The Haunted Mines Return to Heroes of The Storm

Steven Bogos

The Taco Man
Jan 17, 2013
The Haunted Mines Return to Heroes of The Storm

The Haunted Mines, Ragnaros, and the Winter Veil event have just gone live in Heroes of The Storm's latest patch.

Earlier in the month, a PTR build for Heroes of The Storm went live, previewing Ragnaros, and the Haunted Mines rework []. The patch has now hit live servers, finally returning everyone's favorite map to the game. As an added bonus, HoTS is having a Winter Veil event of its own, letting players earn some exclusive goodies for playing games during the holiday period.

From today through January 5, 2017, players who complete 25 games will unlock the special snowflake portrait and get permanent access to the festive treasure goblin mount. Players can also purchase the Winter Veil 2016 Bundle, which includes a Special Snowflake mount, Lunara, Winter Veil Lunara skin, Nazeebo and a Gingerbread Nazeebo skin. The Winter Veil Classic Bundle is also available to purchase, and includes: Stitches, Sylvanas, Jaina, Rehgar, a Reign-Deer mount, and several Winter Veil skins for each of those heroes.

Additionally, all players will earn a bonus 25% experience for the duration of the event.

You can read all about the changes to The Haunted mines here [].