Sony Bringing Playable Version of Uncharted 3 GAMEfest Show

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Feb 21, 2008
Sony Bringing Playable Version of Uncharted 3 GAMEfest Show

Nathan Drake's adventures are bringing him to the UK in September.

Sony has signed up to sponsor the UK videogame convention GAMEfest, and it's bringing a playable version of Uncharted 3 along with it. GAMEfest is run by retailer GAME, and promises to let gamers play the most anticipated games before anyone else.

Sony's Alan Duncan said that the publisher was "delighted" to be supporting the show, and was looking forward to letting fans get their hands on upcoming Sony titles. GAME UK marketing director Anna-Marie Mason said that she was confident that Sony's support would help make the inaugural GAMEfest a success. "We know that attendees want to get hands-on with PlayStation products," she said, "and we are delighted to bring Sony's key titles to UK consumers."

The convention takes place on September 16-18 at the Birmingham NEC, and other exhibitors include Activision, Bethesda, THQ, and Nintendo. Tickets cost £10, although kids under 12 get in for half price. The event is restricted to GAME reward card holders, although the cards aren't exactly difficult to pick up. You can find out more information about the show here [].

Uncharted 3 comes out for PS3 on November 1st.

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Jul 7, 2010
I'm there on the saturday!
Saints Row the Third
Mass Effect 3
and Uncharted 3

Looking pretty good so far!


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Sep 7, 2008

There's a games convention in the UK that's not in London?

And no-one could've been bothered to inform me of it?

Sign me up yesterday, dammit!