South Park: The Stick of Truth Review - A Storm of Swear Words


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Jun 24, 2009
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Decent writing, combat that kinda dregs on you by the end, and bugs--so it really is an Obsidian game.
It's actually not the typical Obsidian game. The South Park creators did the writing, and the game is almost entirely bug-free. The reviewer even had to mention a bug found by another reviewer to take a cheap shot at Obsidian, which I found pretty baffling.
Because nothing says "this company has a track record of sloppy coding" like demonstrating that a company has a track record of sloppy coding.
I'd like to thank you for eloquently replying to that faster than I did. But it is nice to know that Obsidian has reduced the number of bugs, if a little disappointing that heads don't fall off or that people don't just walk off into the sky anymore. Sure, it was odd coding, but I don't think we can deny that it wasn't hilarious.


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Sep 20, 2011
- The callbacks to the episode were fun, but after the five hour mark, I was seriously beginning to question if this game had any new South Park material exclusive to the game. It did not. Underneath all those references to the show is basically a non-plot that is even less original than the plots it already rips off from the show.
- The game is far too short for an RPG, as the right combination of gear--a combination that isn't hard to find out--will make your main character essentially unbeatable. I was just getting into it when the game ended, and so abruptly it was jarring.
- The basics of the gameplay are excellent, but the advanced QTE stuff is garbage that had me put the game down more than once in frustration.

Ultimately, it's a fun and authentic South Park experience, but it's hardly original or brings anything new to the video gaming world. It's obvious that the bulk of this game's development went into making it look exactly like the show, and less into making it an RPG you can't put down. There are the beginnings of something greater here, but for one reason or another the game couldn't live up to its own lofty hype. An all too common problem with modern gaming.


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Nov 5, 2009
The only thing that is buggin me is that bunch if things seem to be missing.
Like alot from this trailer, the sewers looks diff, city hall does not get fucked by giant Clyde, no fight vs crab ppl or hippies, abit vs vamp kids but not alot. Maybe a it got taken out for DLC reasons, which i dont have much of an issue with as the game feels pretty complete as it is, my only issue is that it all wrapped up pretty fast once you got to a certain stage.