The NFL is unbelievable! Are you kidding me?


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Mar 4, 2009
A few things you should really add in before you sit here fussing up a storm.

1) Prior to this incident Ray Rice has been a model citizen and has done more for others in his short lifespan than most of us will do in our entire lives. Yes he has a lot of money, but that doesn't change the fact that his level of effort and attention given to charities is nothing to be scoffed at. This was his first incident of any violent crime, I'd like to think we're all entitled to a mistake in our lives without everyone calling for our heads.

2) Ray Rice and his wife were both drunk that night. She started the altercation and attacked him first, I think it was perfectly reasonable for him to have reacted and hit her once while intoxicated. To clarify, it wasn't right that he hit her as he likely could have restrained her, however, alcohol was involved and I'm gonna assume he wasn't thinking clearly. The fact that she was arrested along with him for assault should speak volumes to show that they were both at fault in this incident. All in all I'm not going to assume he had malicious intent and therefore not label him as a "wife beater". In fact, his wife's own lawyer stated that both parties admit they were at fault. In the initial press conference she apologized for her part in it.

3) He did not beat her. He hit her one time, she happened to hit her head when she fell and got knocked unconscious. Sure he dragged her out of the elevator while she was unconscious, however, again he was drunk and clearly not thinking things through, I've done similar things dragging around friends who pass out after having too much to drink while I've been intoxicated. Not the best action, but again give the guy a break here.

He deserves to be punished, and he was, sure it was only 2 games and it probably should have been 4 or more. However, I'm far less outraged by him getting 2 games than I am about the fact that this isn't the first domestic violence incident in sports; far from it, yet everyone decides to dump on a generally good human being who made, in his own words, the biggest mistake of his life. At least this guy has come out and shown true remorse for his part in the events of that evening and has taken significant steps to better himself as a person.

Be mad at the NFL, make your voice heard, so that next time when there isn't such a gray area they drop the hammer. I honestly can't find myself to be outraged about this though. Maybe I'm just a sad excuse for a human being, but I find the outrage toward this to frankly be embarrassing. Things like this have been happening for awhile yet we choose now to throw anger at a generally decent human being and throw him under a bus for an offense I am certain he will never commit again. Mob mentality at its finest.


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May 25, 2009
wadark said:
If this were in regard to some on-field offense, or at least something related to the activities of football, I would agree. But given the severity of what he did, I'm far less interested in the league's punishment of him than I am in what the law does to him. Chances are, if charges are filed and he's convicted, he'd be released from his team anyway.
Originally both Ray and his then fiance Janay were both charged by the State of New Jersey. She got her charges of simple assault dropped by the state, and Ray was indicted for aggravated assault by a grand jury, which holds a sentence of 2-5 years; Janay did not want the state to proceed with the charges. The day after the indictment Ray and Janay got married. After a couple of months, Ray was accepted into a pre-trial intervention program, which would consist of regular counseling and he would have to stay out of legal trouble and the charges would be dropped from his file.

OT: I'm probably going to get flak for this (in fact I most certainly am) but I mostly with the ruling that Goodell put down on Ray. Janay and Ray were both charged with Simple assault (with Janay's being dropped and Ray's being upped to Aggravated before the pre-trial program) and all we as the public have to go on is a video released by TMZ with Ray dragging her out of an elevator, and the police only acknowledged that Ray did knock her out, which leaves us with unkowns on how the fight started, and who started it. I also think that there was a less severe sentence just because of how damn active Ray is in the community, he has and probably still is going to heavily campaign against bullying along with charities in Baltimore and near his home in New York.

In addition to all that, the fact that they still got married despite what happened (The state of New Jersey can still force spouses to testify rather than being seen as a single legal entity, so it wasn't for her to not testify against him), this is his first offense, and is mostly in line with other suspensions laid down, and if IIRC Janay also argued in defense of Ray before Goodell.

As a note, I am not condoning what he did, and domestic abuse of any kind is horrendous.


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Aug 6, 2009
I think it's because Gordon was a repeat offender, so there is simply an automatic penalty against him. It's absolutely ridiculous that Rice only got 2 games, though.

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Aug 14, 2008
Ihateregistering1 said:
Drake the Dragonheart said:
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice was suspended 2 games. For beating his girlfriend.

Last year Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was hit with a 6 game suspension for smoking weed.

That's right. According to the NFL, doing weed is 3 times a worse offense than beating women!
Just for a little clarification (and one can still argue the rights and wrong of this) a big reason Von Miller was suspended for the amount of time he was is because he attempted to cheat on his drug test:
yes you're right. it was originally 4 games and extended to 6 because he tried to falsify the results. as a broncos fan I was pissed and couldn't believe he made such a stupid mistake.

but that still means Miller was suspended twice as long for weed than the guy who hit a woman.

In response to another post, I am not calling for Rice's head or anything, and am only going off of what I have heard which I must admit I did not have the full details. More than anything it's the message the league is sending.

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Care to revise your stance in light of recent evidence?