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May 5, 2020
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The template of the game is simple enough to follow. As the name suggests, the world is populated by sticky goo blobs. Your job is to stick these goo balls together to form a ladder of sorts to a pump, which always happens to be located at a peculiar place, so that the goos can be pumped into a tank. The more goo balls you get, the better.

As you progress through the game,you will come across more and more species of goos. For example, one type of ball simply sticks while the other acts as a balloon. Later levels will pit you with different species of goo balls and you have to use the balls effectively and efficiently to get to the pump and thus to the other level. The game is filled with puzzles which range from easily-done-in-minutes to holy-crap-that-took-long variety.

Don't worry if you get stuck though, helpful hints are given by the mysterious Sign Painter, who will tell the solution in the form of riddles. And he's also a rather friendly fellow.

[img_inline align="right" width=250 height=200 Caption="Told you it would be a ladder."][/img_inline]

The fun of the game comes from it's balancing physics. As already mentioned, there are different varieties of goo balls. You have to use them efficiently and it's recommended to learn in the earlier levels how to do it because later on, you're provided with a comparatively smaller amount of goo balls. In the more advanced levels, it's gets harder and harder to use the goo balls.

But fear not! If you make a wrong move, there is a mechanic in the game which allow you go back one turn, a Timefly: just click on it and voila! You're back one turn! Very helpful especially if one move resulted in the entire 'ladder' collapsing! And then there is the whistle. Basically, it calls the balls to one side. Not technically helpful, but in the end it all depends on your ingenuity and the overall structure of your 'ladder'. The game is divided into 6 'Chapters'. Each telling a different story and presenting a unique art style. It's very refreshing and it keeps the player coming back for more.

But what really blew my mind, was the music. It was soft, mellow and at times, energetic. A feeling of happiness too over me every time I fired up the game(note this means me clicking on the icon to start it, not setting it on fire.). The music goes marvelously with the aesthetic. The soft colours and cheery lighting and squeaks of the goo balls, all of it is so perfect. Finding a fault in this game is tough. Since, face value wise, this is as close to perfect we'll ever get, in terms of the genre.


It's a beautifully made game and is worth the time and money. APPROVED!

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Jan 19, 2009
Nice review. I didn't see any errors.

Consider adding more content though. For example, World of Goo also had some truly fantastic music.


And aesthetic. And the adorable squeaky sounds. And the wacked out humor.

This was mostly a retread of how the game works.