The Walking Dead Season 5: Meet The Real Monsters


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Jan 12, 2010
I would go so far to suggest that the destruction of the prison and resetting of the scenario for many characters in the mid-season 4 finale was a huge help to getting the show back on track after a god awful latter half season 3 and a very slow paced, but eventually paid off, season 4 first half.

Looking forward to the finale tomorrow, albeit I won't actually watch it until monday.


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Feb 17, 2011
The Walking Dead Season 5: Meet The Real Monsters

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 5 is finally the zombie apocalypse show fans have dreamed of.

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Sep 10, 2009
" Check. Clearing zombie-infested areas with tactical precision while watching your back? Check, check, check."
This was the most important thing for me; no longer being complete idiots whenever the plot required it all of a sudden.

But then! The writers boldly do it again, and I got pissed off and worried for the rest of the season.
I of course refer to the fact that they enter the building to grab the electric-plot devices, and find two dozen walkers nicely behind a chain link fense. What did they do DAILY at the prison for a loooong time? Pre-emptively stab 'em in the head through the links. It's a perfect defense, as long as you quickly stab the walkers. And it would have taken, what, 5 minutes tops?

NORMALLY they would have done that. It's a super sensible thing to *keep* doing for them.
But no, they say "Hey! That's one awesome chain link fense with a ton of walkers behind them. I am going to keep walking, as nothing surely will lead to those deadly enemies finding their way past it!

So, as soon as Glen just kept walking I cringed and feared that it was exactly so that Deanna's son could die.

But luckily that was pretty much the only time they got super idiotic, and the rest of the eps turned out kick ass! :D

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Oct 29, 2010
Let see-

Sure while I get the "Wolves" are suppose to be more psychotic and scarier compared to the Governor, I can't take them seriously for having the "W" on their forehead. I would called them Wanker, Whimper or Whipped etc.

Morgan kicked ass.

The whole Gabriel not locking the gate properly (intentional or not) was just a weak plot to only reinforce Rick argumentt to win.

Gabriel argument toward Sasha was a weak one (Bob walked out on his own and it was Tyreese descision to follow Noel home).

How did Pete get Michonne katana? Was he in her house?

While I so wanted Gleen to killed the coward but consider what happened at the end (I didn't expect), Deena still need at least one family still alived and kicking for the time being (make me wonder how she will react that she has a coward and lier of a son).

I so wanted Rick to say something back and not make him think he was seeing things!

Overall it was a good episode and now I can;t wait until the next season to start!


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Nov 24, 2012
Morgan Master Yoda is. Kill the living he cannot. Pissed at Rick he will be.

Ahem, sorry frog in my throat. In Talking Dead Lennie James said he was trained with bo stick by one of the TMNT actors - I'm guessing Donatello, just cuz. I love that he's got this big stick and telling those wolves "we don't have to do this", and THEN proceeds to wreck them. Big change from the Morgan in "Clear". Very zen. Perfect candidate for Alexandria if ever there was one. Though with the death of her husband, Deanna may just start turning to Rick more and fortify the ramparts as it were, which will make the inevitable invasion by the Wolves even more interesting. I expected Porch Dick to turn before Rick put him down. Didn't he get a mouthful of zombie brains earlier?


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Dec 13, 2008
It's definitely been a good season, especially the finale. That said, there's still some weird 'because plot' stuff going on- Did I miss something, but how did Morgan learn badass cane skills? And Gabriel being allowed to leave the gate open... That's classic WD stupidity for plot's sake. Still, the finale was good because, for the most part, what I expected to happen didn't happen. Honestly I was fairly certain that the Alexandrians would try to exile Rick, then shit would hit the fan. Maybe everyone would be eaten by the zombies Gabriel let in- I'm definitely surprised they didn't kill off any characters that anyone cares about.

I'm interested in how Season 6 will progress (no spoilers, comic readers!) though. Did Glenn actually get bitten then? I don't know how he couldn't have, really. How will Morgan and Rick coexist- Obviously Rick shooting a guy in the head goes right against Morgan's 'all life is precious' bit. Unlike the farm, the prison or Woodberry, I don't feel like Alexandria needs to be destroyed for the show to move forward either. I'm hoping Gabriel dies pretty soon- Not because he's a dick, but because he only seems to exist to provide idiocy for plot's sake.