Street Fighter VI - 3rd Strike Times Two.


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May 1, 2020
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This sounds like an amazing feature all fighting games should have.
Most games did, but then there was a shift like 4-5 years ago into designing the game itself to be one such that mashers can do ok in so as to not even need that mode, and then people realized that even if you can do all the combos you want if you play like a masher you still lose anyways cause you lack the understanding of how to go about landing the hits that turn into combos and are easy to take apart, so now it seems they are reverting to the way fighting games used to be back in like 2011 which is when Blazblue first introduced beginner mode of controls.

The reason this is offline only is because if you take it for a spin online you will be made to realize you still suck, and you will also give people an excuse to whine about you not being really skilled and winning only because of this mode, while if you just play with your closeby friends using this mode there is a chance of preserving the big fish in small pond illusion yet.