The Biggest Hoax Of All Time?


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Nov 21, 2007
Is Global Warming real? I have no idea. I'm a Comp-Sci major. If it doesn't run on Windows, I probably don't get it. But regardless, I still see nothing wrong with turning the TV off when you leave a room, or buying CFL bulbs when your filament ones burn out. If anyone in this thread can give me a rational reason why reducing our carbon emissions, stop using polluting fuels, and giving up our excessive lifestyle is bad for us, even if global warming is a myth, I solemnly swear, with God as my witness, to never defend the environmentalist movement again.

And don't give me the lazy "It's too much work", or "It costs too much" cop out excuse. If we can blow a trillion dollars a year on a war for imaginary WMDs, we can afford to update our power plants, and fund electric cars.

And you talking down to us, appending things like "Oh was word too big for you" after 'big' words, as if we're some kind of simpletons, doesn't help your argument, or make you look like you're educated. It just makes you look like a pompous ass.


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Sep 11, 2008
I knew this thread would turn into a global warming debate.

Let me say this, the worlds climate has been changing A LOT LONGER than we have been studying it. 50 years is a molecule in the drop in the bucket of earth's history, and it is no basis from which to draw such broad conclusions as man-made global warming.

"The debate is over" is not science.