Sony Bend Introduces Days Gone at E3 With New Trailer

Neurotic Void Melody

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Apr 3, 2020
Laggyteabag said:
The first one is a common tactic for stage demos. This is so that the gameplay doesn't get interrupted by death or anything like that. God mode is on for quite a lot of stage demos, actually.

The second one is apparently intentional just for the show floor. The zombies were made weaker so that the people who were playing the game at the event didn't die all that often.

OT: I was initially interested, at least until the guy started running from the zombies. The size of the horde sure was impressive, and they sprint like crazy, but it just didn't look at that interesting, at least when 50% of the demo was run run run run run, turn around, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot, run run run run run. The shooting didn't look all that meaty, either.
Recently saw an interview where they even admitted to that. And i was probably a bit too harsh on initial impressions to be fair. Thinking about it, it's better they show us the flaws during development than pulling a Watchdogs or Colonial Marines by outright trickery. It is still in development anyway, they probably have a lot more optimizing to work on. In summary, this is a positive step towards E3 honesty. :)

Poetic Nova

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Jan 24, 2012
And they lost me as soon as they showed zombies on screen.
Really tired of seeing those.

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Apr 5, 2011
People are moaning about yet more zombies, but I'm really confused about how the PS4 can render that many zombies at once?
Or are the new consoles a lot more capable than I thought?


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Apr 26, 2010
Casual Shinji said:
Ugh, bikers... Why'd have to be bikers?

Also, anybody else noticing how developers can't seem to get enough of the rural setting this gen?
Not just bikers Harley looking bikers with no apparent mods. Those things aren't tools to independent wandering now. they are indulgent lucury fantasy devices. And knowing that just wrenches me out of the theme they are too overfeeding.