Superpower Lottery - Making Money


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Sep 18, 2012
I got Water Wall Generation []

"User can create walls from water, and shape the wall to any shape they want, but afterwards the walls are unchanging and immobile."

I could see a a couple uses for this.

The most amazing water display gardens ever. People will come from all over to take a look at my amazing aquatic sculptures. I'll make millions.

Defense and deflection are listed as uses for the power, so being a bodyguard isn't out of the question, though cleaning up the huge walls of water might be a bit tough. And good luck if we're not near a source of water.


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Sep 19, 2012
The user can manipulate physical and mental pain, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise chancing pain, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level.
There seem to be only one option with this power.

I will bet huge amounts of money on outsiders in golf tournaments, and when one of the favourites swing I'll induce an incredible pain in the testicles of one of the spectators so that they will scream at just the right moment to disturb the swing, and thereby cause the outsider to win.


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Feb 21, 2010

Wow. Walking wasteland? 'ain't that a *****. Still, the I could create an area only I can move in.
SCP foundation or something simulair could probably find a use for me.
I'm gonna do another because there really isn't much you can do beyond that.

Clever girl...
Still, looking at the page itself provides me quite a good amount of abilities. Slower aging and telescopic sight.
The trade-off being that I look like a freak, of course. Honestly, there isn't that much one can do with it. You'd be a good sniper I suppose, and a nasty fighter in general. All combat oriented, basically.
Also, flying is cool.


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May 1, 2012

It seems this power has tons of uses. I could imagine using it to win at poker, being aware of myself in a manner that I have full control and dont just have a perfect poker face but can also play a bad pokerface to mislead other players as well as reading them easily.
roulett would be easy too.
I could work at the circus aswell.
or just blackmail illusiomists. they pay or I ruin every single of their tricks.
I could buy a bunch of books, read and understand them all and finish any college mayor easily, earn some fancy titles. who doesnt like to have a dozent doctorates?

my god, that list of applucations....who needs money? seems more like its time to shed my mortal coil and step up to a higher form of being.
time to build a castle on mars!

Living Contradiction

Clearly obfusticated
Nov 8, 2009
Hmmm, Cryptic Physiology. [] So I'd be able to take the form of various fabled beasties with all the associated abilities of said beasties.

Y'know, I think that would be a perfect power for a school teacher. Give kids some truly inspiring and memorable moments when they listen to folktales or have to write a short story and are stuck as to what to use for a starter. "No, class, there are no pictures in this book. If you're having trouble picturing the Jabberwocky though..."

Plus you can give people the creeps at Parent/Teacher night while making the kids laugh.


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Oct 27, 2009

Well,,, I'm not quite god but I'm pretty darn close to it :p As for how to make money? I'm not beyond a little bit of swindling so I suppose winning big on roulette (through manipulating the forces affecting the ball) or the like and then investing wisely?


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Apr 16, 2009
Hmmm, Thread Manipulation.

User can manipulate any thread or string both physical, conceptual and abstract. They able to manipulate all physical string-like objects like rope and clothes, and even abstract things like the thread of fate, relationship or communication. User may even be able to control all forms of matter using string theory.

I can be a cool fashion designer, assassin or magician.


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Apr 3, 2010

Well that's oddly specific. I could earn a lot of money fabricating water arrows and selling them in delighted areas.

Lunar Templar

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Sep 20, 2009
Thermal Resistance []

"User is able to survive at any temperature without discomfort, thriving in the center of a sun or below sub zero"

I'd pretty much be the best Fire Fighter ever, or do arctic research it no worries, but, Fire Fighter, chicks dig Fire Fighters (money AND tail ;3)

one more, cause why not

Health Manipulation []

"The user can manipulate healing and healing process, speeding any or all aspects of healing to the point of regenerating, or slowing and blocking healing even if the victim possesses healing abilities such as Enhanced Regeneration. They can sense the health of anyone and the causes of wounds, diseases or injuries, the health history and possibly even genetic weaknesses and predispositions. Users may be able learn to reopen old wounds and re-inflict old illnesses and conditions, or even inflict completely new ones. "

>.> well that kinda explains it self doesn't it.


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Jun 21, 2010

Welp, time to hire myself out as a one man security force and PMC. No crazies though.


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Dec 1, 2010
Enhanced Marksmanship!

I think I'll just probably be a professional archer. The ones who enter the Olympics for the Gold. That's bound to be good for me. Yeah!

Only other option is being a sniper for the FBI or something. But that seems scary so it's the last possible option.


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Jun 20, 2011
Damn it, I got Aerokinetic Invisibility, meaning that I can "Become invisible in air." The example they used was the chick from The Chronicles of Riddick, and I remember her making her clothes disappear with her, so at least I don't have to get my nuts out if I want to be sneaky... I suppose with this I'd invisible my way around the world, finding criminals and taking the nice things that they didn't earn. And keeping them. No Robin Hoods here.


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Aug 4, 2008
Primordial Dragon Physiology []

Okay, so, I'm now a colossal, immortal, indestructible dragon who happens to have any draconic advantage, but WAY stronger. That's pretty awesome at first glance. But in practice? Actually still useful!

First, let's ignore the military applications of having an unstoppable, invincible super monster on one's side. Too obvious, and I don't like hurting people anyway.

The applications section comments on the idea of the ability to create life in that image (winged reptiles). I would probably not create full blown dragons, but I might create lesser species with the express intent on helping out humanity. Preferably something low on the freaky end, which admittedly is pretty tricky with reptiles. Still, Primordial Dragon, so should be possible.

My strength would likely be able to deal with land crises. Whether ripping entire chunks of mountains to make new islands or just creating volcanic eruptions underwater (build pressure with epic fire breath?). Bam, fresh land.

There's also "Dragon Magic" in there. The exact extent beyond letting me use magic is unclear, but given that dragons tend to have powerful magic and I'm the Primordial template for such, I'd bet it'd be pretty impressive. And, because magic tends to be incredibly flexible, you get lots of options. Perhaps conjure a self-perpetuating storm that rains down lightning in a specific area, absorbed by some sort of powerful capacitor and distributed. Done right, goodbye energy problems. Maybe strengthen crop growth or just conjure sustenance for hungry nations. Who knows what else it could do?

If I'm one of the rare variants who also has Primordial Force Manipulation, I could induce full blown omnipotence in myself, which obviously opens up all other options. I'd be careful with that one though. Likely use it to make myself sensible first, so I don't accidentally remove free will when trying to make the world better.


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Jun 15, 2010
Ok this sound like fun.

Are you kidding me? The irony is just horrible.

Anyway, besides being a pink lantern or a mercenary. I can be a... therapist? Fuck it, I'm re-rolling.

From pink lantern to water ninja. Great, I can sell water in little contains and call it 'water ina bottle.' -_-


Dec 3, 2010
Rerolled and got Gorgon Physiology

Being very narcissistic I wouldn't last long enough even to figure out how to use my cursed power for money, unless I'm immune to my own gaze. If I'm also able to shapeshift into a Gorgon I'd use the power in turning living being to stone and selling them. Would be praised as the most realistic stonecutter ever!
At least until they'd want answers to my methods or watch me work.