The Big Picture: Tooned Out


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Sep 21, 2010
"Now, i gotta go to school. My mom gets mad if she finds a strange cat-woman in my room, so could you just go..."
What the duck is wrong with this kid? Seriously, i threw myself half from my chair midway through this line. Just the imagination: Some strange cat-woman in my room, telling me about a plot how vampires want to "rule the world or something". Maybe i would've been somewhat frightened, mabye super-pumped, but seriously, which dearranged mind comes up with this kind of reply, hillarious. Could anybode smack whomever participated in making this... stuff?! "gotta go to school?! psh, who cares about school in this situation?!

But honestly, i watched a lot of weird stuff as a kid and one weekly episode of "Power Rangers" was only the top of the junk-pile (yes, i was an early 90s kid), but i just can't remember the shows mentioned, probably never aired in my region, probably suppressed by my subcontious, either way it looks like i wouldn't ever have to feel bad about that.

Toying with viewing the "Gargoyles" cartoon again for some time now, i think they deserve the chance.


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Mar 14, 2012
I never watched the Darkstalkers cartoon when it was on tv, but I remember seeing the "Darkstalkers Stupidity" video on Youtube.

Talk about trying too hard. The guy who originally made the video also covered that Street Fighter cartoon Bob mentioned, as well as Megaman and Mortal Kombat. All are pretty hilarious to watch.


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Apr 4, 2020
This might be surprising to you but my mother is usually pretty okay with finding strange catwomen in my bed.


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Dec 24, 2008
So many vague or long-forgotten memories came back watching this clip!

Aah all those odd afternoon cartoons filling in time before the 5pm News...


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Apr 2, 2010
Watching that Pole Position intro for the first time I thought it looked pretty cool for what it is. I especially liked that "pulling down the visor with the car's reflection" bit, and I would even more so if it continued that shot through the obligatory merge-perspective shot back on those cars rather than just cutting back. But oh well.

I was actually reminded of that recent Space Stallions project with the theme itself. But then the lyrics became "in the danger zooooone" and I bursted out laughing.

TOO... MUCH... EIGHTIES...! Thankfully I had to miss out on that kind of childhood. But I do get to play both of the games on Namco Museum. :D

P.S. "Pole position" is, in fact, a racing term. Someone had to make Forza before Forza, and everyone here should've been exposed to the commercial [] at some point.