The Honorable and Dishonorable Game Mentions For 2014


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Feb 8, 2008
Oh... I came here to discuss the topic but its only about SSB and its iterations and their relationship to Yahtzee. And then a bit about Valve

*turns around and walks away*


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Oct 17, 2014
Nintendo Fanboys coming out of trenches, bayonnetes in trembling feeble hands, ready to gut Yahtzee. So nothing new.

I would like to point out that the resident fanboy MovieBob did not go against Yahtzee. I don't know if it's work ethics or the fear that he is small compared to the fedora-wearing fast-talker, or that Yahtzee would wipe the floor with him. It would be like that one time when Georgia attacked Russia. Predictable rampage ensued. Rampage, heh. Oh, a new season of Archer started.


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Aug 12, 2013
Aiddon said:
Thanatos2k said:
....But he doesn't hate Nintendo. He just doesn't like multiplayer only games.
How? How do his actions NOT prove that he doesn't hate or at least dislike Nintendo? His unprovoked ranting about them indicates otherwise.
....How long have you watched this show? He rants about EVERYONE.

Trying to say "well, but he says liked the Mario platformers" has a couple of terms that can best describe it: hollow, token, using as a shield, etc. In fact, I can pretty much say no one is losing sleep if he never reviewed Nintendo games again, mostly because those reviews have become boring and predictable to watch. We all know his criticisms of the company and we'd rather he just move on. No one is twisting his arm about them and no one bugs him over them (though considering he's now mentioned how he hasn't reviewed SSB three times, I'm started to wonder if he really DOES just want someone to ask him why he hasn't reviewed it). Now, if he skipped out on reviewing, say, the new Assassin's Creed, anything from Valve, Call of Duty, etc THEN we might be interested. Nintendo games though, eh, anyone can guess that.
You sound REALLY bitter that he's saying things that you don't like. If you don't like what he's saying, you don't have to watch him. I for one love him bashing things that deserve to be bashed, and Nintendo is definitely one of them.

themilo504 said:
Personally I actually like that yathzee isn?t reviewing smash bros, he?s made it perfectly clear that he doesn?t like or even understands fighting games and smash bros, so a review would just be a waste of his and our time, nor would it really add anything to the discussion.

Also for somebody who claims that he has no problem with Nintendo, yathzee sure does like to attack its fans a lot.
It's almost like they're two separate entities!


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Nov 9, 2012
In fact, I'd argue that none of the characters in Smash Bros were best known for being melee fighters in their original properties.
Not for Mario or Samus, but practically every other game Nintendo has made had melee combat at some point. Link for example. One of Kirby's abilities is Fighter, Little Mac came from a boxing game, etc.

That small nitpick aside I figured you weren't going to review Smash as you made it clear that you don't like multiplayer games and Smash is best with other people. The fighting game thing isn't as strong here since Smash simplified specials down to the basics. It's not Tekken or Street Fighter where you have to learn all of these inputs to learn a character. Still, it makes sense why you don't review it, you don't like the gameplay or the multiplayer focus so why people are asking you to review it are either new viewers that don't know your tastes or just want to annoy you.

I'm starting to not like Ubisoft either, after I learned the hard way that Rayman Legends's save data can randomly corrupt, I haven't bought another Ubisoft game since then. To be fair I only liked Rayman and FarCry. If there is a third game in the Legends/Origins style then I'd be heavily debating on picking it up but it'd have to do something amazing, like make custom music levels similar to Vib Ribbon.