Stan Lee Developing Gay Superhero Series For Showtime


Citation Needed
Nov 28, 2007
Speaking for myself, I think comics should try and stay away from real world politics. Even if I wasn't fairly anti-gay I would feel that way. Note my constant commentaries on Civil War (which would have been a better event if they simply kept it entrenched in the comic reality than trying to make stupid statements about a world which has nothing to do with the one in the comics).

As far as him dressing in rhinestones, and a rainbow cape, I very much doubt that would be an issue. I mean right now a lot of people make constant jokes about how flamboyantly gay a lot of perfectly straight superheroes look to begin with. You could put him in a pretty standard (for today) black leatheresque or tights/form fitting armor costume and there would be no differance between him and anyone else in live action super hero renditions to be honest.

To be frank I will find it ironic if they decide that a gay super-hero needs a very untraditional costume type to "avoid a stereotype". :p

Truthfully though, they need to give this project a bullet in the head. When the central premise revolves around politics I think it's a problem.