Survey: A Quarter of White-Collar Workers Game on the Job

Junaid Alam

New member
Apr 10, 2007
Survey: A Quarter of White-Collar Workers Game on the Job

Many skilled workers take breaks to play games. So, too, do their bosses.

According to a survey by PopCap games, a quarter of white-collar workers game on the job.

The survey of 2,842 employees showed 98 percent played videogames at home and 24 percent played while at work. What's more, 35 percent of bosses and senior executives also played casual titles on the job.

Of those who play during work hours:

One in seven (14 percent) has played casual games during a business meeting or conference call.
61 percent play during lunch or other official break periods.
52 percent play during the work day, when they need a short break.
79 percent play at work several times a week or more.
53 percent play at work at least once a day.

About four-fifths of the culprits say casual gaming on the job helps relieve stress, provides a mental workout or strengthens the mind.

The research was conducted by Information Solutions Group for PopCap Games, which describes itself as "the leading multi-platform provider of 'casual games.'"

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