The $15 Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is Back on PC


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Oct 24, 2013
The $15 Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is Back on PC

// has brought back the $15 Starter Edition of Rainbow Six Siege for PC players.

If you've been wanting to play Rainbow Six Siege but you didn't want to pay $50 (or more), you're in luck - Ubisoft has brought the $15 "Starter Edition" of the game back to Uplay, and the company says it's permanent. The Starter Edition was available back when the game launched, but it had disappeared from Uplay and Steam without warning.

If you pick it up, the Starter Edition will give you the full game, including all maps and modes, as well as a limited selection of operators. You'll be able to unlock more operators with R6 Credits, which can be purchased for real money, or with Renown, which can be earned in-game. It's worth noting that the Renown cost for purchases is higher for those who own the Starter Edition than for those who purchase the Standard Edition.

You'll get access to two operators randomly selected from Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke - all designed to be easy for new players to use. Also included are 600 R6 Credits, enough to buy two Operators from the base game or one from the DLC.

So far, the Starter Edition is only available on Uplay, and there's no word on whether the Steam version will ever come back. There's also no word on whether there will be a console version of the Starter Edition. Rainbow Six Siege just got a new DLC, Velvet Shell, earlier this week.




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Mar 15, 2008
Chumps! Everyone knows that Thermite is the best character!

Anyway, I dig this idea. Allow someone to pay a bit to see if they'll like it enough to really invest. By not making it free, it should help keep asshats from just getting in the games and screwing it up for everyone.

Although by this point, the game has been on sale near that price enough that I would figure if someone wanted it, they would have it by now...


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Jun 9, 2008
I dont reccomend anyone getting this version, the game commonly goes on sale for 20$ and this version ends up being very grindy while in the normal one only the DLC operators feel that way.

One thing is to have a full roster easily unlockable with only the "extra" characters taking some time to unlock, while having to take time to unlock even the starter roster is another since the starter roster is good to give the player a wide choice of playstyles.