Tabletop, terrain, minis... and above all, DICE


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Jun 4, 2014
All in all, I wouldn't really call myself a table top gamer because most of my preferred games are theater of the mind games like Fate or Apocalypses/Dungeon worlds. I've been a DnD fan for a while I'm currently playing the new addition(5e) and loving it. I like the lore of warhammer 40k but I've never actually played it.


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Dec 22, 2008
cleric of the order said:
Xpwn3ntial said:
40k: Tau and Grey Knights. Complete with tearcup!
Oh god.
Oh. god.
Well at least you brought the tearcup, between wardian powerarmour and fish of rage you are a walking ball of hate.
The only way this could be worse is if you had 6 vendetta gimp guard list.
(also how's the mordheim, I never got a chance to try it myself)
That's the natural reaction.

But I don't have a Riptide (or variant) or Pathfinders. And my Grey Knights are just two Battle Brother squads and Stern.

The tears flow nonetheless, since they never see that coming.

L. Declis

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Apr 19, 2012

Dark Eldar, Sphress Marinez, Tyranids.

Just like the fluff and the look of them. Haven't played in a year though, moved to China.

Meestor Pickle

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Jul 29, 2010
I love minis and the games but don't play them as much as I would like to.

40k: Mostly guard but also some space wolves
X-Wing: Few minis at the moment but I think I'll go Imperial if I play more.
Bit of D&D, mostly 2nd ED


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Jan 19, 2014
Attempting to get a game of The Riddle of Steel started as GM.

Full Thrust: Federal Stats Europa
Tomorrow's War: Whatever sounds like fun on a given day.
BFG: Eldar
ACTA (B5): Minbari or ISA
D&D (3.5): Elf Artificer

Also idly work on some homebrew rulesets here and there. It's been a longstanding pipedream project to adapt the ACTA ruleset to Homeworld.

Poke at X-Wing and OGRE here and there too.

OGRE and ACTA are things I actually play every now and then via Roll20, if perhaps anyone is interested in a game sometime. I think we've got boards for BFG as well, somewhere in here.


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Apr 7, 2010
I've a small SPEHSS MARHEEN force, about 35-40 models and one METAL BAWKES, and a teeny, tiny Eldar force consisting of a Farseer, 10 Dire Avengers, and a Waveserpent. One day I'd like to acquire some more Eldar, but I have a feeling that will probably never happen, given GW's penchant for price hikes.

Opinion alert!

All in all, I'd say 40k is the worst tabletop game for your wallet possible. Which is a shame because of the four I've played and watched, 40k is, by a large margin, the best. And that is despite the idiotic was GW does Codecies, the game's current anti-close combat rules, and the general Tau worship that the QA testers seemed to have overlooked.

Warhammer Fantasy is just so slow and I hate stupid rules like charge blocking. Sure, it makes sense if there is a large block of spearmen or something in your way, but it works with literally any unit in the game. "Oh, I have a lone, wounded dog between you and my ballistae. Guess what you can't charge? Hint: The ballistae."

Warmachine/Hordes is too tedious, with all the micromanaging of single models and the anal retentive fixation on precise distances. If I wanted to micro a bunch of lame looking models, I'd just play Starcraft.

And then there's Infinity. I like Infinity. It's just not as fun as 40k. That said, Infinity is cheap and the models usually look awesome. And the ARO and stealth mechanics are really fun. But there's something about 40k that just wins out in my book.


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Apr 2, 2013
I have a decent sized tyranid army now took me a while to build it up because GW likes the kick my wallet while its down.

I played about 8 years ago and decided last year to start up again and ironically we have a GW shop in our town now and a game shop to play at


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Feb 6, 2014
For someone that doesn't (and has no interest in) playing I've watched far more games than people would expect, mostly the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. This is due to my partner playing and his dad owning a shop that sells it all.

I am interested in the artistic side of things though, painting the models and all that. My favourite one so far was a modified model of something that resembled a Gronckle from How To Train Your Dragon. I honestly cannot remember what it was called.



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Sep 9, 2014
I've quite a collection of boardgames, the usual classics ( carcasson , catan etc) also archipelago is a favourite.

TT? only battletech, but my family and I have amassed quite a collection, over 80 Mechs , 50 tanks and 150 units of battle armour. I also make my own buildings and terrain... I've posted a pic of it before....


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Jul 15, 2010
Mordheim is awesome! Probably my favourite thing to play! I currently have 2 campaigns going with different people, One of my 2 warbands is Clan Eshin, the other is Kislevite. We have a group of 4 or 5 depending on what people are doing and a Mordheim session is always a welcome thing.

I play Warhammer Fantasy, but only have 2 guys to play against, one of which lives quite far away so I only ever get to play against Wood Elves really. I play Lizardmen because Dinosaurs are cool ha ha.

I used to play D&D, but don't have a group at all anymore. Definitely looking to get back into it, we're also looking at getting Malifaux, planning a Leveticus Outcast Crew.


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Apr 4, 2020
Not played for aaaages, but collected various GW stuff, mostly 40k.

The old fluff and books is much better than the newer stuff and games anyway.


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Apr 5, 2020
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Xpwn3ntial said:
Iron Kingdoms: Retribution of Scyrah.
Elven terrorists report! =P

Ironman126 said:
Which is a shame because of the four I've played and watched, 40k is, by a large margin, the best.
Quick question (longer question coming up): you ever played at tournaments?

Longer question: any particular reason why?

I only ask (both questions, I guess) because (and will comment about WMH in a sec) as a rules system, WH40K is as leaky as a collander. As far as model conversion and borderline proxying is concerned, there is a lot you can get away with, and the wording can often be ambiguous to the point that some players will actively exploit loopholes that little to no effort is put into correcting. e.g. player rocks up with a Dark Angels RavenWing army and his first battle doesn't reach the third turn because he claimed his bikes possessed no heads/shoulders/legs for the purposes of discerning line of sight. (

Warmachine/Hordes is too tedious, with all the micromanaging of single models and the anal retentive fixation on precise distances. If I wanted to micro a bunch of lame looking models, I'd just play Starcraft.
On that note, WMH has a much tighter rules system and every rule, errata and definition requires little to no disambiguation at all. That you think it's tedious, I find baffling, though I can get why you're exasperated by the micromanagement and that it is decidedly more fastidious. It is, though, a far more tactical game than 40K owing to there being far more synergies between individual models, though getting assassinated while you outnumber your opponent 3-1 and are otherwise wiping the floor with his ass is a royal pain.

And why I asked if you've played at tournaments, my mate phrased it best: 40K was designed for casual play with the intention of playing it at tournaments, WMH was designed for tournament play with the intention of playing it casually. And they both suffer for it. 40K is an insufferable tournament game and brings out the worst in gamers. Conversely, WMH is an insufferable casual game because, in the words of many a friend of mine "this is a fucking stupid game" for "absolute dicks & cunts"!

And yet, 40K is one of the best games for casual play in my experience, while WMH tournaments are likewise. *shrug*

Here Comes Tomorrow

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Jan 7, 2009
Mordheim - Shadow Warriors
You are a bad person.

Currently playing WHFB, Hormachine and Infinity. Though I have a long list of games prior.

I retired all my 40k stuff (Sister/Grey Knight/IG Inquisition army, a 15,000pts Nid army and a sizable Necron army) because 7th is easily the worst TTG I've ever played and the new codecii are becoming incredibly bland an uninteresting.


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Aug 30, 2010
I started off in the world of tabletops with a small 40k force of tau (during 5th edition, about 18 months or so before 6th dropped). I got a little bit of fantasy (vampire counts with the new shiny book), but ultimately played little of either because painting and modeling is much more fun and any game more than like... 500 pts just kind of drags on, especially in fantasy because of the stupid high model counts.

Since then I've gone into more general board games (zombicide is the shit, smallworld is great, settlers is settlers, but there's so many more out there beyond the big names that are just as awesome, I'm going to die before I try them all) and X-wing.

I gotta say x wing is my favorite minis-based wargame that I've played yet. Small scale (model # wise), fairly fast paced, much more involved throughout because there are no turns, but rounds where each unit's initiative is independent, and it's relatively cheap and portable compared to the other big names. If you are going to start with anything, and are a fan of star-wars, x-wing is the place to do it.

Did I mention all of the rules are easily accessible online? You only need to buy the minis, and even then you could easily proxy to try things out before committing the funds.


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Sep 9, 2009
SckizoBoy said:
Zykon TheLich said:
Epic: Imperial, plus small ork and eldar forces
BFG: Imperial & small chaos fleet
Given that neither of those are published any more... where did you get the miniatures for them? e-Bay or original releases? o_O

Queen Michael said:
I like all the lore. It's darn interesting!
I take it you're addicted to ham, then...! >_>

bliebblob said:
I play none right now, but you could say I'm die-curious. :p All I've really seen so far is WH40K though and I'm a little disappointed by how stationary it looks. As in: both players line all their stuff up on one side of the table each, and by the end that line has moved forward a bit and that's your lot. Only when some serious pieces of terrain or deep strikes are involved does it get more interesting than that it seems.

Anyway, if I were to collect anything 40K it'd be tyranids. Because apparently I have a thing for the whole alien bio-army: stracrafts' zerg, endless legend's necrophages, even grey goo's goo.
In that case... try Legion in WarMachine/Hordes... same imagery (Legion warbeasts look very Niddish) and it's much more combat orientated... still plenty of shooting, but average range is 10" instead of 24" in WH40K so it's decidedly much more in-your-face. Also, model counts tend to be much lower in WMH and the hobby is much cheaper to get started with.

Yeah, so... *nudge* *nudge* *hint* *hint* =P
Great! Now all I need is opponents. Preferably ones that paint for me too because screeew that :p