Stupid questions about yourself people always ask you.


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Jan 8, 2010
Well standard response are: No I don't have boyfriend because I don't particularly want one and don't know anyone I want to date. I'm just not that into relationships. No I don't want kids. No I'm not a lesbian. Yes I'm sure I'm not a lesbian, I've already told you why I don't have a boyfriend. Also "boyish" hobbies =/= lesbian. It use to be "no I'm not a lesbian and that girl is my cousin and a friend. I walk home with her because she lives one street over." Is it not normal to walk home with people you are friends with? It not like either of us where touchy feely, we didn't hug or hold hands.I don't know why people are so interested in other peoples relationships.

I have resting *****/sad face so I get "are you ok?" a lot from people I don't know. I guess that's nice? but its also annoying.

There is also "is X person on TV your dad?" No, it's a very common last name. It's particularly stupid because it almost always the same two people and one of them would have to have been around 11 or 12 at the time to be my father and the other is very obviously of a different ethnicity than me.

If you are wearing a hospital nurse uniform people seem to want to talk to you on the street. They think you must know everyone in the nearest hospital (its a BIG fucking hospital). They often think something traumatic or personal caused you to want a job in the medical field and ask about that. This is often (not always) true but its not a street side conversation with a stranger topic. If they don't assume it was some traumatic thing that might instead ask you whether you've snagged that doctor yet. Excuse me? no I'm not a whore and my career choice was not a fucking plan to a catch a well paid guy. They don't seem to get what student means and you also get shit like "oh wow you have a huge text book" (we have several in fact) or "is that a lot of study?" Of course it is. They ask you question like whether you've had patients die on you which not a great question to ask someone, especially a student because they probably aren't used to having people die on them and don't want to talk about it with some random. They ask for nitty gritty details of weird cases. I can't tell you this, it's illegal and other peoples health issues are not for your entertainment anyway. I also can't tell you about X person in hospital or look them up for you. For a start I'm a student so I don't have that access and more importantly that is also illegal. If they want you to be informed they would have informed you.

This isn't a question but I get "you look like my daughter" a lot. Apparently I have a generic face.


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Sep 13, 2008
"You're a volleyballer, isn't that a bit gay?"

"Dude, why haven't you banged someone in (dry spell period)?"

"Can you tell what I'm thinking ?" (I graduated in psychology)

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Oct 8, 2011
"Are you okay? You look lost." I don't have a resting ***** face but I guess I have the "little lost lamb" face because I get this question SO often, especially if I'm in public and I start getting overwhelmed by stimuli so I start shutting down. I don't particularly MIND but I ALSO don't like being dragged out of my mind palace when I'm deciding which of the 12 thousand books to check out of the library.

Another is "WOW, she's your sister?" Ummm yes? Just because she's vastly more talented than me, more successful and outgoing doesn't mean you need to reply with such shocking awe when one of us tells you we're related.

Honourable mentions include "Who's Grey Warden, your boyfriend?" (I have Grey Warden tattooed on my arm), "Really. It's from a video game? Do you realize what a mistake that was?" "So... why are you single?" "Aren't you too old to be watching cartoons?" and one of my favourites "Why don't you just open up and be more of a people person?"


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Dec 4, 2008
Eleuthera said:
I'm colourblind, first thing people ask when I tell them: "So... what does this look like to you?"
I can't smell, so naturaly people always ask me what things smell like.
And look perplexed when I say air.


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Feb 25, 2010
Them: "Do you realise your hair is going grey?"

Me: (Bad mood) "Yes, usually because every c**t points it out to me about 3 times a day!" / (good mood) "Yes. Congratulations on being the millionth person to point that out this week!"

That's a common one.

Here's another good one I get asked when lamenting the fact I'm single...

Them: "Why don't you just get out there and grab yourself a girl / woman?"

For starters, I'm fairly sure there are laws against that kind of thing...

And finally...

Them: "How can you say you're skint? You're single with no kids, you must be loaded!"

Me: "I'm single but I also pay rent, pay all the bills, buy food, buy fuel, run a car and get paid less than half of what you do!"

1/3 of my monthly wage goes on rent alone and I can hardly call my house the lap of luxury.


Oct 28, 2013
Colour Scientist said:
I get asked a lot of questions about my job, no one seems to know what an archivist actually does. XD

It's not that stupid, to be fair, it's not the most popular of professions. I'm so tired of trying to explain it though, I think I might just start lying about what I do.
So, how are the ghosts?

That was a stupid question...I meant to say "poltergeists". :D

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Feb 26, 2011
Lieju said:
Are you a boy or a girl? seems to be the dumb question I get from strangers the most.

I'm kinda confused why they think that's even vital information though?
I get this one quite a lot. It is almost like people can't comprehend that a guy can have long hair. Also you'd think that the facial hair would be a bit of a hint with this question.

Of course the question is actually just a cheap insult for their own entertainment, designed to shame me for having the audacity to break from society's pre-approved list of gender specific hair styles. I wouldn't be offended by it more than any other stupidity, however I do find the intent to insult insulting. Also they are almost always using some form of transport, shouting the question at me as they go past, leaving no room for me to retaliate, let alone answer the question.


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Jan 19, 2008
now that I have long hair (shoulder length at the longest sections) people constantly ask me if I go to salons to have it curled, to which, I reply: I work at a fastfood joint making $8 an hour, do you REALLY think I could afford to have my hair styled? and for that matter, working as a fry cook, constantly bombarded with grease and steam, WHY would I have my hair done at all? also: I'm a man, I don't want my hair styled, I want my hair to be out of my face and not look like shit, if we accomplish those two tasks, I'm good. Don't need it specially styled and maintained.

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Jun 3, 2009
Why don't I have facebook, or any of the social media stuff for that matter, and they are amazed if I say I don't need any of it and then a week later will ask me again and will be amazed all over again.


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Apr 3, 2013
Colour Scientist said:
I get asked a lot of questions about my job, no one seems to know what an archivist actually does. XD

It's not that stupid, to be fair, it's not the most popular of professions. I'm so tired of trying to explain it though, I think I might just start lying about what I do.
You guys keep tabs on John Malkovich, right?

OT: Just some ordinary questions that get repeated so often I've got fed up with them. I hear stupid questions every now and then, but not repeatedly.

I have an spectacularly rare and awesome last name, but I actually like to answer any queries about that, and so it doesn't count.


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Aug 22, 2013
"Why don't i see you talking to girls?"
"what do you mean you're not interested? Are you gay!?"

Those sets of questions are what I usually get barraged with whenever I'm in male company, the male company who apparently operate on the most primal of instinctual levels that any deviation from such is obviously weird. I personally don't talk to the opposite sex that much, or at least with a romantic conquest in mind, I honestly just don't see myself as a relationship person, that's it, no I wasn't dropped in a vat of toxic waste as a child and developed the gay, I just don't go skirt chasing like the lot of you, JEEZ! (though I probably should mention i lean more on the bi-curious side, but like hell I'm i gonna mention that to said company, I'd get my ass kicked)
also, special mention goes to:

"What do you mean you don't drink!?"

uh, duh, it means I don't consume alcohol on a regular basis because I personally don't like it for fucks sake! I've never understood that mindset, I personally don't drink, go clubbing, take recreational drugs like weed etc, but I can understand why other people do it, they like it and I won't think less of them because whatever man. So why don't said people understand that there are other people in the world that dont like it? should probably mention I don't have a large pool of friends outside of the interwebs cause I keep exclusively bumping into spunkchumps that carry the mentalities aforementioned.


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Jan 5, 2012
If people knew I was Latino, they used to ask if I could teach them how to salsa. It's not the worst question, I suppose. But there are so many Latin American dances. Salsa is Cuban, in case you were wondering. And I think more white people know Salsa than Latinos. They just want it so bad. They want the mysterious power of the Salsa. I never cared.

Being an IT major who knows old people, I used to get asked what IT was constantly. The correct answer is, repeat after me, "It's computers". Speaking of old people, "Are you gonna take over for Bill Gates?" This used to annoy the heck out of me. Now that he's not at Microsoft, I think it's hilarious.


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Jun 4, 2014
"Are you a psychopath or something?" I've gotten asked this multiple times and I still have no idea why.

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Oct 31, 2011
"Why are you keeping your hair that long?" I dunno. Just to piss you off maybe? Of course not you silly twats, it's because I make choices having to do with my appearance and, stay with me on this, I think I look better with long hair than short (it's around two and a half feet long now btw).

"So why are you studying psychology?" .....Really? You have to ask me why? To become a fishmonger, of course! Not because the mind is fascinating and I want to specialise in figuring it out, that's too complex a motivation.

"Are you dating anyone?" which is then followed by "Why not? Don't you want to be in a relationship? You're so young you should get out there more!" Thank you for hammering home the point that I'm completely fucking useless in social situations and that I'm not likely to find anyone to love me. May your rectum spontaneously combust in fire and brimstone, you ignorant cunts.

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Apr 10, 2012
Every day I'm got people asking me if I'm a bad enough dude to save the president.

I mean, lady, I just want my donut. I don't need this.


Apr 28, 2008
solemnwar said:
OT: Why don't you have a boyfriend?
Because I don't. 8| Like seriously I don't KNOW why. Despite being assured that I am, in fact, attractive, not many people ask me out (and those that too are super weird and awkward and just... make me want to run the fuck away). I have been told that apparently half the guys in the anime club I was part of were "in love" with me, but uh... sorry to them, not attracted to any of them. But yeah. 24, never had a boyfriend. Probably doesn't help that my brain didn't go "hey dating guys seems cool" until I was 20 years old >>
I can relate! I have dated, but relationships are hard once you're out of school. The woman I have met that seemed to reciprocate my interest seem to always leave the country for some reason. Either they were from somewhere else originally and had to go back; or they leave to do their masters somewhere, etc. Maybe it's just cause Canada has lots of immigration, but I feel particularly cursed sometimes :p

Anyways getting to the point: my family is really on me about this and it's just getting really tiring. Every time I see them it's like an inquisition. "Why aren't you dating?" "You should go out more!" "Try and meet women!", etc. Thanks guys, I didn't realize I just had to walk out the door and "get a girlfriend" like it's picking up a chicken from the grocery store.