The Escapist's Holiday 2012 Recap


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May 6, 2005
The Escapist's Holiday 2012 Recap

While you were off enjoying the holidays, we were hard at work bringing you some fantastic not-to-be-missed content.

Well, the holiday season has come and gone, with all of the requisite face stuffing and wrapping paper shredding complete. Now it's time to settle back into your routine, ignore your New Year's resolution, and forget about the sweaters and socks you were gifted this year. We here at The Escapist are always looking for ways to help, so today we're going to show you around all of our special holiday content that you may have missed.

Ever wonder if you can steer a tank in mid-air by firing off some shots? Dying to know if you can steal a bank vault with a fast car and a towing chain? Well we did, and it turns out... nah you'll have to watch Reel Physics [] to find out.

Catch up on all of the best news stories from 2012 in our year-end Q&A video [] to sate your appetite for a bit.

Once you've gorged yourself on all of that goodness, we've got some dessert for you as well. Check out the community-voted winner for Five Favorites of 2012 [], where each editor picks five games from 2012 to shovel praise upon.

While this should tide you over, be sure to check back on The Escapist every day for more.

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