The most fun PSP games anyone have any suggestions

Sep 14, 2009
alceste007 said:
Jeanne d'Arc from Level-5 is one of my favorites along side with Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Of course, if you have never played Final Fantasy Tactics: war of the Lion is good as well.
I just recently reacquired a psp and will vouch for tactics ogre (I have all 3 of these games but that's the one that I picked to play first)

the chariot tarot mechanic helps a ton sometimes (accidentally sending my units in too fast or too slow, especially if there is a character who can die that hopefully shouldn't) and the story seems interesting enough. (although it seems like there is a ton of gameplay vs the story sometimes, but who knows, I'm only up to level 13 right now so I could be wrong.)

EscapeGoat said:
The ones I've had the most fun with have been mentioned here but whatever:

First, Final Fantasy Dissidia [duodecim] - I've spent hundreds of hours on this and it is without a doubt one of the best fighters I've ever played, let alone on the PSP. It's got a wonderfully smooth combat system, lovely arenas, design and music and loads and loads of replay value.

Next, I'd say Prinny! Can I Really Be The Hero?. It's got a fantastic aesthetic, simple but insanely challenging platforming and a great sense of humour. The main drive is the difficulty - it's a great example of a tough game that's still fair and has a very tight design so you always know why you've gone wrong and ends up being down to your skill.

Finally, I'd say Persona 3: Portable. It's easily the best version of Persona 3 and is one of the best JRPGs out there. Definitely worth a play.
completely agree with your Dissidia summary, I used to have a psp and just got one again recently for the dissidia games alone, they hit a niche that is PERFECT for me and I would buy a ps4 if they made a dissidia game for it that utilized both joysticks *drools at thought*

out of all the top games for psp I've looked at, I've never heard of this prinny game though to be honest, I might have to check it out, watched a video and it looks interesting.

OT: Nearly everything has been mentioned but I'd vote for dissidia 100%, if you like final fantasy characters at all and want an AMAZING fighting/action/rpg game that utilizes the psp fully.


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Jan 14, 2010
Patapon was pretty much one of the few reasons why the PSP ever interested me. :D In all fairness though it was pretty good at what it did.


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Jul 21, 2013
Ian Howell said:
Hi all I have just recently just picked my psp back up after all these years and started playing gitaroo man lives. I found this loads of fun I am just wondering what fun not necessarily the best PSP games you guys have played?
What did I do to deserve this Bad man.
The first one is good and difficult while sequels kind of feel like a bullshit difficulty with very little help to improve your skills

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