Super Stickman Golf Free For A Limited Time

Earnest Cavalli

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Jun 19, 2008
Super Stickman Golf Free For A Limited Time

Good news for fans of Apple's iGadgets: critically-beloved Super Stickman Golf is now free to play.

The game, which was recently released by iOS developer Noodlecake Studios [] for Apple's iPhone/iPod and iPad, combines the wacky courses of miniature golf with gameplay mechanics straight out of Scorched Earth (or Worms if you are too young to have enjoyed that DOS classic).

Players control the titular stickman, and attempt to put his sparsely animated golf ball into a hole by selecting a shot's direction, then timing a button press for optimum swing power. To combat the game's courses, which range from simple, hilly pastures to insane floating islands on the surface of Mars, players can also acquire special power-ups like the Sticky Ball (which, unsurprisingly, allows your ball to stick to walls) and the Air Brakes (which allows players to immediately halt a ball's flight).

The current version of SSG includes sixteen "classic" courses, eight "super" courses and five "expansion" courses, each of which includes nine holes.

The game includes now-standard iOS gaming tropes like an Achievement system and the ability to post particularly awesome scores to Twitter and Facebook. Most impressively however, are the game's multiplayer options, which allow up to four people to compete in online or local multiplayer matches.

Normally the game can be found on the iTunes App Store for $3 [], but for a limited (and no, we don't know exactly how limited) time, iOS users can download Super Stickman Golf absolutely free.

Even those of you who turn your nose up at sports games should see this as a chance to pick up one of the best games on Apple's platform. Plus, "free" is a very good price.

Source: @RussFrushtick [!/russfrushtick/status/73086008383635457]