Telltale is Making a Marvel Adventure Game Series

Imperioratorex Caprae

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May 15, 2010
SweetShark said:
The next step is TellTale to make an adventure game for Blizzard. Reason?

We need more original Warcraft. NOT the f*cking Lava puppies for GOD SHAKE!!!
Blizzard rightly quashed the fuck out of that and decided on WCIII. I think they're smart enough to continue not making that mistake.


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Dec 5, 2008
Steven Bogos said:
I just hope that Telltale doesn't have too much on its plate, along with the aforementioned Borderlands and Game of Thrones series, it is also working on a new Walking Dead season and a Minecraft [] series.
...Not to mention their mysterious self-created IP project...

Yeah, I think they may be taking on too much, if they're maintaining their current size. They've already become the "nothing for months, then announcements out of nowhere" guys. I like their work- I'm glad, in a way, that they have an excess of customers who want them to present their characters, rather than the opposite- but I think they could stand to clear some space on their roster before they start announcing any more new properties.


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Feb 10, 2011
I don't know why but for some reason I could see this working as a Deadpool game.

"A hydra mook appears, what do you do?"

- Kill him, loudly
- Kill him, very loudly
- Kill him softly... jk Kill him EXTREMELY LOUDLY
- Hold impromptu tea party