The Big Picture: MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012


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Nov 23, 2009
aceman67 said:
Axolotl said:
You're boycotting a film becaue the main character kills slave owners? That's where you draw the line? Because I have to say, that's a messed up set of values.
I'm not seeing it because its a below the belt hit that's too close to home. Its not exactly a nice thing to find out that your family played a part in a dark chapter in human history, its an ENTIRELY different thing all together to go see a movie that shows the killing of people that could be my ancestors.

Its like asking a Japanese WWII veteran if he wants to go see 'Pearl Harbor' or 'Wind Talkers'. You just don't do that.

Its not messed up values, its called 'not seeing a movie for personal reasons'.
I totally see why YOU wouldn't go and see it, and I respect that, but to say it's below the belt whilst still enjoying Inglorious Basterds is hypocritical.


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May 28, 2008
Yeah don't worry Bob I'm a massive batman fan myself and Dark Knight is one of my all time favorite movies but Rises ehhh I still don't know if I should be excited for it, especially since the only real reason Nolan is making it is because he agreed to in order to get Inception made.

Everything else on this list yep gonna see all of em unless of course any get torn to shreds by reviewers =P


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May 9, 2010
Django Unchained (my mighty whitey Christoph). I thought Bob hated movies like that...


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Dec 6, 2007
>Underwhelming third movie curse
>Return of the Jedi

Seriously, am I the only person that absolutely loved that movie? Yes, Empire is still better, but Jedi was great nonetheless. I do agree about not being super pscyhed for The Dark Knight Rises, because Bane is one of the least interesting villians in the Rogues Gallery.


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Nov 23, 2009
Jennacide said:
>Underwhelming third movie curse
>Return of the Jedi

Seriously, am I the only person that absolutely loved that movie? Yes, Empire is still better, but Jedi was great nonetheless. I do agree about not being super pscyhed for The Dark Knight Rises, because Bane is one of the least interesting villians in the Rogues Gallery.
You are never the only one, ever. I think you are the third person in this thread alone to say that


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Sep 11, 2009
Interesting list, I'll have to check these out...

10- I like the idea already, especially the title character going into other video games.
9- Space Nazis, eh? Sounds interesting...
8- Sorry, not interested.
7- I'll think about it.
6- Ditto this one.
5- Eh, maybe. Not sure how they'll connect it to Alien, though...
4- Maybe I'll wait for the DVD. Yeah, I know "American ego" and all that... but considering that bastard, I really don't care.
3- You had me at "Slavery revenge".
2- I definitively have to give this one a shot.
1- Eh, maybe I'll give it a look.

The Great JT

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Oct 6, 2008
Good list, though I curiously ponder about a movie I saw a standee for called Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. just about the most glorious thing I could ever think of, shy of George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt teaming up to fight mummies and/or werewolves. In fact, here's my opinion on all ten movies Bob listed as his Most Anticipated list.

WRECK-IT RALPH: Toy Story with classic arcade machines? Yeah, I'll go see it. Damn you, Disney, targeting my happy place. I mean my other happy place.
IRON SKY: A finnish sci-fi movie about fighting space nazis? Good job, Finland! You are all getting brofists and a big piece of cake or sweet, tasty item of your choice for this!
JOHN CARTER: I don't know what to make of this one. I don't know anything about it, but I might go see it, depending on trailers.
BRAVE: It's Pixar. That alone gives you every reason to see it.
LINCOLN: Dramas aren't really my thing, sorry to say. Though just about anything Spielburg puts his hands on immediately turns to gold, so who knows.
PROMETHEUS: This one I really can't comment on. I don't have any real desire to see this one, but I'll keep an ear to the ground, seeing if it's any good.
UNTITLED KATHRYN BIGELOW INTN'L THRILLER: Again, I don't have any desire at this time to see this one.
DJANGO UNCHAINED: I'm typically not a fan of black-person-overcoming-racist-white-people-adversity flicks, mostly because they're all knock-offs of Remember The Titans. This, however, looks to be the good stuff. Tarantino, shine on you crazy diamond.
THE AVENGERS: I'm all over this one.
THE HOBBIT: It's basically required viewing. IT MUST BE SEEN.

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Jan 2, 2012
popepaul3 said:
Did Moviebob just tell US not to go into a big crybaby hissy fit?!....Pot kettle anyone?
EXACTLY what I was thinking.
But why bother arguing with him about it? This is absolutely the last video of his that I will watch - not because I don't think he has a right to an opinion, or even that our opinions often time are odds - no, because of stupid comments like that of his.


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Dec 4, 2008
I'm not surprised "Amazing Spider-Man" wasn't on the list, but I am surprised there were no backhanded comments against it.


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Sep 7, 2008
Space Nazis... ON THE MOON?!

Yeah, sign me the f*ck up!

I've never actually watched The Lord Of The Rings movies but I have made my New Year's Resolution to watch all three in time for The Hobbit. At least that's an attainable goal.

The Avengers is my number one most anticipated movie. I mean: it's JOSS. MOTHER. F*CKING. WHEDON!! Doing THE AVENGERS!! It will, if I have my way, be the first film I ever go to a midnight screening for. And it will rock.

Number 2, for me, is The Cabin In The Woods. Here's the trailer if you haven't heard of it before and get hype.

I must be completely against the Internet, then. I can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises! That latest trailer actually looked pretty bad ass, I love Tom Hardy and, all together now... I Nolan I Trust.

Oh, God. I'm opposing the Internet! Quick! Somebody tell me how likely I am to be killed!


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Jul 5, 2020
United States
Django Unchained sounds to me like Quentin Tarantino saw the Catcher Freeman episode of the Boondocks and said "Sounds good to me"
And you know what? Sounds good to me too.


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Sep 22, 2009
What you feel about the Dark Knight Rises, Bob. Is kind of how I feel about Avengers, I really hope it works. I mean Joss Whedon it a great writer and director don't get me wrong but it seems he's always been able to muster out great storylines for T.V. series Buffy and Firefly obviously. But then he tried to make a Firefly film. I mean granted Firefly was prematurely canceled in many fans opinion, but it still felt like something was rushed about it. While I am hoping Joss can pulled off the Avengers and it works out absolutely fantastic a part of me can't help but doubt him when all I have to compare it to film wise is Serenity. While it did get overall popular reviews getting two thumbs up by Ebert and Ropert and an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. I am still have to base my judgment on what I saw rather than what other people say. And it's got me worried for the Avengers. I mean you said Green Lantern had this great director and was fully interested to see what every did and had come together making a Two Part Big Picture series explaining Green Lantern to us, and then it comes up and you think it is absolutely horrid.

Now I don't want to be that guy but the Dark Knight was released after Iron Man came out so it's got me slightly interested to see how they face off again with the Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises. I really hope it works out, but I'm just not getting my hopes up for the best.

Though granted since you've spent sometime being rather spiteful for the Dark Knight Rises with them not fitting Anne Hathway into a more modern version of Michelle Pfieffer's costume, I know it's not one of the reasons but it was a missed oppertunity no doubt, and Bane looking idiotic. I feel as though I can't walk out of this Summer without you being bitter about one of the two. On one hand if Avengers succeeds you'll most likely praise it and throw Batman to the side and comparing the two and thus Avengers will over shadow eventually over shadow the entire Nolan series in someway. But on the same side of the coin if Avengers fails you're going to blow up over Joss Whedon.

And with that said, i think this might be the longest post I've written voicing my concern. I'm sure someone might attack me for it about Serenity being "rush" and me still having a concern for everything but, since you said you read most if not all posts during you're on F.A.Q. I believe I just hope you read this. Because it'd be kinda cool for you to heard me out. Granted you're an intelligent guy and probably already know half of this.

Is it me or do the Space suit they're using for Prometheus and the suit they were using for the explosion scene of "Kill Bin Laden" look uncannily similar?


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Apr 13, 2009
1: The Hobbit
2: The Avengers
3: Django Unchained
4: Unnamed Kathrin Bigalo project, i.e. "Kill Bin Ladin"
5: Prometheus
6: Lincoln
7: Brave
8: John Carter
9: Iron Sky
10: Wreck it Ralph

My responses to them all:

1. I'm not as excited for the Hobbit as everybody else, but I'll see it.
2. I still haven't seen Incredible Hulk, Thor, Capt. America or Iron Man 2, but I'll see this for the Whedon-Factor.
3. This is my most anticipated Motion Picture of 2012. Tarantino's I.G. was brilliant in Theaters, and here's hoping I'll see this in theaters as well and get a fantastic movie out of it.
My problem with this movie has to do with the fact that it's more or less the reason why I could be considered a bad person: The bloodlust America had for this guy was so disgusting, It made me hate the whole of Humanity because it proves that one person's death makes everybody devolve into near cannabalistic savages. He was a bad guy, he did bad things, but a movie about the finding and extinction of one guy? If Bin Laden was called Jason Bourne or Nathan Drake, we'd root for the one guy trying to live against the masses. Seems a little hypocritical. Anyway.
5. I've only seen Alien, and while I own Aliens and Alien 3, I've not sat down to watch them. Might be good though.
6. Daniel Day Lewis... That's good enough for me.
7. It's Pixar. Pixar's last bad movie was Finding Nemo (IMHO), It's been some time since their movies had sucked (I like Cars, BTW).
8. The Preview we all saw with "My Body is a Cage" says everything I needed to know about this movie.
9. Space Nazis? Space Nazis. Space Nazis! Sounds brilliant right there.
10. I remember reading about it, but here's hoping it's as good as it sounds, otherwise it might just end up being Shrek and Matt Hazard crossed over with a video game comic.


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Oct 1, 2009
Personally I have:

1. Prometheus
2. The Hobbit
3. The Avengers

Generally I'm more a fantasy guy than sci-fi, and if I could only see one movie it would be The Hobbit. But we've had an okay fantasy fix recently (thank you HBO for Game of Thrones!), a big suspenseful sci-fi on the other hand has been long overdue.


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Jan 28, 2010
Anyone else thinks that MovieBob overdoes it about Captain America?
I thought it was one of the most boring avengers so far,
Steve Rogers is clearly a very nice guy (Mr Rogers, anyone?) and he did has a few set pieces to show off bravery but in terms of making him a hero, that bis pretty much like in Green Lantern, but not as interesting.
Compare this to Thor, with his arrogance being used to best him, and then be punished and forced to reclaim his immortality by learning Humility.
Or Iron Man, Stark forced to rethink his responsibility to the world and in Iron Man 2 fight his destructive dependencies to booze and nuclear power in his chest cavity.
Or Hulk, coming to grips with his darker side. His character arc is not so much an arc but a hyphen -

and not just the characters, but the world around them
Thor was full of intrigue of Loki's discovery's and his duplicitous machinations, Or in Iron Man, ever other friend Tony had tried to cheat him out of the suit. The biggest twist or shock moment in the movie was Red skulls reveal which we saw in the second trailer

My biggest peeve was just how tame it is, minimal explosions or fights, hell at one point they go inglorious basterds and blow up factories all over europe, and how do they show this? a 30 second scene of them driving with various fireballs, like it wasnt interested. Perhaps this was a limitation due to the character being just a normal guy on super-steroids with a fancy shield to bop people on the head with. Seriously, Scarlet Johanssen in Iron Man two looks more kickass that Steve Namby Pamby Rogers at this point. He didnt even beat red skull. if you watch it, the cube backfired on him.

Before Anyone brings it up, I am british but I love the states, lived there for a bit and want to move back. But this movie was boring and the hero was anything but supe


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Sep 4, 2009
Shjade said:
chiefohara said:
Pixar braveheart girl.... meh... one Mulan movie is enough. So endless action flicks are okay if they're about guys, but there's a maximum limit of one action girl movie ever? Nice.

They're unrelated anyway. Mulan was a girl posing as a boy to protect her father and yaddayadda honor yaddayadda China yaddayadda. She goes back to playing her expected family role when she gets home, gets married, etc.

Brave is apparently a Scottish princess who just doesn't want to be tied down to 'get married and be queen safe at home' all her life so she's going to go adventure. Completely different setting, motivation and purpose. "Female lead" is practically all they have in common.

What the hell, guy.
Where did i say "endless action flicks are okay if they're about guys" ?

Last i checked I was dismisive about most of the list so how come you are only grilling me on one?

What the hell, yourself

*Edit, checked your profile, your listed as male. Edited my post accordingly*