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Mar 1, 2014
An unfunny jab at people who don't want the entire medium to be required to run at whatever frame rate a group of individuals deems acceptable.

Why don't we make fun of people who don't like cel-shading and then require cel shading for every title? That'd be about as logical.


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Jan 15, 2015
GundamSentinel said:
Unless you have medical reasons or are playing competitive games that really require twitch reactions, I really don't see the point of insisting on 60fps.
It isn't just an issue of how smooth the graphics look and whether someone can notice the difference.

Input lag is often worse for 30fps games because it's a fixed number of frames between when the action is initiated by the user and when it shows up on the screen. It makes sense - why would a game process input at 60fps if it's only going to update the game state and graphics at 30fps?

Of course, input lag is another issue that many users claim not to notice unless it's really bad.

The Wooster

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Jul 15, 2008
Kingjackl said:
This feels like the twelfth "PC Master Race" joke in the last month or so, guys. The first couple were funny, but haven't you got anything new?
Well... I did just buy a 120 hz monitor.

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Jul 11, 2008
I read it as a jab against people who say that there's no real reason to buy the new GTAV if you already own the old one... because there isn't. A superior framerate and a first person perspective don't justify paying full price for the same game for me, and they definitely don't justify paying $350+ for a new console just to do so.


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Nov 23, 2011
Caramel Frappe said:
I didn't really care what the frame rate was for any game until I got Dark Souls 2 for the Xbox One.
Only then did I realize just how important 30 to 60 frames truly were ....... compared to the 360 to PC, to Xbox One.

I love my Xbox One Dark Souls 2 >_>
PC was 60fps. This was my exact experience going from Dark souls 2 on xbox 360 to the pc. I was shocked at how different the game looked and felt (although I did not enjoy the durability bugs with 60fps).

Unfortunately, going back to ~30fps for Bloodborne makes the game look/feel a little jittery now :/ Still great so far though.


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Mar 12, 2010
I can't really tell the difference most of the time, in some games it is, barely, noticeable, in others, not really.
And most games i play are going to have lag purely from network, so can't say that it really matters that much if gameplay is smoother.
Then it might be due to me not really playing twitch based shooters or beat em ups, and i used to play vanilla WoW 40 man raids, where anything past 10fps was fricking awesome. ;)

Not that i can play many new games at 60fps (without lowering the graphics to medium or below), even with a computer built last fall, might be lack of SSD or that i don't bother overclocking stuff (or that i insist playing on borderless windowed with web browser open :p ), though in some games it is also lack of optimisation (no, The Secret World and Elder Scrolls Online being major offenders).


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May 5, 2010
*enters late* I can tell the difference between 30 and 60...when they're side by side. Big difference. But if not, I can't. Or, at the very best, I can barely tell and even then I'm not even sure.

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Nov 1, 2010
Actually, a lot of TVs have a feature called motion/frame interpolation, which generates in between frames in video data. A lot of people, I suspect, could tell 30fps and 60fps apart if shown the raw video data, but if it's all interpolated to 120fps it could be quite hard to tell apart just by looking.

The difference is the occasional artifacts, depending on the algorithm, and input lag. Input lag is a lot harder to detect, because the brain deceives itself about the 100 milliseconds it takes to react and in the same way will deceive you about the additional delay caused by your hardware. It will still make you play worse, it just won't be obvious why.


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Feb 12, 2015
LazyAza said:
I can tolerate 30 but anyone who says 60 isn't a monumental, obvious and significant improvement is a fucking moron. Period.
Ya know, anyone who still has this opinion after the whole "blue/black, gold/white" internet kerfuffle is a fucking moron. Period.

The quoted statement, added with the comic's use of "Tim claims he..." instead of "Tim says he..." or similar seems like there is are still people out there who can't believe that other people's eyes do not function the same as theirs. Have people never heard of vision impairments, color blindness, the entire ophthalmology field...

Christ, I'm a PC gamer and I am so sick of hearing about this debate, grr[footnote]I'm one of the people that can't tell very much difference between 30 and 60 if you haven't guessed[/footnote]