Studio Head Aims For Future Halo Glory


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Jul 29, 2009
Legion said:
Monshroud said:
A much simpler way of doing it would be on those kinds of levels have a case of "Enemy ships with heavy bombardment capabilities are in the area, don't go ahead until we are ready".

If you go ahead, you get blown up by orbital strikes, the animation for which would be pretty easy considering they use such things in the game at other points.

I just don't like games reminding me that I am in a game. Not when it's trying to tell a story or immerse me.
That's actually a solid idea. Only issue I can see with it is you know someone is going to sit there and try to take them out for hours and hours, then there will be videos on how to sneak past and everyone will have a big laugh. =)


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Jun 27, 2011
They need to just go full immersion for the next title; they were testing the waters but they need to apply that to the gameplay. If they want to prove there not just Bungie left-overs, they're gonna have to have our characters start acting like what has been depicted in books and movies instead of just a prettier look at 2001 gameplay but at this point, something tells me we will control our space marines like it's 2001.