The Future of 2008

Lauren Admire

Aug 8, 2008
The Future of 2008

The future is now, or was it in 2008?

A mere year ago, Joe Blancato and Jordan Deam took a look at the state of technology and found themselves less than impressed. From the Large Hadron Collider, to sexy robots and artificial limbs, Blancato and Deam covered all of the technology of the "future" in Issue 136 of The Escapist. Speaking of sexy robots, Deam had this to say:

[blockquote]"While ASIMO is designed to be functional, cute and generally inoffensive, Actroid isn't afraid to show a little silicone. Most versions are modeled after a young Japanese woman, virtually guaranteeing a healthy aftermarket of high-performance firmware modifications.. But in an age where people can, and frequently do, form emotional attachments to gleaming hunks of chrome and plastic, Actroid goes the extra mile to win its owners' affection. And that, at the very least, should earn it a hug. Just remember Asimov's 4th Law of Robotics: Clothing Optional."[/blockquote]

Thankfully, robots of the gentler gender haven't taken the turn for the sexual quite yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're in the works as we speak. The various technologies they talk about, such as the LHC, have actually seen some improvements and setbacks. Read more in "Future Tech Today []," and discuss the past and present future technology we have yet to see.


Katherine Kerensky

Why, or Why Not?
Mar 27, 2009
well. If they can create human look-alike robots...
where the hell are my (Optional) cybernetic limbs?!!
I want to be rid of this frail flesh already... so weak... breakable...

Meh. I welcome robots. if they got integrated into society, and had proper A.I.s, I could actually have an intelligent conversation where I live.
with people, (outside of my family and friends, some of them, anyway) that is.

meh, and if there is sex robots, at least it'll be less little chav kids running around, breaking things and being little monsters. That's reason enough for them.


New member
Jul 2, 2009
Oh no.. Chobits will happen...! NOO!!!

Alright I'm calm again.

On second thought I am completely for this, I always thought culling the idiocy out of humanity would be seen as akin to Hilter's intentions but this seems to target the willing.

Then again perhaps it will simply breed a generation of romantics since they are the only ones who will care about more than sex.

Then again dealing with the problem of who can afford these we may have an even greater division in SES since there will be no children as opposed to one or two.

This can't be good....