The Big Picture: MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012


Team Stupid-Face
Nov 11, 2008
The Hobbit: I really enjoyed the LOTR just like preety much every other Geek out there and the casting really has me excited. My only real worry is that they'll try and make what is a light, smallscale tale darker and "EPIC" to please those who saw LOTR.

The Avengers: All the Marvel films so far have been fun & entertaining and Joss Whedon has shown he can balance an ensamble cast well. Not expecting anything Oscar worthy, but it should be a fun film at least.

Django Unchained: I really can't stand Tarantino films and I can't see any reason to see this.

Unnamed Kathrin Bigalo project, i.e. "Kill Bin Ladin": No thanks.

Prometheus: I enjoyed the Alien films (yes, even 3) and as long as this works as a decent sci-fi horror I'll give it a try.

Lincoln: Sign me up.

Brave: I'd bet good money that there's more to this films story then the trailers show and so will go see this and hope for the best. Also, I love the scottish accent.

John Carter: Really not my thing.

Iron Sky: Again, not something I can get excited about.

Wreck it Ralph: From what I've read about this, Its going to be either absolutely fantastic, or a train wreck. Depends whether they go for a good story, or try and pander to the geek crowd.


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Aug 27, 2009
Wow. I didn't even know half of these movies existed!

I'm so excited right now I could probably sub as a sex toy.

Wait, that came out even dirtier than I intended it to be...


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Nov 30, 2007
I'm looking forward to most of these movies, but I've been waiting the longest for Iron Sky. I stumbled it a few years back and have been following its development ever since. Hope it gets a wide release!


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Dec 24, 2009
Actually im not looking forward to "Rises" either. When I was a kid Batman was the best, unbeatable, untouchable, and the fact that he had no superpowers and all his skills just came from intense study made him even more of an Idol for me. Knightfall(the series which Bane broke Batman's back) came out early 90's, I maybe read two comics from that series long after it had wrapped. My main image of Batman comes from Batman: The Animated series, Batman Beyond(what? Old Bruce was still badass), and the Justice League cartoons.

I really dont want to go see the last Bale Batman movie only for it to end with Batman defeated. Thats not fun, or enjoyable. I wanna see Batman victorious, on top, and hopefully end the series on a high note and a happy ending.

Aside from that ALL of those movies take a back seat to The Avengers. Yes even the Hobbit. Part one(if im remembering the book correctly) is mainly just the journey and maybe Bilbo getting the ring. Part two is where it'll get good, jewel encrusted dragons, epic battles with dwarves and gryphons and goblins. That is what Ive been dying to see since I first read The Hobbit. Untill then Avengers is what I want. If the world ended the day after I saw The Avengers, I'd be satisfied :)


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Dec 16, 2010
Avengers is going to be medicore for those of us not entranced by the world of Marvel comics. Part of the problem with Captain America was that they tried to do too much in too short of a time span. Transitions were wiped off the screen as the film flew around from action set to action set (especially in the second half) and there was little time for things like characterization or exposition. The Avengers looks to be even bigger than that. This is going to be the very definition of a movie trying to do too much.

For all the time Captain America left out things like transitions, The Avengers can only have more bouncing around from action to action. Characterization? Forget it. There's still demons all the heroes have to face, but between 4 heroes (possibly 7 if they include Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye's problems) there's no way enough screen time will be dedicated to them satisfactorily facing their own issues.

Now I know many will be like, "This is gonna be superheroes kicking ass, so who cares?" And that's fine, it'll possibly be a fun film to see but it won't be a great film.


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Jul 11, 2010
chickenhound said:
*runs around waving a pitchfork in angry fangirlfashion*

no this is not about the batman movie rather that you failed to even mention my most anticapited movie of 2012 The Secret World of Arrietty

*goes back on angry rampage*
Joins in rampage. It is my #1 not of this year but of this decade. My favorite kids book done by my favorite director in my favorite art style.


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Apr 2, 2009
viranimus said:
Without looking I would presume....

1/2 would be pretentious garbage that in either an artsy and or innovative form or simply award fodder

EDIT 1:(8,7,6,4,3)

1/2 would be pointless nod to nostalgia or ode to pointless fanboyism

EDIT 2:(10,9,5,3,2,1)

#3 basically boils down to artistic fodder due to the "controversial" nature of it, but its also an ode to fanboyism over Tarantino.

Pretty close, Though it seems I have given Bob entirely too much credit. Bobs opinions on movies from what I have experienced always been extremely narrow in that if it doesnt pigeonhole into one of those two categories, he doesnt care for it and will gladly dismiss it as bad. I honestly would trust the opinions of the hobo who lives behind the movie theater before I would ever apply any sort of validity to Bobs opinions.

I accepted Bobs views as being predominantly fanboyish after the incredibly high praise for the incredibly mediocre Captain America film. Ever since then I keep finding myself wondering why is this even here?
Yeah... I wonder until when will MovieBob continue to insist Captain America was good weighted solely on how much he is Cap's biggest fan. It was certainly one of the weakest Marvel flicks (ok, not as weak as X-Man 3/Wolverine or Spider Man 3, but among the decent to great Marvel films, it stands squarely at the bottom). Thor is hand's down the best Marvel film to be put to screen and the reason I actually started looking for the Thor comics, that never interested me before.

Now, be fair, if MovieBob only cared for Nostalgia and Fanboyism, he'd have positive opinions on The Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks. So at least we know his nostalgia has limits.

On the other half I completely agree on the pretentious garbage side. He said Tree of Life was hands down one of the best movies of the year. That shit was almost harder to sit through than The Smurfs... except thrice as freaking long. I pretty much doubt Prometheus is going to be good. Aliens not only don't need a freaking prequel, ANYTHING they'd try to put in a prequel to Aliens can only (further) damage the mythos.

Well, at least I hope the Hobbit will be good, but I still stand by the opinion that it didn't have any business becoming a movie because, if your movie needs to be split into more than one part, DO A FREAKING MINI-SERIES OR STRAIGHT SERIES ALREADY.

For fuck's sake...

omega 616

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May 1, 2009
Ekit said:
I don't see how The Avengers can ever be good. It has enormous pressure and is being directed by someone who has made one previous feature film.
'cos even the word hopeless has hope in it?

Sooo, how much do you hate me now?

A little more off topic. That is the first time I saw them trailers for batman (I can't stand batman, okay?) but was Bane wearing Mortal Kombat's reptile's face mask?

One last thing, Bane is looking a little ... tiny ....? Like I said I am not a batman nerd but hasn't Bane always been like twice as big as Batman? Even looking on images on google shows cartoons of Bane being 9 foot tall and 6 foot biceps and in the film they are the same size.

Personally, I think they should have got this guy.

He is very tall, well built and has played at least 2 roles of mindless muscle that I know of (fearless and warrior king), what more do you want?


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Jan 11, 2011
Looking forward to all these except whatever the Bin Laden bullshit was, the Tarantino shlock and the Avengers. Just can't get excited about the Avengers, the only Marvel film I actually enjoyed was Thor, because it was funny. I nearly had to stop watching Iron Man 2 it was so dull. Right about the Hobbit though, can't wait!


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Feb 17, 2010
Will there be Xenomorphs? God I hope so, if not then create a miracle and develop something cooler (not possible, I think).

Kurt Russell in a Quentin Tarantino movie? Hell yes!

Batman has no joker and it was the only interesting thing about the series relaunch so...

The Hobbit? You know I never read the books but constantly hear how great it is. Knowing the combination of the great feedback of the story and the ideal director of the movie working together, I am sure it will be an amazing film. Though I am a battle and violence junkie and hope to see cave trolls, Sauron, Balrogs etc, I can always appreciate a quality film regardless.


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Dec 15, 2011
chetoos said:
DVS BSTrD said:
Huh when I first saw the promos for Star Wreck (on this website no less) I actually thought it was an RTS.

Daniel Day Louis as Abraham Lincoln + WIN!

Avenger's Movie plot: Its a Skrull invasion
Regarding the Avengers plot, I have to disagree with you on the alien race they're using. While it's true that the Skrull could be candidates for the secret big villain, I am hedging my bets more on the Kree, for 3 reasons: One: The Skrull shapeshift, making them more suited to a suspense piece like the Thing, while the Kree are pretty normal looking, maybe a bit like the Jotuns in terms of effects, but nothing major, and they don't shapeshift. Therefore, for their first outing, I doubt they'll go for suspense, they're going more for major action, therefore Kree.
Reason 2: Captain Mar-Vell
Reason 3: Ms. Marvel.
Actually I think they are using the plot from the Avengers origin in the comic books. The one with Loki.


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Oct 29, 2009
And of all 11 movies mentioned I'm only interested in Prometeus and Django Unchained. Everything else - couldn't care less.


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Jan 19, 2011
"...bald, asthmatic guy in a parka."

Well, there was a series of movies that pulled that villain set-up off, except instead of a parka it was a cape. Do you know which one that was?

I'm looking forward to EVERY single movie on that list. Bring it on, 2012!


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Oct 19, 2010
Whenever you said Prometheus, I kept on thinking you meant a film adaptation of the book Skyfall, by Harry Harrison. Which, frankly, would've been awesome.

I'm still going to be keeping these movies in mind, though. Some I like the appeal of more than others, but it seems like most are worth keeping an eye on - especially that Avengers movie!


Unrealistic but happy
May 13, 2009
So, he seemed to really like Catwoman and Bane and he even "liked" the movie. He states it was not as good as Avengers, but that is saying little. Avengers was awesome and new. So, I wonder how this stacks up to other picks that made the list:

John Carter

Not a lot else out yet as the Summer wanes. And of course, he isn't excited about the Expendables 2!

I'll see Batman tomorrow and make up my own mind. It will be interesting to compare to his other picks.