Superhero Comic Starring Navajo Protagonist Made In Tribute To A Three-Year-Old Who Died In 2015

Cicada 5

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May 1, 2020
At this year’s virtual NYCC, a comic book called Zaadii: The Legend of Z-Hawk was unveiled. The comic was inspired by 3-year-old Zaadii Tozhon Tso, a young boy who loved superheroes and was tragically killed by a distracted driver in 2015. Renowned comics creatives Gail Simone, Jim Calafiore, and Jeffrey Veregge have created a comic book as a tribute to Zaadii, turning him into a Navajo superhero for the ages.

The comic was commissioned by Travelers as their latest in the Travelers’ Unfinished Stories series, intended to honor victims of distracted driving and raise awareness. Simone, Calafiore, and Veregge worked with Zaadii’s family to design the story. The young boy adored superheroes and often wore a Batman costume and a cape he was loath to take off.

In a press release, Simone is quoted as saying, “It’s an honor to get to tell this story in memory of this very special child. With the help of his wonderful family, we feel like we are sharing his dream with the world, while hopefully reminding people of the dangers of distracted driving.”