That one part of Geek culture you never got into

Tsun Tzu

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May 3, 2020
Comics, Star Trek, Tabletop, and DnD...though I've wanted to give the latter a shot. Just nobody around for me to try it with.

Comics come off as having too high a barrier for entry, Star Trek has some genuinely interesting bits that get bogged down in camp, while tabletop stuff costs money and can't really hold my interest.

Evil Smurf

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Nov 11, 2011
Bigotry: What's with all the hating of women, and black people in your comics and games? I thought, Star Trek told you to treat people like people. X-Men is all about not being a dick, and yet, it seems that's all what you guys do.
MMOs: Why are you paying for that WoW subscription? It's a money sink! (says the guy looking at magic cards right now :D)
CrazyGirl17 said:
The people who think comics should be kept bagged and toys should be kept in the box. Maybe I just don't get the appeal...


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Jan 12, 2010
Western comic books, I'll read the odd one here or there but there are too many to keep up with and I sink enough into manga as it is.

Table top gaming is a big one because I tried so hard. D&D I experimented with, but could never find a Dungeon Master who wasn't a total sadist who took the fun out of it. BattleTech(MechWarrior for the layman) I tried but no one ever plays it around where I live, same with Crimson Skies(the table top version.) Tried DreamPod9's HeavyGear but the people who play here take all the fun out with tank spamming, making Gears effectively useless. I tried WarHammer 40K but had one major issue. Got all stocked up on my Tau for big battles, got them all built, and custom painted... Then by the time I'm ready the new rule book nerfs the hell out of the Tau which made me go: "Games Workshop you dirty bastards!" Never tried WarHammer classic since fantasy isn't usually my bag.

Also I'll never understand the appeal of LARPing.

I will add one thing I'm big into which will explain why I tried so hard for 40K: Gunpla, Gundam Plastic Model Kits, Nothing is more satisfying then the slow meticulous building, painting the models(sometimes custom color schemes), and a finishing top coat that just makes the kits look like they jumped straight out of the anime. At this point I cannot even fathom a straight snap build.

Jake Martinez

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Apr 2, 2010
Hating people for liking video games I don't want to play. I didn't even know this was a thing until Kotaku, Polygon and St. Anita Sarkeesian showed me the path.

Johnny Novgorod

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Apr 10, 2020
Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, My Little Pony, Marvel, Agents of Shield and the Star Wars "Expanded Universe". Most anime (there're 5 or 6 exceptions) and comics in general. Graphic novels I can deal with, but the serial kind? Fuck that. Dungeons & Dragons, role-playing board games and LARPing, Warcraft, LOL and MMOs in general.

Also YA fantasy series like Dresden Files. It's an awful little niche from which it's very difficult to crawl out once you're in, I think.
Mar 30, 2010
Bronies. Look, 9 times out of 10 I like to live and let live, but 20-something year old men who take an excessive interest in a medium aimed at 6-10 year old girls should be given the widest of possible births. Or a fucking kicking. Either or.


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Nov 26, 2009
Space in general. Not a huge Star Wars or Trek guy, nor do I have any interest in playing Mass Effect or Halo or anything like that. All of that hi-tech futuristic vibe just feels kinda stale and lifeless. It would be important to note that fantasy is my dig. Not realistic Game of Thrones fantasy, more JRPG fantasy with lots of colors.


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Dec 8, 2009
Hmm... my first thought was comics, but I actually was into them at one point a long time ago. It really just became unsustainable for me being that I didn't have all the time and money in the world, and I also had other interests. Comics just feel to me to be a sort of all or nothing thing, so I'm happy just watching from the outside and getting minimum exposure via second and third hand sources.

I've never been a fan of Star Wars at all but I'm not sure I'd give one franchise regardless of it's size dominion as an entire section of geek culture.

I guess it may be table top gaming or, more specifically, traditional style board gaming. I've barely played pen and paper games at all but I could totally see getting into them if I came across the right group and the right game. Any sort of board gaming however, from Risk to Monopoly to Catan, just bore me to tears. There's something about their style of competition and a common reliance on dice rolling (I'm a notoriously bad dice roller) that just has never fit well with me. I will literally choose not to hang out with friends I otherwise enjoy spending time with if I know they are likely to want to play board games.

Timeless Lavender

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Feb 2, 2015
I have a lot, anything sci-fi space opera or high fantasy like the lords of the rings, game of throne, star wars, Doctor who, stars trek, harry potter or etc. I am not a fan of superhero comics (Except Deadpool). I have low tolerance for live action shows I just idk. In gaming related, I cannot stand Warhammer, WoW, LoL or any MMO games (except Black deserts, its character creation looked epic). Finally, table top was something I was interested in but I wanted more psychological/mystery style rather than rpg style.


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Apr 3, 2013
Star Trek, though I've been tempted by Next Gen a couple times just because of Patrick Stewart (Stuart?).

I just recently started reading (superhero) comics, but there's no way in hell I'll buy them by the issue. I'll wait for the compilation/omnibus, thank you.

Tabletop games. I'd be interested in trying it at least once, but I don't know anyone who plays them.

I went LARPing once. Never again.

Attack on Titan. I watched the first couple episodes and thought "This is actually pretty good," but then the main character
"dies" and then somehow comes back with some bogus transforming power
and I just didn't want to watch it anymore. It would have been a much better show IMO if they had kept the story about humanities struggle to survive in a world that's outright out to kill them without throwing in the typical anime BS.


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Apr 18, 2020
A Barrel In the Marketplace
Pokemon and Dragonball. Any of them.

I understand the concept, but what I've seen of both doesn't catch my interest at all. Dragonball in particular seemed to have some of the worst pacing I've ever seen in a show.

Tabletop RPG's.

Mostly because I don't know any people who are into it and it takes WAY too long to play a game. Video game RPG's were always far more my thing because 1.) I can save and stop more or less when I want or need to, 2.) I don't need a group of like minded people to do it with and 3.) I don't need to arraign to have 12 hours to play.


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Jun 6, 2013
Elfgore said:
Add another to comics. I love manga, but for some fucking reason I can't get into comics. I've bought multiple Marvel and DC comics, the only one I've cared to continue is The Darkness and Witchblade... which aren't even Marvel or DC comics.
Ugh, I tried so hard to get into comics. I really did. I like the idea of telling a story through Art, and after Watchmen I thought there was potential. I got really sick of it, though. Even Sandman didn't do it for me. Maybe it's the superhero bit, I don't know. It's weird, because I like some Manga, so maybe it's just American comics. The convoluted plot arcs and frankly bad writing really turn me off. Sad, since comics are probably the most underapreciated, and underutilized art form of all time. There's enormous potential, but only Watchmen and a handful of manga even begin to scratch the surface of its potential. I actually like some webcomics, like Eva's Demon, so there's some stuff I enjoy.

Otherwise, table top games, I guess? I hate most musicals (except Les Mis). Honestly, I'm a sucker for anything with a good story, so Anime, games, visual novels, or anything else with a plot can earn my respect if the writings good.


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Jan 8, 2010
Geek cultures pretty big so plenty of things I'm not even thinking if.

Star Wars and Star Trek.

Collectable merchandise (I like concept art books but can't be bothered with figurine, maps and other stuff like that and I certainly don't buy things to keep in the package just as part of a collection).

I always found LARPing a little bit too weird to be honest. I've been invited to one and I didn't go cause I know I'd be a joykill. I went to murder mystery thing which was basically just LARPing for people who don't consider themselves geeks and I found that very awkward and couldn't get into it. Not fond of cos-play either, a lot of it just seems like using someone else's IP to attention whore. I cos-played once for a Halloween thing and I'm not doing that again.

I don't like anime. Most anime I've tried the characters make me want to stab them within 5 minutes. I have more tolerance for manga, probably because there is no annoying VAing and screaming to get on my nerves but I don't read a lot of that either.


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Feb 14, 2015
Like, "collecting", ie grading and caring how much stuff is worth. Things like that Comic Book Men show is about.

Which is way I NEVER liked that show. I don't care what something is worth monetarily. That's not what being a fan is about to me.


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Mar 30, 2011
Almost all anime, but especially any sort of anime that is supposed to be a comedy. Every anime I've ever seen that is clearly supposed to be funny just feels cringe-inducingly dumb, like watching a terrible stand-up comedian.

Star Trek. The old movies (and show) were just painfully slow and boring, while the new movies went too far in the opposite direction and seem made specifically for people with ADHD.

Toys. I get the concept of 'collector's items', but I'm sorry, they're just toys. You can slap whatever label you want on them, they're still just toys that you don't actually play with. To me, that's like people who buy $200 sneakers that they never actually wear.

Dr. Who: I give the show a lot of credit for being very creative, but I remember watching it and thinking "I don't get it, are the special effects supposed to be cheesy and atrocious?". I tried a few episodes, but it just never clicked for me.

Bronies: You can like whatever the heck you want to like, I don't care, but for some odd reason so many Bronies I've met take this strange and borderline arrogant pride in it, like they 'get it' and the rest of us don't. It's a show aimed primarily at seven year olds, it's not that complex.

LARPing: I don't generally say anything is just "too geeky" for me, but LARPing. Yeah, too geeky for me.


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Aug 28, 2008
I don't read western comics but more so because of being too occupied with the stuff I really like rather than due to them being something I'm not into. I'm just so much into the Japanese side of those things that there's no time left for anything else.

As for something I actually am not into...I dunno...maybe fanworks? Like, the entire realm of fanfiction or abridged series. I can never enjoy those and they feel sacrilegious to watch. I do appreciate fanart and MADs though, just not stuff that messes with the canon of stuff or pairs characters who aren't dating as though they were and other such stupidity. Basically, fanworks which honor the existing material rather than replace it with the authors desired form of events are the only ones I can enjoy.

Oh and I don't consider mega-fandoms like bronies and startreck as much "geek culture" as i do their own microcosm. I guess they technically are but they are fandoms of their own like how car enthusiasts or poker fans are like that too. But yeah, I don't much care for all of that mainstreamly known "geeky stuff" (which isn't really all that geeky to begin with lol).


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Jun 28, 2014
Therumancer said:
Actually "Big Hero Six" was based on a short lived Marvel comic/concept:

Whether the movie's relative success sees a return of "Big Hero Six" to the world of comics remains to be seen (if they have already, I haven't noticed it).
Oh, I know. That's why I said "new Big Hero 6 movie". Maybe I should've said "reboot" instead.


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Feb 4, 2009
I've done a bit of everything.

Pen and paper rpgs (current; basically anything World of Darkness)
Cosplay (Depends; on whether I can be bother to make something)
TCGs (Past)
Old Sci-fi (current)
new Sci-fi (meh)
Comics (Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, and more)
Anime (meh)
Manga (Current)
J-Light Novels (Current; Spice and Wolf is phenomenal reading)

The one thing that really hits out at me is:


Never (really) got into it.

Runner Up:



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Feb 9, 2013
For me, the better question would simply be what part of "geek culture" have I gotten into. Haha. Video games is really the only one. History too, if that can ever be really counted. I never got into anime, comics, super heroes, board/table top games, cosplay. Etc etc. Video games and history is really it for me.