The Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod is Now in Beta


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Oct 24, 2013
The Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod is Now in Beta

If you've been waiting to play Just Cause 3 with your friends, the multiplayer mod is now in beta.

When Just Cause 2 released in 2010, it didn't include an option to play with friends. That changed in 2012, when a mod was released that allowed 600 players to play together. The mod was so successful (and popular) that Just Cause 2 developer Avalanche Studios hired its lead architect in 2016.

Just Cause 3 also launched without multiplayer support, but as before a group of fans has stepped up to add in the multiplayer functionality. Nanos Team has just released the first beta build of the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod.

The developers describe the mod thusly: "Our modification opens the door to incredible multiplayer possibilities including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, roleplaying or freeroam. But it doesn't have to stop there: Thanks to our powerful scripting API server owners can easily create game modes on their own."

If you want to race your friends across a giant island while grappling your way from vehicle to vehicle, this mod has you covered. I imagine that's the very least of the hijinks that will ensue once this mod becomes widely played.

You can download the JC3MP mod from the official mod site []. The full version of the mod is planned to release in the next few months.