The Most Immoral Thing You've Done in a Video Game


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Apr 2, 2008
I don't know if this is the most immoral thing that I've done in a video game but back in oblivion days I used to always find out The Grey Prince's secret.(that grey orc in the arena).

Then i'd go out and buy as many low level arrows as i could and proceed to gain as many marksman levels as i could before he fell over.

It sticks with me I think, because he just stands there saying how he's a monster ect. while I fire my 252nd arrow into his face and wonder how he can still talk.

*EDIT* Either that or during my first playthrough of Metal Gear Solid i just left the controller on the table during the torture scene because Meryl bugged me

Gorilla Gunk

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May 21, 2011
When I was in high school there was this guy on one of my classes who bragged about luring gay guys to his house in Fable 2 and torturing them to death.


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Apr 9, 2008
CrustyOatmeal said:
i was playing fallout new vegas and i decided to play as though i were a serial killer. my basic rule of thumb was "if it had a pulse i would kille it, dismember it, and then decorate the area with their body parts"

i got 2 hours into the game before i was just creeping myself out and stopped playing
this is exactly what happened to me just earlier todau o_o;
I decided to do a homicidal playthrough, but eventually found myself feeling sick by all the people i slaughtered, and quit..


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Jan 13, 2009
Many afternoons were spending placing poison apples on tables in Oblivion: The best part is how the NPC's flop over in front of each other and continue eating.

Combat Shotgunned the violin playing old lady in Fallout 3 as she played Me a song.

Put all the heads of various characters in toilets in both Fallouts.

Threw boxes in the faces of every Half Life 2 character.

Used "Follow" in Fable 2 to play as a good guy who leads the local townspeople into bees thus killing them and making their houses up for sale.

Pavement only play through on Saints Row 2.


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Jan 15, 2010
You're telling me, I thought at first you could make a dark chao by mistreating them. So I wail at the poor thing until it gets permanent brain damage which mostly showed as off-key singing. It was heart-wrenching to watch its mate still sit and listen despite clearly hating it.
That's not a side-effect of "brain damage," as you put it. It's just from giving a dark chao parrots (parrots make them sing, as you probably know already). I think it's hilarious; the other chao sit their with squinted eyes, holding their little chao ears like their listening to Souljah Boy in concert. XD

I think the worst feeling is when you've been mistreating them, and they try desperately to break from your grasp.
Huh what? We may have been playing a different version here. I'm talking about a PC port with an added "dx" in the title. You made dark chao by feeding them dark fruit and angel chao by feeding them angel fruit. The abused individual was indeed mostly bird but it never changed into a dark chao. Instead it's singing went from "Do do doo, la la laa" to the croaks of someone with a partially paralyzed face trying to sing. Oh, and the doodles it drew no longer looked like anything.


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Jan 2, 2011
I go around in New Vegas slaughtering everyone and everything except the children (because they're invincible) and let the people with about 10 hp get eating by bloatflies, mole rats, and coyotes.


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Apr 20, 2010
While the actual part where you blow up Megaton didn't really hit me as hard, later when you meet up with
your Dad and he
tells you how disappointed he is, I felt guilty of what I had become. D:

But! They rewarded me with a hotel suite! Free roomservice, man. FREE ROOMSERVICE. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!


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Apr 3, 2010
xvbones said:
In World of Warcraft, I once dropped a Shadowfury on a massive flock of penguins.

Including baby penguins.

And I'm not kidding, this was a flock of penguins, if you're familiar with the game, there are a couple places near the Trial of the Champion up in the corner of Icecrown where there are spawns of like, twenty or thirty penguins all clumped together.

Adorable little penguins, not like demon monster mutant hellbeast penguins or like monsters pretending to be penguins, just like adorable clots of sweet little penguins running around.

And I killed them.

I killed all of them.

And then, I started looking around for more.
I used to drop Starfall on them on my boomkin and Holy Nova them on my priest. heh.