an Official LEGO Dimensions Pack

Steven Bogos

The Taco Man
Jan 17, 2013
So Portal is Getting an Official LEGO Dimensions Pack

Could this be paving the way for a full Portal line of LEGO sets?

Bricknet []) may have just spilled the beans on a rather major as-of-yet-unannounced LEGO property: Portal 2.

Fans have tried numerous times to get official LEGO Portal sets via the Doctor Who [] as a part of the leak.

Check out all of the leaked packs below:


Adding further legitimacy to these leaks, LEGO has uploaded the official instructions [] for the Back to the Future set, which contains images of all of the other leaked sets.

From the looks of things, Portal 2, Doctor Who, BTTF and The Simpsons will be getting "level packs", which include a character, two objects from their respective universes, and an in-game level to play them in. Ninjago, Jurassic Park and Scooby Doo are getting "team packs", which we can only assume means adding the characters to your in-game team.

The bigger mystery here is... does this mean that a full line of Portal LEGO, or at least, a one-off Portal set, is on the way? Here's hoping!

Source: Brickset []


Scarim Coral

Jumped the ship
Apr 30, 2020
Yeah LEGO Demension has DEFINITELY won me over when it come to these figure games or whatever the proper terms it is called. While I have seen that Back to the Future set but I am buying that in a heartbeat!

Also God dammit, if I knew they were going to make a Unikitty set, I won't had bought that Cloud Cuckoo Land just to get her alone! (Sure the set itself is alright but I don't have the space to build and place it on.)


Don't worry. Be happy!
Mar 21, 2011
I'd love to get this after being converted to the whole NFC thing by Amiibos but the financial investment is just too damn high. To get even a small amount of non-base-game content I'd have to pay at least £150+. If it was priced around the Skylanders level I'd be all over it.

[EDIT]That and I have three unfinished Lego games with almost definitely more content in each I got for £5 at most.