Storm Warning: Cities: Skylines Snowfall Expansion Hits This Month

Lizzy Finnegan

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Mar 11, 2015
Storm Warning: Cities: Skylines Snowfall Expansion Hits This Month

Snowfall brings a "flurry of new weather-related features" to Cities: Skylines this month.

In January, Paradox Interactive announced [] a weather-based expansion for Cities: Skylines, titled Snowfall. Snowfall will bring an in-game weather system, along with the issues traditionally associated with such weather. Rain and fog are added for existing maps, along with a new winter-themed map, and additional public transportation options, including Trams, a "new system demanded by fans."

In a press release today, Paradox gave the forecasted date for Snowfall's arrival: February 18. From the press release:

"In Snowfall, a new in-game temperature system will keep mayor-players on their toes. When the snow starts to fall, the roads will need to be kept clear, and buildings will need to be heated. Residents will also have the chance to visit new winter parks and landmarks available in Snowfall, along with an all-new tram system to get them across town in all sorts of weather. These features will arrive alongside free updates for all Cities: Skylines players when Snowfall launches on February 18."

The expansion will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, and will cost $12.99.




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Jun 5, 2013
Would it kill them to release a Disaster Expansion?! I ain't asking for much here! Just a Zombie Outbreak mode, a Kaiju Attack Mode, maybe an alien invasion mode and I guess Hurricane/Sudden Volcano mode.

I mean snow is neat sure...but its ain't no Kaiju...


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Aug 12, 2009
First Grey Goo gives a free expansion pack then Cities Skylines gets one for $13?

Yeah, gonna be hard going back to $20 for a gun skin after this...


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Jun 2, 2009
See this is why City Skylines completely took over the city Tycoon genre and unseated Sim City practically overnight.

Expansion rather than over priced DLC? Check.
Expansion at a reasonable price? Check
Expansion adding in features that the community has asked for? Check
Available on Windows/Mac and Linux so switching to Linux is a bit less painful? Check

Seriously, could they make it any easier to yell "Shut up and take my money!"?