The Best of The Escapist: Reader's Choice


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Jun 13, 2002
There was a long and involved scientific process used to pick the articles for this issue, and narrowing it down was pretty tough. Of course the articles had to be good, but that's a given. The articles also had to work well together, since there was no set issue topic. And we wanted to skew more towards the early issues, for the benefit of our more recent readers. In the end, a whole bunch of staff picked what they'd put into their own "Best Of" issue, and the lists were editorially combined into a single article lineup.

Of course, we also wanted to know which articles have been read the most too, so we put that list together as well. Here's the top 5, which I dub The Best of The Escapist: Reader's Choice.

OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1
Part II
Quest for Glory
Trust Me