The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)


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Jul 29, 2008
Frank was very displeased, when suddenly he saw some friendly faces.
"Lucy, I'm going out for a bit. Buy some flamer fuel from Moira when she stops being busy with the mutant, and inform me if anything happens."
Frank took one of the bags of loot, barged out the door, and trudged into Moriarty's.
Frank wrote a note, and sealed it.
"Ah, Billy Creel, I need you to do me a favor! If I'm not around, I need you to pass this on to any trade caravans that come by."
To the trade caravans operating out of Cantebury Commons:
A member of the Van Graff family is looking to set up shop in the Capitol Wasteland.
He is currently in Megaton.
The Van Graffs trade in energy weapons, and engage in ruthless business practices such as murdering their competition, and trading with the raiders.
Simply put, they can not be allowed to do business here. If they did, it would end badly for everyone, especially Lucky Harith.
I propose you simply boycott trading with whatever community the Van Graffs are currently in, the locals will not be willing to lose that much trade, and will oust them, and this will hopefully fix the problem without violence.
Knight Frank Rose.
Frank gave Billy 50 caps as added incentive.
Frank then headed out to the entrance and hoped a caravan would be there so he could just tell them in person.

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Apr 17, 2012
It was a mere second before Frank noticed Lucy and Vikki slip through the door. Lucy had never seen his face, but she could tell by the way he held himself and how he walked that something was off. Something seemed to have him on edge.

"Lucy, I'm going out for a bit. Buy some flamer fuel from Moira when she stops being busy with the mutant, and inform me if anything happens." he acknowledged her as she handed him her bag with the guns inside. "I got it covered. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. Our ghoul is staying overnight by Doc Church." she replied.

As he barged through the door, Lucy leaned out quickly so that she could call after him "Hey, come find me if you need anything, ok? Plus I want to talk to you later if you have a chance." her voice was layered with concern. Hoping he noticed that it was genuine concern.

Lucy closed the door behind her and gave a small smile towards Vikki.

Moira, Lucas and laser-guy all seemed be focused on the corpse. Not really saying anything. Moira started to look like her mind was melting when she came to too many conclusions.

That's when Lucy decided to join them, giving the two men a polite nod and Moira a small smile before she was recognized and received a hug.

Lucy fished in the bag Vikki was carrying and pulled out two bottlecap mines, put them behind her back and flashed a grin at Moira "I have a surprise for you...Two unarmed reasonably sized hot potatoes! I hate to do this, but I hope these will persuade you to let me and my friend here, stay a night or two...Pleeeease!"

"We also have some trading to do and I'll even throw in the possibility of trying out one of your experiments...maybe." Lucy pleaded and tried to look downright cute, while she had a combat knife and a large Gauss Rifle strapped to her legs.

"Oh don't look at me like that! Of course you two can stay, I've started to collect of them is covered in Deathclaw manure, I want to test whether it has any rejuvenating effects on the skin. So uhh, choose the mattresses that aren't smelling like doo-dee."

Slightly grossed out by that caveat of information, she thanked her regardless. Apologizing to Simms for interrupting. They went back to examining the corpse.

She started speaking to Simms "I'm pretty sure you recognized the sound, but it was me that blew this things head to hell...before our Brotherhood friend could bash its head in, that is." "The thing was convulsing and sprouting a limb. While that is damn weird in its own right, what concerned me is how resilient it was."

Lucy smiled reassuringly at Vikki before turning back to the others

"As far as the uncontrollable and frenzied super mutants go, I don't like where this is going if there are more like this."

Lucy stopped and addressed the Sheriff exclusively "My friend over there, Vikki, is a semi-mutant, caught up in some experiment. She's not violent, she saved my life and I would gladly fight by her side if she ever needed me. I'm vouching on her behalf, Sheriff."

She smiled as Simms gave her an understanding nod, he was never much for words with her, but he was always kind since he knew about what happened to Springvale.

"I can vouch for my Brotherhood friend as well, he's not an ordinary meat-head put into power armour and made to believe some religious dogma. He saved my life, he's honorable, understanding and I can tell he wants what's best for those around him, even if he doesn't possess the charisma to say so." she hoped Simms would take this to heart. He nodded, his expression very much clouded but she noticed he had turned his attention back to the corpse. This really was concerning him, it's understandable though."

"Moira, when you get the chance, I'm gonna need some flamer fuel, any ammo for my Gauss Rifle and some stimpacks. My friend, Vikki, may also want something. I believe our discount extends to both of us since we retrieved the mines for you." She said, giving a small wink at Vikki to play along. "We have plenty to trade and enough caps if needed."

Lucy gave her goodbyes in the meantime and headed upstairs, clearly noticing the stacked mattresses and one covered in what was probably shit laying separate from the others. Setting up two mattresses for Vikki and herself, she told Vikki she was going outside for a bit.

Lucy stopped by the bathroom, splashed her face with water and cleaned the dirt off her leather armour. Redoing her absurd pigtails, she felt a little more clean and refreshed.

Headed outside and leaned over the railings, she made a deep sigh and closed her eyes, she was a little drained.


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Jul 29, 2008
Frank hated it when he was right about these things.
Frank barged out of Megaton's main gate hoping to see a caravan.
And Frank was always right about these things.
Frank saw something that displeased him. Instead of a trade caravan, he saw the thing he third least wanted to see; the Brotherhood.
(First least wanted was an Enclave platoon here to take over, second least wanted were the Outcasts here to take the Van Graff's stock, and kill everyone who interfered.)
[Perception]There were five of them in plain sight, probably more in recon armor scouting the area. The ones in front of him were all wearing T-45Ds, One armed with a Gat. Laser, one with a super sledge, two with plasma rifles, and the one in the front had a very tricked-out looking laser rifle with a odd looking scope.
That scope was of Frank's design, specially made from a camera, a sensor module and scrap electronics, it allowed you to see down the scope through the eyepiece in the helmet so you didn't need to poke your head out of cover to aim. He had only made those for one person.
Suddenly Frank heard a familiar (If somewhat muffled) voice.
"Francine is that you?!"
It was Frank's older sister; Danielle.
"Danny Boy? What're you doing here?!"
"Here on orders from Elder Lyons, she says that we got'sa investigate rumors of a Van Graff setting up shop. If he is here, we oust him. 'Sides; we gotta protect this place if the Outcasts or Enclave start shooting it up to claim his stock. Until the sitch' is handled, no water caravans will be coming to Megaton."
"I have bad news for you there is a Van Graff here, and the sheriff wants to keep it that way."
Since Frank hated being right about these things, and was always right about these things, it left him a very unhappy person.
"You really should come back to the Brotherhood, I know you were upset when Lyons dumped you upon becoming elder, but you're taking it a bit far."


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Mar 15, 2012
This wasn't good news. "Wonderful. Just goddamn peachy. The Enclave on the march again and now you're telling us that someone's out there playing science kook making the muties meaner?"

And Frank had left the building. Marlon was thinking of his car and its cargo and had a horrible suspicion about where the knight might have slunk off to.

"I'll be right back. Gonna go check the damage to the car." With that, he headed back outside....just in time to see Frank and co. hanging around.

"Brilliant. More of you." He crossed his arms and leaned against the car. "Seriously, what does a guy have to do to get a fair go around here before all the kings horses ride in screamin' blue murder cos of a name?"

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Apr 17, 2012
A swift rifle butt to the stomach dropped Lucy to her knees, almost vomiting from the impact. Eyes watering with tears and the only expression she could make was that of breathless scream. She peered up through her teary vision to see her father held up into the air, choked with a single hand.


The blood hit Lucy's face as the rumble of the Ripper carved into her father's stomach, his voice splitting with agonizing pain while his body shook violently. She tried to scream, but her recently winded stomach would not allow her permission as she silently stared in horror. After a few moments, her father's body was dropped in front of her.

She crawled and hugged her father's lifeless frame, tears streaming down her face.


Her voice was broken, but she managed to scream at the black-armored murderers, specifically at the one with orange highlights to his armored frame, still wielding the bloodied Ripper in his hand.


She clawed her way up and pounded on the armor with her fists, before being met with a swift kick to the stomach and a powered stomp to her leg, shattering bone. She nearly passed out had she not been painfully injected with two stimpacks and med-x. This process was repeated till she was limp and unable to keep consciousness.


Lucy realized she had her head in her hands while she was violently shaking. This is why she never liked to let her mind wander or, god forbid, fall asleep for too long. She hastily wiped the tears away, but instead of being sad, she was seething with anger.

"The Enclave" she thought

"I need some fucking answers and heaven help whoever gets in my way" she growled out loud

Taking a few moments to barely contain herself, she walked back into Craterside Supply, ready to trade with Moira for the items she requested.

Sure enough, 2 tanks of flamer fuel, enough ammo to fill up her backpack twice and 4 stimpacks were waiting on the counter. Lucy scrounged up the 360 caps, the remaining bottlecap mine, the ammo for the sawed-off, hunting rifle and the rounds for the 10mm.

This seemed like a fair exchange, when Lucy only wanted half the Gauss ammo and factoring in the discount.

"Thanks Moira...I don't suppose you could do something about my armor? I can't move onto metal, since I want to stay agile, but could you reinforce it, plate it or something?" she asked

"Sure, I love to tinker, I'm kinda lost with our jolly dead giant over there and tinkering usually helps me think when I'm stuck. I'm going to have to need your armor though, but you can borrow one of my dresses in my room" she cheerfully added

Even if she was in a sour mood, she couldn't help but grimace at the thought of Moira's absurd dress sense. She went upstairs, squirmed out of the tight leather and put on a black dress with blue polka-dots on them.

"Please make this quick" she grimaced as she looked at her slender and pale frame in the ridiculous clothing. Unsheathing her weapons and slinging her backpack across her back, she laid her armor on the table and Moira got to work.

Lucy went upstairs. Packing her ammo and stimpacks into her backpack and hauling the canisters for Frank upstairs, she plopped herself on a mattress.

She heard Doc Church's voice downstairs, apparently Moira asked the Doctor for a second opinion on the body while she worked on my armor.


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Jun 8, 2012
The blue glowing mirelurk charged at Michael, running through a hail of bullets, only ceasing it?s assault when it slumped over him dead. He heaved the glowing crab mutant off him and using his knife to cut at the softer parts of the exoskeleton, he gathered up some of it meat. During his stay at Whilems Wharf, he had been treated to some delicious mirelurk cake, he didn't know the recipe, nor did he think he could cook something as good as those cakes, but food was food. He quickly tried some of the meat, it tasted...fizzy?

"What is that?" He asked the Mute forgetting all he could answer were yes or no questions.

Unable to respond he simply shook his head in response.

He got off Brahmin and motioned to the Mute to stay close, he could hear more of those things further down the subway. They weren't smart, the last one had just ran into a storm of bullets without a backwards glance, but numbers made up for stupidity.

The Mute had drawn out his weapon, it was a hunting rifle. Simple and reliable, ammo was easy to come by in the wastes as well. It could pack a punch if you knew how to use it, Michael could tell the Mute was experienced with it, the way he dropped his stance so the recoil wouldn?t affect his aim and his fingers were ready near the bolt to reload.

As they went further into the subway the sound of the Mirelurks clambering over the abandoned tracks got closer and closer until a door blocked them from their quarry. They braced themselves against it and slowly turned the handle until he heard the click of it unlocking. He opened it slowly, hoping they might have a surprise advantage for what awaited them inside.


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Jul 29, 2008
"I left because that ***** wanted us to start murdering our family over a petty squabble, not because we broke up!"
Frank saw the Van Graff step out of the gate.
"Brilliant. More of you."
Frank winced in anticipation of the inevitable hail of energy that would soon obliterate this asshole.
He crossed his arms and leaned against the car.
Frank was surprised to not hear the crackle of energy weapons turning a man into a pile of ash or goo.
"Seriously, what does a guy have to do to get a fair go around here before all the kings horses ride in screamin' blue murder cos of a name?"
"Sir, we're here to ask you to leave. We believe the Outcasts will come to take your stock, and your continued presence is a danger to this town. If you leave now, we will not be forced to confiscate your stock, and attack you if you interfere."
This was going to end badly.


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Mar 15, 2012
Well this was a bigger problem and no mistake. One brotherhood goon was nothing he hadn't killed before. 2 would be hard, but doable if there was enough cover and the terrain was in his favour. Anything above that was a crapshoot and though unpleasant he might be, he certainly wasn't stupid. This would require much more delicate handling.

"Weeeell. You're asking nicer than your pal here. All he's given me are threats an' insults."

He frowned, apparently thoughtful for a moment.

"Let's talk about this a moment yeah? I'm a reasonable guy. First up, correct me if I get anything wrong yeah, I'm working on what I've heard here and there and stuff yelled at me by Mr. Angryarmor over here."

Marlon paced back and forth a little and leaned against the car again. "Alright first off, who's in charge here? The sheriff wants me to stay, you lot want me to go. The sheriff seems to be in charge to me, but Grumpty over there was yelling something about you lot cutting off water to the town if Simms let me stay."

"So these Outcast types. Let me see if I follow this right. They're pretty much the same as the brotherhood out west? The ones that are basically just tech-thief raiders slowly digging themselves into the grave by being, y'know tech-thief raiders, while you lot have the name but are..what? The guys with the water? Self-proclaimed regional government or something? That it? Just a name linking you to the crazies out west?" He paused. "Kind of the same sort of thing with me and my siblings in Vegas. Gloria did shit shady and it bit her in the arse. I mean hey, I love my family just as much as anyone else, but I'm doin' my dealings legit. Less chance of that kind of shit happening. 'Sides, if I was gonna do things Gloria's way, I'd have been selling to raiders on the way here, but my stock's still intact. Kind of like you lot in that respect. Name's the same, but it's less legit out west. I mean, it seems like you're worried cos of my name, but it doesn't seem real bright to try and stop someone from dealing to the wrong people by driving them out of all the legit markets. I mean, hell a guys gotta eat. I'm just doing what I'm good at."

"The thing that I find odd about these Outcasts though, is that if they're anything like the brotherhood out west, like you say they are, they're probably sitting on a nest of tech that they're not real inclined to leave alone, so I'm a little skeptical that they'd have that many guys they'd let leave the nest, just in case people tried taking their stuff. Or do they have more numbers than that? Haven't been as wiped out as the nutters out west?"

He seemed about done at this point, but he had one last thing to add. "Here's my big concern though. Enclave's on the move again I hear. You guys should know better than anyone that regular guns don't do much to power armor. Enclave, Outcasts, whoever. Without energy weapons, these guys don't have much hope of defending 'emselves against any large group of power armor guys. Alright, maybe the Outcasts won't swing by if I leave. Fair 'nough. What about the Enclave though. I betcha they'll hit town eventually the way I figure, you're making people choose between water and defence."

He shrugged. "But hey, if that's the way it's gonna be, I don't have a death wish. I don't LIKE it, but I'll play along. You better discuss that with the sheriff though. If he sees it your way, fair enough. I'm gone. But I'm thinking you really might wanna reconsider."

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Apr 17, 2012
"Ho-ly shitnuggets" Lucy murmured when she caught sight of her new leather armor being held up by Moira with a big grin on her face.

The leather armor had steel plating for shoulder pads, steel knee, wrist and elbow guards. The leather itself had been reinforced with lighter but more layers of dark leather, specifically covering the torso, stomach, sides and back. Pockets were included on the sides and instead of having any straps, 5 pouches on the left were fitted for one stimpack per pouch, 2 pouches were included on the left side, 1 for a few extra rounds of ammo for a quick reload and one to holster her combat knife. Lastly, the armor ended with studded gloves, one nasty looking stud for each knuckle.

"Moira..." she was in love with the armor leftover by her father, but this gave it life, this made it hers

"Go go go! Try it on!" Moira squealed

Lucy only cared for the beautiful armor piece before her, she stripped out of her clothes right there and she squeezed into it, fastened the underlying straps and tested her range of motion. It hardly felt any heavier and her movement felt uninhibited. "H-How?" Lucy stammered.

"Oh that? That's nothing, I just removed a few broken bits and added a few stronger bits...try putting your rifle on your back."

"Huh?" That's right, no leg strap, where was she going to put her Gauss Rifle. She ran upstairs to fetch it, put it on her back sheepishly and it stuck there, ready for an easy draw.

"I weaved a few magnets connected to the smaller electronics of a sensor module throughout the leather on your back. Now your rifle will just stick to your back!" Moira beamed "Now close your eyes"

Lucy did just that and felt a light thud against her stomach, she opened her eyes to see Moira brandishing a Lead pipe "I barely felt that!" she exclaimed

"Yep, multiple lighter layers of leather all along your torso and back. Your limbs are mostly protected by the steel guards in the major area's" "And I only want one thing from you...a favor"

"Go ahead!" Lucy was too bewildered at the sheer devastating look and feel her armor had

"I want to study your yellow friend" she smiled earnestly

"No experiments, right? Just a look and maybe a poke or prod here or there?" Lucy raised her eyebrow

"Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious, but I'm sure there's a link in their DNA, she has a few visual markers that are slightly similar to our dead giant over there. Although she's not dead, so she would seem like a survivor or the prototype model." Moira was mumbling to herself, but it kinda made sense, she just didn't think to connect the dots.

Lucy called out to Vikki, apology written in her eyes already "I think you may be able to help out down here with the duper mutant!"

Lucy turned to Moira and hugged her meaningfully "Thank you so much!"

Moira just whispered to her "I know how important this is to you and your father"


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Jul 29, 2008
"Weeeell. You're asking nicer than your pal here. All he's given me are threats an' insults."
"Lots of insults, of all flavors! Some about his deformity, some references to lions in the media, some references to his inbred redneck family, and some about his mother's well-documented promiscuity! The ones about his mother are my personal favorite."
Frank chuckled to himself about all the jokes he could have made about momma Van Graff being a colossal whore.
"Franci- He's not with us, left when we started fighting the Outcasts seriously instead of just avoiding each other and taking occasional potshots."
"I was just playing on your fear of the Brotherhood, it was funny to watch you squirm, get all flustered, and get all defensive about your skank-ho mother. By the way, Danny boy, I got some schematics for ya!"
Frank pulled out a holotape from a slot on his armor and gave it to Danielle.
Danielle was amused by Frank's behavior. It seemed her little brother hadn't changed a bit since his self-imposed exile.
"Sir, if what you say is genuine, then you will surrender to us, a member will take your stock and sell it on your behalf, a token defense force will remain here, water caravans will resume coming here, and you will be bound and taken before our elder. Her decision will decide the fate of you and your business.


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Apr 26, 2011
The 4 legged mutant was running extremely fast heading toward the light that Brandon was shining to him. Brandon grabbed his hunting revolver and prepared for a fire fight. Still the raiders looked strange he had never seen such raiders before, still raiders were raiders all of them violent scum. They were firing their guns at the mutant wasting ammo, Brandon looked at his revolver the gun only held 5 shots better make them count. The mutant seemed to run very well until he crashed into the large rock, he fell on the ground and continued running circles. The raiders stopped and one of them yelled."Heads! Dismount!"

They all got out and walked toward the mutant. Brandon cursed softly, he ran out of cover, it seemed like there were 4 raiders he had 5 bullets so he should be able to make it. Brandon stopped and before the raiders noticed him he fired his gun, the bullet ripped open the skull of one of the raiders who was holding an hunting rifle. The raiders either looked at their comrade or at the direction of the sound, either way before they could react Brandon fired another bullet. The bullet hit one of the man between his eyes, blood spew from the wound as the raider hit the ground.

One of the raiders had aimed at Brandon at this point and fired. He was holding an 10 mm pistol and the bullet hit Brandon in his chest, penetrating his armor and stopping before it could hit anything major. Brandon quickly fired an bullet back, the men fell to the ground before being able to fire of another one. Brandon aimed at the last one only to see that Rex had taken care of him. Brandon sighed relived at he grabbed an stinpack, he used it and healed his wound. Brandon smiled at Rex and he walked over to the mutant. He looked at the mutant and he stretched out his hand to help him up. "Do you need a hand?"


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Jan 19, 2009



Brandon was drawing his gun and shooting the dirty men.


Rex launched at one and wuffed in the man's ear. The man turned and swung at Rex, missing by a mile. Rex responded by stealing the man's trachea.

Rex hated the taste of men, especially the dirty ones, so he never ate the bodies. Besides, all he did was steal one measly part of them. How did that kill them? Rex figured they just fell unconscious. They didn't breathe because... well, Rex had their trachea, right? Can't breathe without that.

Brandon had shot the other men and was now talking to the mutant. Rex quickly started pulling the food, water and meds the raiders had on them into a pile for Brandon to collect later.


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May 20, 2009
Thoughts left him.
Nobility, cowardice, pride all drained away like the blood in his cold face, leaving only the simplest urges of self preservation. In one last act of mercy he threw his ACP into the dirt but the dorm rooms, maybe the family would find it helpful in a pinch if there were reinforcements showing up before they could get away. Who knows but right now he made his way towards the gate zigging and zagging as sporadically as he could to try and avoid the inevitable sniper shot that would end him.
Seeing red mist as he stepped through the gate, terrible pain erupted from his shoulder and chest.
Not lethal? No but serious.
The blood loss might slow him later but the wound itself wouldn't interrupt his dogged run. Arm flailing uselessly behind him like some kind of macabre scarf he managed to keep up a break neck pace, his shirt becoming a canvas of blood and sweat until he finally reached the Ohney.
Reaching the shadow of the broken building his muscles stretched and cooled relaxing in what Sully had to convince himself was momentary safety. The broken walls and shattered roof tops weren't going to provide any cover from the chameleon beetle. He needed to find somewhere in this place where he could conceivably hide long enough for that psychopath to give up. Walking through the town he strained his ears waiting for the crunch of weighty invisible feet to come crunching through the gravel surrounding the down. Instead he could swear he heard slight growls and heavy breathing.
Suddenly his feet failed to find purchase, with a creak and swish a grate cracked open sending him sprawling into the darkness below.


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Feb 6, 2010
Barry looked at the towering orange highlighted man. "FalloutBob? Cool name. Got to say that claymore is a nice touch. Somewhat dangerous, but pretty darn cool all the same," Flash said happily. He looked back to number one and said, "I will find a way to explain to the Wastes that the Enclave are the last stand of GOOD against the EVIL found nearly everywhere in the harsh wastes!....Also a supermutant with tendrils? Thats an amazing adversary! I got to help defeat that thing! Purify the wastes of evil and all that." He then quickly punched the air like it was a speed bag before doing right hooks for a few seconds as if to prove that him going was a good idea. A thought suddenly entered his mind, "Huh, I wonder how tough a supermutant with tendrils would be? Fought mutants a several times, but it was pretty tough and thats back when I had my concussive armband thing. "And, umm, My former weapon kind of spontaneously combusted. Do you got any unarmed weapons I could use? Would be helpful to my mission"


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Mar 15, 2012
"Bound?" Marlon was not exactly pleased. "Look, I can appreciate that there's a fair amount of mistrust bouncing around here but that goes both ways. Taking all my things and tying me up sounds more like a prelude to an execution than negociation."

He smiled. "Look, I'll meet you halfway. Here's my counter-proposal. I don't trust you, you don't trust me, so you'll forgive me if I'm a bit iffy 'bout the idea of giving you all my stuff and letting you tie me up. Well all trust Sheriff Simms though right? Well, if you're going to leave a token defence force here in the meantime, I don't see why I can't leave my stock in his custody. You'll have your guards out front and Simms can be trusted to keep em locked down. That's part 1."

"Part two? That's simple. I go with you to meet your boss, as requested. But none of that bound stuff yeah? I mean come on, I'm not a prisoner and the only criminal associations you could pin on me are my siblings out west. Hell. I could drive myself there. You want to make sure I don't scarper, you can ride along." He paused to look at Frank briefly before he returned his attention to Danielle. "Cept for your not-really-Brotherhood brother there. He's already done enough damage to my car trying to pick a fight. I won't travel with him."

He shrugged. "I can't do much better than that for compromise. I'm trying to play by your rules 'round these parts, so you can cut me a little slack right? 'sides, I really doubt I could take all of you anyway. So does that sound fair to you?"


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Jul 29, 2008
"Bound?" Marlon was not exactly pleased. "Look, I can appreciate that there's a fair amount of mistrust bouncing around here but that goes both ways. Taking all my things and tying me up sounds more like a prelude to an execution than negotiation."
"Sir, if we wanted to execute you..."
Frank quickly moved away from the car, as Danielle didn't like not getting her way, and was prone to very extreme examples of why you should listen to her.
A hail of energy destroyed a nearby giant ant.
"...We would have done it already."
Frank was surprised she did not make her example using the car. It seemed she had calmed down since being promoted to Star Paladin after Cross retired.
"Your suggestion regarding letting Simms handle your stock is agreeable enough."
Frank knew where this was going; Danielle only relented when she was going to ask for something really extreme.
"You are a member of a hostile organization. If you refuse to be bound, then you will have to be stripped down to your underwear to ensure you do not smuggle any weapons in. Since not wearing armor on a trip through the wastes is a very poor choice, we recommend submitting to being bound, and letting us drive you there. Were we a bit more savage we would employ explosive collars."
"You don't have to worry about me coming along anyways, I just want you removed from Megaton."
Frank had wished Danielle had simply had Moe smack the car away with his super sledge, then vaporized it, like she would have before he left.

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Jul 30, 2008
- Editor's Journal -

Two days out from the Commons, no particular direction, we're safer the further we are away from civilisation, apparently; there may be more raiders, bounty hunters and bastards than there are reasonable folk, but we've stayed hidden during daylight, and travelled only in the thick dark. As such, it is difficult to place our location, we've been triangulating our course by twilight and following at only a careful pace.

I slept well that night, probably due to exhaustion - our supplies are running out, but like fools we gorged on the last of them - it was welcome.

Abe refuses to leave the side of the seabeast, although it'd be folly to suggest that this is out of benevolence, what Abe actually wants from 'the fishy' continues to elude even my imagination; I still believe that the creature lies about it's medical knowledge to preserve its own life, not that I judge it harshly for such, here where one must lie routinely to stay alive.

As for the Walrus himself, his glances at the hobbling figure behind him seem to show both fear and pity; but this is down to conjecture, really, and I'm hardly in a state to make any assumptions. This continuing, however, seems unlikely, following this morning'

I awoke in the regular fashion, but what I came upon was unexpected, to say the least. I found Abe straddling the Walrus; resting his lame leg on the creature's stomach, the other anchored on the ground, his crutch lay discarded. I couldn't see his face, but his intentions were hardly open to interpretation; in his right hand, he gripped a clean steel bowie knife, with a cruel serrated edge. This he held to the Walrus' throat. Both were quiet in the clinch; I didn't understand it at the time, a beast of that size could easily have overpowered an old cripple, evidently it chose not to.

Finally, one spoke, "Now, Fishy. Abe knows you know sum'n. I knows you knows you did sum'n. I don't like it when folk keep secrets. Abe don't let folk pull the wool over he eyes." Abe intoned his words in his usual manner, there wasn't any anger there, at least I couldn't hear it. Made it somewhat more unsettling.

The Walrus dared not to quake or shiver, lest Abe interpret his movements in an unfavourable way, " don't understand! I'm a doctor, I..."

It's speech faltered, evidently Abe was applying some pressure. I approached carefully, but this seemed futile, surely Abe knew that I was behind him, maybe he knew I had no intention of harming him; after all I had no more allegiance to the Walrus than to him. Still, I pressed the same question on the prostrate beast.

"What happened?"
"I...I'm a doctor. It was only natural for me. Last night...I...I...did what I could. I operated..."
Abe tightened his clinch on the Doctor. Once again, my instinct caused me to act as mediator.

"Abe, is that how you thank someone who's given you a gift?"

Slowly, miraculously, Abe relaxed his grip. Pulled himself up to stand, painfully, and dusted himself down, "Well, why din't y'say so! A gift! heh heh heh..."

The Doctor rubbed his throat with some difficulty, flippers and all.

"A gift! Well, Mr Fishy, y'know what that mean. Y'got ol' Abe in yer service here! n' I know somethin' that y'might appershiate. But Abe's gotta get supplies first. Supplies and erquipment."

I spoke, "Supplies, what kind of supplies?"

Abe grinned, and in the encroaching dawn, pointed towards the edifice of the Washington monument that lay on the skyline to the north.



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Sep 20, 2009
Dudley leaned forward, putting his head in his gloved hand in thought. William had some good ideas, and they both knew they?d have to be extremely careful. The Enclave wouldn?t be merciful if they were ever on the wrong end of one of their laser weapons. He shook his head at the choice to just follow them back. "Nah, that won?'t work. I ain't th' sneakiest type here, ya know? ...But I do got a buddy in th' Brotherhood, that might help." He then offered a few suggestions of his own.

"Well, we gotta few choices here. If ya wanna join them, that?d probably be th? easiest way?ta get to their base. But as ya said, it?d be hard?ta get some info?"

He leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling, then back over to William. "Option two: If you?re good at sneakin', I can get ya a few Stealth Boys an' get th' guards at front distracted somehow, maybe pretend?ta be a salesman or somethin'."

Then he looked over to the doorway and saw a few of the merchants walk through the halls. "Option three: We can try an' get our hands on some armor of theirs an' bullshit our way around th' place. Might not work if ya don?t have th? speech skills though."

Then a grin came across his face and he patted his minigun. "Option four may not be th' smartest, but it'd be th' most direct." The look in his eyes made it obvious what he meant, but he chuckled to show he didn?t really mean it. "That?d pretty much be suicide though?"

He looked over to his new accomplice and shrugged. "Any of those float your boat?"

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Jun 2, 2010
"Option one.... nope, option two might work, though I think you might want to work on your sales patter. Option three sounds ok, I know how to talk my way around a problem." William smiled before finishing with "I'm not even going to consider option four."

"Your brotherhood friend, he could get us the location of the base. I'm not the most stealthy but with the help of a few stealth boys I could be in with a chance of getting inside."

William looked back at Dudley, sizing up his credibility as a trader, big man. Powerful and maybe a bit crazy: weapons dealer. Dudley could pose as an energy weapons dealer selling his stash and giving information on locations where more energy weapons could be scavenged. They could let him in to update their maps which would distract the guards at the door long enough for William to get in.

He had got into Fort Independence at Blooms insistence before, if only to provide information on the Brotherhood Outcasts strength. If he could get into one heavily defended base, why couldn't he do so again?

William explained all of this to Dudley and recommended they make for the Citadel, getting the location of the Enclave base would be important. But if they could give Dudley some of their broken weapons then he might be able to pass them off as the real thing, making him more plausible.


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Nov 20, 2008
After the Heads were killed and...stolen from?...Brandon helped up the strange STRANGE mutant, who had answered him with a "Soitenly!" when offered the help. Yes, the mutant actually sounded like Curly Howard. Mutations could sometimes be very VERY weird sometimes.

"You guys know where the other mutants are at? I gotta tell those guys about this! He's a genius, I tell ya, a regular smarty-pants!

Speaking of pants, yours don't fit anymore, do they?


Morgan: I would advise against the fouth plan, personally. Two men against an army only works in the movies.

There was a knock at the door from a guard, indicating that it was a visitor and that said visitor was safe. Morgan got up to open the door to find a man with his guard in a nice pre-war suit, Caucasian with the usual wasteland suntanning, also a moustache.

Morgan: Mr. Emerson Estabahn, I presume. I understand you've been wanting to gain my attention about your rather-lucrative new business venture.

Emerson: Correct, Mr. Bloom. Do you have the time to speak or...?

Morgan: I'm in a meeting right this moment. Do make a regular appointment and we can discuss the situation involving the Nuka-Cola product. I do hope the rumors I've heard are untrue.

Emerson: It's not nearly as serious as they say. Just bad press. So, if you'll excuse me then...

(Morgan returned to his seat, sending Mr. Emerson off.)

Morgan: He restored the Nuka Cola Factory and things have been rocky for him the whole time. I sympathize with the man, but it seems like more than the whole 'piss turning blue' thing going on.


Yyyup, that boy Sully broke into a helluva run to get out of this situation, hoping to give FalloutDavid the slip. Surprised by this, David discloaked and stared. According to his reference map, the place south of here was overrun by Deathclaws... [] Indeed, that was the case later as he found out from giving Sully the chase. Deathclaws began to leap down from other parts of buildings and in from around corners. Sully, if he was conscious right now, would hear PlasmUzi fire and Deathclaw roars, but fortunately his impromptu fall had been missed! Looks like Davey-boy was going to be busy for a while. He hadn't seen where Sully had gone and apparently he was now...pre-occupied.


Indeedo, it was the case of an epic Bobness in a hovercraft. Number One explained the situation and left it in Bob's hands for now. He was quite the character, FalloutBob. Yes, he had this crazy two-handed sword and what a beaut! Only thing is that sometimes he called it a claymore and sometimes he called it a zweihander...and anyone trying to correct him got a punch in the face. While Barry is going on about stuff, let's give you all an explanation on the guy:

NAME: FalloutBob!

REAL NAME: Roberto Malcontente' The 3rd

OCCUPATION: Enclave, Fallout Sector

FAVORED WEAPONS: Incinerator Deluxe, Powered Zweihander, Fisto!, Plasma Grenades

FAVORED EQUIPMENT: Stimpacks, Yao Guai Meat, Elvis tapes, and LOTS of alcohol!

FAVORED SKILLS: Melee (Arms and Unarmed), Big Guns, Strength, Endurance, and Agility

BACKGROUND: Bob's a guy they knew from the start was crazy. In the Fallout Sector, he's the guy they give a few shinies and tell him to just start hurting things in one direction. The man has three complexes. First, he loves violence and fire, so much so that he's a Pyro Soldier Deluxe with a powered sword that operates like a Gundam-style heat sword. Second, he's under the impression that he is Spanish, hence his weird name. And thirdly...he has a Beowulf complex, craving both action, glory, and to bellow at just about everything sometimes.

After listening to Flash's little problem about the weapons, he opened up a glove compartment after he got in and handed him...Pro-Fists. Not bro-fists, not power fists, but Pro-fists. What are they? Toughened Power Fists outfitted for BOTH HANDS. Afterwhich, Bob shut the hovercrafts cockpit area and started driving The thing used thrusters to get a'going.

Bob: You know, you're much too tense. You're a young man, you need to relax, learn to take some joy in your work. You like music?

Bob now pressed a button while driving and some highly-appropriate music [] played as they zoomed across the Kentucky wasteland to an area far north of Megaton...


Meanwhile, back at the base...

"Release the MGB."

So, you remember that crumbly building, the one that had been seen breaking apart by the Heads who very soon after died horribly? The building suddenly got up and started walking away with a pair of large mechanical feet. ...THE FUCK?! Yeah, something was under there...


But back with Barry and Bob, it was GO-TIME! They had come into the area to find half-humanoid mutant easily five times its normal size crawling around on a bunch of squid tentacles. As they stopped, Bob hit a couple of buttons on the console to open up the cockpit and operate...driver ejection?! YES, Bob launched himself out of the vehicle, over the weird monster to descend upon it with his sword!



With all the moving around of glow-in-the-dark 'Lurks and was hard to get around, but they were managing it through quick wit and gunfire. Fishspear had mostly kept to the shadows - because lord knows his pale skin stuck out here almost as much as the Nukalurks - while taking his shots. And when Michael opened that door...HI! It's a Hunter-level-Nukalurk! Only...a rapid succession of rifle shots blew its face in as soon as it turned around. Fishspear wasted no time. These critters smelled strange to him...


Naturally, one of the patrolman on the wall got word to Sheriff Simms about the new problem. He heard half of what was going on as he walked out through the doors, already looking annoyed by this situation. Lucy had vouged for thhis Frank character, but he did not need the rest of the Brotherhood causing a shitstorm because he decided to protect the folks here. It was his job, after all, and he could frankly use a few extra weapons if the Enclave come calling. The deputies wouldn't be enough if they got serious.

Simms: Take the underwear option, Marlon. By car with hands free for defense is the way to go.

He only said this half-joking, then turned to the BOS group.

Simms: The Brotherhood of Steel 'round here did alright in the past, helping deal with the Enclave and giving that Wanderer the chance to handle the water situation. Folks don't mind that you look after the water, so long as you're bein' reasonable. Getting involved in how I look after my townn, that's not so reasonable. If this boy was to do anything that's real trouble, I'd handle 'im myself, as that is my job as sheriff. The Brotherhood has a responsibility to broader things, such as the Duper Mutant you're hearin' about. You're welcome to examine the dead one if you think you've got any better conclusions about it. This man's stock will be held by Deputy Steel, and will continue to do so until he comes back for it.

This was how Simms was handling things there. Let's peek in on other folks, mkay? For one, Doc Church.

Ghoul: Agh! What the...? Where am I? Where's Mr. Bloom? I was talking Sugar Bomb futures with him.

He seemed unaffected by any Jet problem. Wonder what happened... And now, Craterside...where Moira had been looking at Duper Mutant cells through a microscope...suddenly making a shocking discovery. She took out the Big Book of Science and sought an explanation on cell development.

Moira: These have been stimulated to produce different cells almost at random, like it was trying to force an extreme growth into something controlled through random experimentation!

Uh oh...


As Dr. Crawver and his recently-mended friend headed onwards, it seemed as though they were heading further into the capitol area right now. Thing is, though they did see mutants...they were actually keeping their distance. wasn't because of THEM that it happened. A quick perception check would reveal that uhh...there was still a weird red glow in the vicinity, heading relatively in this direction. Can't hardly say what it was, but it was certainly moving... It'd been around earlier too. So, here's the question, sports fans: Avoid or confront? Ah, but before you decide on that, here's another little tidbit. There was a distant mounting roar from behind a building.



B-573366 - SUCCESS!
"Success? SUCCESS?! YES! SUCCESS! SUCCESS! At last, my genius will be known throughout the land! I AM KING!! MWA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!"


BOS Citadel...

"This is Paladin Stone to Citadel! Paladin Stone to Citadel! We have a Behemoth sighting in DC Ruins! Repeat, a new Behemoth has appeared!"