TAP Interactive Awarded for Might and Magic Promo

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
TAP Interactive Awarded for Might and Magic Promo

TAP Interactive's Heroes Mini online game wins "Best Game Promotional" for supporting Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic V Minigame.

TAP Interactive [http://www.tapin.net/], a sister company of The Escapist, and Ubisoft were awarded the Best Interactive Media Promotional Game at the second annual MI6 Game Marketing Conference in San Francisco, for their Heroes of Might and Magic V Minigame. The Silver winners, Vivendi and Ayzenburg were nominated for their Scarface: The World is Yours viral campaign. A web-based multiplayer adventure game, Heroes Mini opens players to the Heroes of Might and Magic V world, where they can battle other challengers, scour the land for treasure and climb the worldwide rankings.

Greg Lincoln, TAP's Director of Client Services, commented on the victory. "When we set out to make Heroes Mini, we only wanted to make the best minigame possible for our client. To be recognized for work we are so proud of is a tremendous honor. It is because of Ubisoft, who had the foresight and trust to bring this minigame to its fans, that we are able to celebrate this award."

Tom Kurz, Chairman of Themis Group, Inc., TAP Interactive's parent company, added, "I think this award speaks volumes about our team's creative and technical abilities. I'm very proud of how the team came together and executed."



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Dec 16, 2003
I'd like to thank our competitors. Oh, and the MI6 judges :)