Star Wars Collection Sells for $500,000 in Auction


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Jan 5, 2013
Star Wars Collection Sells for $500,000 in Auction


Japanese entrepeneur and fashion designer NIGO earned more than half a million dollars selling his Star Wars collection.

When it comes to Star Wars toys, I've always been fairly specific in terms of my collecting habits. I have a cluster of late-90s Action Fleet ships that I keep on my display and a shelf in my office filled with <a href=>LEGO Star Wars sets. Beyond that, I'm generally content to let the majority of the series' merchandise pass me by. This isn't the case for other fans of the franchise. For many, the only acceptable option is to get their hands on every toy and collectible they can. As you can likely imagine, it's a hobby that can get expensive fast.

It's also, on rare occasions, one that can also earn you some big bucks. Case in point, <a href=>a Star Wars-centric auction recently raked in more than half a million dollars for the owner of its collection. Hosted on the website for Sotheby auction house, the auction featured 175 items and lots owned by the Japanese designer and entrepreneur NIGO. Filled with a variety of items including rare toys, action figures proofs and more, his collection, in total, sold for a whopping 502,202 USD. One Canadian Empire Strikes Back multi-pack sold <a href=>for 32,500 dollars (aka: my household's student loan debt) all by itself.

None of this, of course, should be surprising to longtime Star Wars devotees. The series has produced a ton of toys over the past several decades and the demand for some of the older and rarer pieces is tremendous. That said, it'd probably be smart to hang onto some of those news <a href=>Force Awakens toys you've been buying. In 40 years they might just help you retire.
Source: <a href=>Sotheby's


Darth Rosenberg

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Oct 25, 2011
I have some of the original trilogy Kenners (a few individual figures still boxed), but as toys they almost all got played with. And that means missing Falcon radar dishes and bent or missing lightsabers. Vader with a hollowed out groove where his crappily designed retractable saber should be is a rather forlorn sight...

And maybe it's just the nostalgia talking, but the designs for the packaging still look great.