Sonic Team: Sonic 4 Ends With Episode 2


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Mar 7, 2011
Blows. I thought they would spring for 3 at least for completion's sake (3 seems like the magic number for stuff like this). I mean, they've already addressed Ep 1's issues and have let us know that the physic's engine has been tweaked, so even if Ep 2 was lackluster, Ep 3 could've been perfect.

But such is life I suppose. I guess it at least means they can turn their full attention to a WiiU title and Dimps can stick to handhelds when developing.

j-e-f-f-e-r-s said:
I honestly hope Episode 2 does well. Sega have managed to keep making money from Sonic with games like Sonic & The Black Knight and Secret Rings, it would be downright weird if Episode 2 was a legitimately awesome 2D game and they failed to make money from that.
That am right. Even S4:1 was a relatively good game when compared to most of Sonic Team's 7th gen console game attempts. To have a series like it die due to lack of interest and revenue seems pretty bass ackward.

Hoping S4:2 turns out being great, so they can get behind at least one more