The List Of People You Hate

Cole Sauer

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Aug 24, 2010
You know you have one, I have one, yo mamma has one amd even your grandma has one.
i just kind of picked 15 randomly and i just try and hate them (in no specific order)
1. Bobby Flay
2. The Royal Familly
3. Familly channel (old one was good)
4. Jamie Oliver
5. That guy from Glee
6. Harry Potter
7. Kangaroo Jack
8. Portal (suckit)
9. Neverending Story
10. The guy who played Aang in Avatar: the last airbender
11. Being Ian (tv show on YTV)
12. Cassey from life with derrick (saw like 2 episodes and she was a ***** in both)
13. Every single scooby doo movie other than cyber chase and the alien one
14. X-BOX
15. whoever owns disney right now!!! all ive seen from disney lately is shitty sequels to great movies and desperate last tries to spark a flame... Fuck!

Laser Priest

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Mar 24, 2011
Anyone who hasn't joined my army.

Come on, people. We all know I'm going to win. Join and I just might spare you!


I am Tizzy's Willing Slave
Aug 3, 2009
If I were to list them all I probably would die of old age before I finished.


Death by tray it shall be
Dec 2, 2008
I dont hate people... period...
I may dislike a person, but going as far as hating him? just feels wrong...


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Nov 20, 2009
Virtually impossible to calculate list, even if I could I doubt I would be able to post it all without an error.


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Apr 12, 2011
Yeah too many things to list but my over all one i would have to say

not the people just religion itself


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Nov 26, 2008
That prick, Joe.
I doubt anyone else knows him, but I'm not too fond on him.


Ineptly Chaotic
Jan 6, 2011
A Hermit's Cave
Too many people to list... waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people to list, however, the last person to be subject to me ire is John Reid... he's siding with the Tories, the stupid Labour prat...

Sticky Squid

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Dec 30, 2010
You said people you hate then listed a bunch of things that aren't people, so are we just listing things we hate or what?


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Mar 1, 2011
steeple said:
I dont hate people... period...
I may dislike a person, but going as far as hating him? just feels wrong...

To me, hating is actively disliking someone/something. You bring them up in converstaion just so you can show your dislike. I don't like it when people I know do it and I ain't gonna start.

Cat of Doom

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Jan 6, 2011
1) all members of the labor party
2) Jack tompson
3) all players and supporters of tottenham hotspur football club
4) The guy who decided Jade empire diddnt need a sequel
5) the guy who decided Bioshock needed a sequel
6) Richard Kennedy
7) That skater called dean who wears a retarded hat and thinks his cool
8) Everybody who watches a television show with katie price in it
9) John Cena
10) Cristiano Ronaldo
11) religious Zelots
12) goverment members who do nothing about religious zelots
13) soft judges
14) asylam seekers
15) benifit thives
16) Vince cable



The Furry Gamer
Jun 29, 2010
this is gonna be long because of Trezu

things Trezu, Trezu and Rin Hate and the other 6

1.Humans who are Mean to people just being they are Alive
2. Humans who hate people because there a different colour
3. People who believe that Russia is bad because there communist
4. People who are so far up themselves that they need to brush there teeth by shoving a toothbrush up there arse
5. People who Spoil Movies/ Games
6. People who say there full then eat more
7. People who have Kids because 'it will give them better status'
8. Politicians
9. People who Stab me in the back
10. Back Stabbers
11. People who don't look when there casting a line [in fishing]
12. People who say 'lol' 'soz in Real Life
13. Trollers
14. Bullies
15. Religious Groups [they do more harm then good]
16. Liars and Traitors
17. People who close there mind to the truth because its bad
18. Humanity
19. People who talk endlessly about 1 subject
20. Brainwashing
21. Mars Attack's
22. Drug Addicts who fight
23. Cadets
24. People that think there tough
25. People who talk with there mouth full
26. People who repeat Threads
27. Horror Movies
28. Cliffhangers
29. Xbox and Ps3 Fanboys
30. XBox [to a point]
31. Black Ops
32. My Aunties and Uncles
33. My Family in General
34. Dero's
35. Girls who Swear and our Rude
36. Girls Looking like Sluts
37. Gay Guys who Hit on you when they know your not gay continually
38. People Who hate the LGBT
39. Americans [to a point]
40. People who hide behind Labels
41. People Who Drink and Smoke there Way to death
42. The Sandman [hes a Comedian]
43. Music costs Alot
44. People who Hate you for not conforming
45. People who use the same joke over and over again
46. Humans that only seek Money
47. Beggers
48. E.M
49. W.F
50. Nearly all the people i went to school with
51. Lazy
52. everyone under the age of 14
53. People Who swear 'cuz its cool'
54. Spiders
55. People who Exploit your fears
56. KFC
57. People who bag out something they havent tried
58. People who think 9/11 WW2 and Other Conflicts didn't happen and they were a government conspiracy
59. People who let there Emotions rule them
60. People Who Only Want Money and Sex
61. People who Enjoy pain as a Sexual Stimulate
62. Gel
63. People Who Smell like Arse and dont do anything to stop it
64. Gay Jokes
65. People Who believe that they are Gods/Dragons/Golems from another Planet
66. Your Mumma Jokes
67. The Dude with the Huge lips from Glee
68. Fakers
69. This Number
70. Dishonest Arseholes
71. Tom Cruise
72. People who Rag on Video Game SOngs 'Dead Rising 2 song by TeamHeadKick' is great
73. TV
74. Ad's
75. Bad Actors
76. People who Rip Off Televisions Shows
77. People Who Eat Like Pigs
78. Gammer Nazi
79. People who say 'GG' when they think there goin win
80. Spammer's
89. The Alliance
90. The Wii
91. Motion Controls
92. Rin to a Point
93. The Race Card
94. People who Humiliate themselves for attention
95. Black Humor
96. People who Bag out 'Interstate 60'
97. People who look down on you cuz you play games
98. Prejudiced
99. Preachers
100. Long Rants that dont go any where
101. Boarders
102. People Who Kick People when there down
103. People who Spam words example 'gkdfwjfgwlkhfhwhghuiewhugiehuoighoui'
104. The Law System
105. Pokemon
106. Spin Off's
107. People Who Treat women as 'Tits and Arse'
108. Emo's who are not Emo's
109. MindJack
110. People who Cause Harm for fun
110. Kids Who Scream and Whine for items
111. Bad Writing
112. The Character in shows who are Arseholes but never get Karma
113. Cryisis
114. PC Fanboys
115. Modern Warfare happened!!!!!
116. Morons
117. Skanky
118. Movies [most of em]
119. Ad's on Youtube
120. Lady GaGa
121. People who Insult by saying 'Dougy'
122. people who trick you into eating human
123. People who dont know how to use Technology and never bother to learn how to learn
124. People who hate a Language cuz its hard to understand
125. People who Blame others for there own fault
126. Smart Alecs
127. DropBears
128. Smoker's are EVIL people, People
129. Hitler in Inglorious Bastards [ didnt like the actor as much]
130. Pretentiousness
131. People who say stuff in a Endless Loop
132. Gropers
133. My Brother
134. People who Bullshit
135. Cowards
136. Jump Scares
137. People who hurt you because they know karate
138. People who Dont learn there Lesson
139. People who get angry or Laugh at you because you cant pronounce some words
140. Try Hards
141. People who make Random References

And thats it those are things i hate


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Oct 10, 2008
How can "portal" and "xbox" be people you hate?
Did you even read what you wrote before you blurted in onto the internet?

I hate you, OP. Which is to say, I think you're a bit of a tosser. "Hate" is a strong word I reserve for extraordinary times.

CAPTCHA: Silliman ttlyth. The CAPTCHA agrees with me. OP is a Silliman.

Simon Pettersson

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Apr 4, 2010
Necromancer Jim said:
Anyone who hasn't joined my army.

Come on, people. We all know I'm going to win. Join and I just might spare you!
Ehm you are a Necromancer if we don´t join you, we will join you anyway >.<

OT: Well Extremists, don´t matter what belief all that say "If your not with me/us your against me/us".