Study: Nearly One in Ten Gamers Shows Signs of Addiction


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Apr 18, 2008
When you can define what addiction means (go look in nature, the term doesn't exist, its a purely human construct) you can set what it means and what it doesn't mean.

With a definition of any sort, you can throw it at a group of people and you'll at-least hit someone.

8% is rather insignificant anyway. Especially when its a hurt-no-one addiction.


Dec 25, 2008
Machines said:
Admittedly it should be referred to an obsession rather than an addiction.

Also, an obsessive user would not play on such a small screen :-D


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Oct 14, 2009
It's from Australia, what do you expect. It's like believing an American story titled "Christians found to live ten years longer and have bigger dicks."

Addiction is a word that gets thrown around alot. It's replaced the words "obsession", "fixation", "compulsion", and in this case, "hobby". Why? Because addiction implies a cure. When men used to spend hours in a basement making model planes, nobody batted an eye, and that was with model airplane glue in an enclosed space. If someone has thirty pairs of shoes, are they addicted to shoe shopping? No, because every pair of shoes bought stimulates the economy, whereas another 4 hours spent playing a game adds nothing. Hunting is a sport, yet when someone kills something in a video game, nothing actually has to die.(Disclaimer: I got nothing against hunting, as long as you eat what you kill.)

Addiction implies a chemical dependency. Without drugs, no addiction. I've known quite a few Oxycontin addicts, and to compare their situation to someone who plays WoW too much is insulting. To say nothing of Heroin addiction, which can actually kill you.

I believe Bob Saget made the point best: "I used to suck dick for crack. Did you ever suck dick to play video games?" (paraphrase. He was originally talking about marijuana)

Well, I'm done with my rant. Maybe I'm just irritable because I haven't played any games for three months.


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Feb 10, 2010
Wait, you mean some of the people "addicted" to gaming lost up to 5kg of weight as a result? Does no one else find that counter-intuitive?


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Nov 24, 2008
Well I guess I'm an addict... but I already knew that. Of course that also means that I'm addicted to a lot of other things that I sometimes have similar behavior for, or maybe I'm just eccentric.

I do think that quiet a few people could be addicted to games but the connotation of the word "addicted" doesn't quiet fit with what the problem is.


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Dec 23, 2009
Hah! Addiction. That's just another word used for liking something. Liking something on the verge of Obsessive Devotion. I've been playing video games for years upon years and again, and I can say that I'm not addicted, but I do enjoy my hobby. (Obsessive Devotion!)
When I was about 11, I would sit in my Gifted Education class (hah!) and await Tales of Legendia. The story and characters were so awe-inspiring that I was antsy and irratable.
But it's like reading a book of massively awesome proportions, but being forced to stop every... six... hours..... I usually don't read for that long...
Lost my train of thought...
Oh yeah with the book and stuff. Once I had finished the game, however, I have to this day never experienced such OBSESSIVE DEVOTION!


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Jan 19, 2010
Irridium said:
That picture makes gamers look like crackheads.

Seriously, how many damn people who play games are actually like that?
That is a crackhead. Crackheads can play games too.

That picture is crazy. He looks like he's in a juvenile detention center or something. Did someone take his sheets so he couldn't hang himself after trying to complete ME2 on insanity?

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Feb 4, 2006
Andy, I'm starting to notice all of your reports (like that one on smoking) are from Australia, I think there's a pattern showing


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Jan 13, 2009
Well since you can be Addicted to anything this doesn't really strike Me as a Surprise.

"Hi I'm svenparty, and I'm a Gamerholic,Alcoholic,Fecalholic,Tobbacoholic,Tomaccoholic,Sexaholic and Internetholic."

"Hi Sven"

Vault boy Eddie

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Feb 18, 2009
You know what wasn't a sign there? Pawning your granny's panties, sucking a big peener, holding someone at gunpoint till they empty their atm card. Why not? Cause there's no such thing as gaming addiction, it's just something made up so that head shrinkers can get more "patients" into their offices. Oh my gah! My son is a game addict! Quickly, to the shrink!

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Apr 16, 2009
This is the second thread about a theory in Australia in one day... is it just me or are they just releasing propaganda?


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May 1, 2008
coldalarm said:
Woot, I'm addicted to something!
Have some addiction music!

OT: It's an aussie report. Next thing they'll "prove" is that all game devs are in fact facets of Satan himself.


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Sep 5, 2008
While I suppose this seems a more informed argument against games than others, I'm still skeptical. As was said earlier, a good book can take up more time than expected too. Also, allow me to define recurrent for you:

re·cur·rent   /rɪˈkɜrənt, -ˈkʌr-/ [ri-kur-uhnt, -kuhr-]
1.that recurs; occurring or appearing again, esp. repeatedly or periodically.

If you like games, you will think about them regularly, and will also have the urge to play them regularly. If you like sex, you will think about it and have sexual urges. Does that make you a sex addict? Short answer, no. Long answer, are you mentally retarded?

As a side note: people in my life actually do worry about how often I read, but then, I live in the most hick-ass region of Pennsylvania, where bra burnings still occur regularly, so yeah.