So, what games are you playing?


Dec 1, 2011
I've been playing Iron Brigade and Minecraft the most for the last few days.


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Jul 7, 2012
My main gaming computer is crashed, and I can't afford to repair/replace it right now, so I've been doing simpler games like Super Meat Boy and Lone Survivor.

Chester Rabbit

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Dec 7, 2011
Deus Ex - Off to a slow start on level 2. But...that damn kid said there is an entrance behind the coke I being to literal about this?

Reloaded - Finally own this game! Thank you Ebay.

Fallout New Vegas - This game is kicking my ass...


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Dec 4, 2008
Star Wars: Rebel Strike.

HOW did they manage to fuck up a great series like "Rogue Squadron" so badly?! The out-of-place on foot levels could be forgiven if they were actually INTERESTING but the human controls are terrible and the AI is severely limited.


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Apr 15, 2009
Well pretty much all my time right now is being engulfed by The Secret World and Path of Exile, though during my off times im managing to fit in Batman Archam City. Oh and cant forget Lollypop Chainsaw for when I just need an escape from everything.
Mar 30, 2010
I tend to have quite a few games on the go at once, so at the moment (and in no particular order) it is:
Trials Evolution
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Portal 2
Master of Orion 2
Syndicate (the proper Bullfrog one)


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Oct 4, 2010
I've decided to run through some PS2 titles. A couple surprised me so far.

Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2: Got this 'cause I enjoyed Persona and it's getting deeper. I'm a good bit into DDS1 (Coordinate 136) and am enjoying the ability to slowly turn Serph into a magic-casting god. I love the voice acting, particularly Argilla and have spotted a few familiar voice-actors, like the Major from GitS. I think I know who the final boss is though. Gale's visions of that crying black-haired woman got me thinkin'.

Star Ocean Till the End of Time: Good god, this game is so bad, but... I enjoy it? The writing and acting are solid, but the character and facial animation is so stiff! There are so many awkwardly long pauses in conversation that I stopped taking the story seriously ever since I met Cliff, the best and funniest character so far. We've been planet-hopping so far, helping some elf girl fix her music-box, riding turtles through infested-caves, and now, end a kingdom's tyranny. Lovin' it.

Silent Hill 3: Oh, man... Well, I always wanted to get through the Silent Hill series and Heather sounded more fun to play as then Harry (SH2 dude). Game starts in this abandoned amusement park, I see a lot of Robbies everywhere, sound design is horrifying, but those damn controls. Come on! I'll get used to it eventually and am working my way through the mall.

I like how the game doesn't spell out anything for me. One moment I'm walkin' away from this creepy dude into the bathroom, next, the whole mall evacuated and I can hear conversation from this closed store. I've worked my way up to where I'm puttin' these books in line for the code to open this password-required door. I'll play this game in chunks 'cause I don't think I can just sit and knock this out in one go like I thought.

Next up, Dragon Quest 8, Haunted Ground, Siren, and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love.

Let's go!


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Nov 20, 2009
Trying to find a good multi screen demo game for my tri monitor display. Was usingToR but that well finally ran dry. Just ran through Deus Ex, HR, Been working on trying to find NPCs after a half year break from Minecraft, Dark Souls still in a holding pattern just waiting to be finished, Same is true of LA noire. Working on starting up a narrative run through Dead Island as soon as I can get it set up in multi monitor config. So will likely use Metro until I have a better option....

Oh, and working on Replaying Xenogears on handheld in doctors offices and the like.

LA noire
Dead Island
Metro 2033

And thats all in the way of ME3, Witcher 2, Baulders gate 2 and endlessly working on minecraft.


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Jun 7, 2010
Playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time, my first Final Fantasy ever in fact. Been really good so far, and even though it feels like I've gone through so much, I'm still only on 'disc 1' so there's hopefully plenty of great gaming ahead. The combat gets a bit repetitive but there's enough variety in the enemies to make it more interesting, and the materia system keeps things fresh. The characters are also likeable and interesting, and I still have no idea what the hell Cait Sith is riding, unless that thing IS Cait Sith and the cat just lives on top of him/her/it. Maybe we'll find out at some point in the next 2 'discs'...

I'm also playing Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and absoloutely loving that. Best Virtua Fighter game I've ever played, the fighting engine's been refined to a tee. One of the better fighters ever actually, and for just £10.


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Mar 7, 2008
Right now: L.A Noire, Swords & Sworcery EP, and Starfox 64 3D.

I also just bought the TellTale collection, so i'll probably be playing Psychonauts before the day is out.


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Mar 17, 2010
Dabbling in Killing Floor now and again. Berserker really gives the poor sods no chance.

Getting into SSF4AE as well, not that I'm any good at it. It's just nice to jump in and out of when you've got some time to spare.

Giving Blacklight: Retribution a go too. It's really odd how you rent everything you use but it costs so little of the game's currency you'd be mad not to and the HRV mechanic is pretty interesting.

Tribes: Ascend for an hour or so a day. The exp system is a bit better now. Exp automatically accumulates on weapons and perks that you use, meaning you don't have to waste exp to unlock the next ranks. The guns themselves still cost ridiculous amounts though.

Sniper Team 4

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Apr 28, 2010
Just put Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 back in my PS3 and am currently playing it. After Ninja Gaiden 3, I wanted to be reminded of what a good Ninja Gaiden game is like. Guillotine Throw and boss life bars, how I missed you.
Also just got Naruto Ninja Storm Generations and Assassin's Creed, so I'll be starting those too. And I'm almost done with Blade Kitten. Then I have to go back and get the platinum for Spec Ops: The Line, continue Final Fantasy XIII-2, Record of Agarest War, and start Record of Agarest War Zero. Not to mention the fact that I have Diablo III but haven't even installed it yet.

Jeez, I have a lot of stuff to get to...


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Jul 10, 2009
I am playing Saints Row the Third, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and Left 4 Dead 2 on steam, and L.A. Noire on PS3. I got it last year on my Birthday and stopped playing because I was bad at questioning and got bored of restarting the missions over because I messed up so I just looked up a walkthrough and it is a lot more fun.


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Nov 28, 2011
Duke Nukem Forever (it doesn't look as bad as Yahtzee's opinion of it)

When I'm done with it I'm going for "Spec Ops: The Line".

Atmos Duality

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Mar 3, 2010
Unreal Tournament 3

Was much better than I remember it being. The map designs are more inspired than in other games, vehicles are better balanced (mostly...), turrets and defense emplacements aren't total jokes anymore, the Avril isn't this catch-all God-Gun that makes vehicles a suicide option, and I don't really mind the loss of Domination and Assault.

Plus, there aren't any bad/joke weapons. None. I can find a purpose to every weapon.
No shitty Ripper Gun. No Gamebreaking Snipar Roffle and Flak Cannon. No 8Ball spam. No Less Shock Juggling. The Minigun is awesome now.

The Bio Rifle is at its best here, the shock rifle, sniper rifle, minigun and flak cannon have all been rebalanced. The Link Gun is an awesome all-purpose assault rifle now with slightly better shot velocity and ammo efficiency.

All said, it's a pity that it is basically inferior to UT2004 by virtue of the lack of mods. Practically nobody plays this game because consoles basically took over the shooter market.
Small wonder Epic basically dumped UT and pimped Gears of War instead.


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Jul 17, 2012
The games I've played for at least more than 4 hours in the past couple months are
Crusader Kings 2
Zork 1,2, and 3
School Days HQ
Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Little Busters
Hyrule: Total War
Shogun 2: Total war: Fall of the Samurai
and Homeworld.


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Dec 3, 2011
I'm terrible about starting a game, then getting distracted by another before I've finished, so I've always got a bunch of games technically "in progress".

Lately I've been playing a lot of Max Payne 3. I've been replaying it on the Hard difficulty, picking up achievements, and doing some multiplayer (which is surprisingly well done). Think I may be about ready to put it aside for something else, though, because Good God Almighty is it depressing.