The Muppets' lack of success on TV after The Muppet Show.


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Apr 24, 2020
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I’ve been getting into The Muppets lately, and I just realized that none of the shows after The Muppet Show were nearly as successful, with the exception of Muppet Babies.

Why haven’t the post-Muppet Show shows been as successful? Is it because the Muppets are a product of their time? Kids today probably have no idea what a variety show even is, which is what the Muppet Show was making fun of. And yes, I know the Muppets were originally intended for general audiences, like Looney Tunes, but also like Looney Tunes, they’re now marketed toward kids.

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May 1, 2020
LOL.. I admittedly have " Kermit swamp years" on DvD somewhere around here. I used to play it on the TV's at the Pediatrics Clinic for the kids to watch during immunization season. I also have a plush Kermit I think I got with the DvD and I had some plastic figures I had picked up at a yard sale, but I think I may have left them at the clinic in the playroom lego duplo table.

Most of the Muppet movies and cartoons just were not as good as the puppet show. Many of the movies had stupid plots, content that lost their base. Swamp years was cute, and the Muppet puppet TV show itself was decent, sort of like sesame street but better. My sister had all of the Muppet puppet TV show on DvD and played it for her kids while she was staying with me and they seemed to really enjoy it, but the cartoon was just not as good as far as I could see.