The Week in Review: Bill Nye, Bullying and Boycotts

Logan Westbrook

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Feb 21, 2008
The Week in Review: Bill Nye, Bullying and Boycotts

In this week's edition, the internet rallies round a little girl who was bullied for liking Star Wars, and Black Ops' Castro-killing level sparks a campaign to get it pulled from stores.

Kinect Is Not Watching You

Microsoft has issued a statement saying that despite comments made by one of its executives, Kinect was not being used to mine demographic data in order to target ads. The idea that Microsoft might be using Kinect to spy on people came up after Interactive Entertainment Business COO Dennis Durkin said that that was one of the things that Kinect could be used for. Microsoft said that privacy was one of its main concerns, and that Kinect owners had nothing to worry about. (Link [])



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Aug 5, 2010
Interesting week. The first story hits you with a d'awww so hard it almost hurts.

Always loved Bill Nye, glad he's ok. It'll be a sad day when he dies. Oh ya and fuck twitter.

I haven't played the Mass Effect games, but a friend of mine has promised to lend them to me and force me to play them soon. I hear good things, and I like co-op gameplay so team shooter could be cool.

While I don't care about Modern Warfare games that much, not a fan of hearing people trying to censor any games.

And as for Kinect obviously most crazy rumors are exaggerations or entirely made up, but I still don't really think I'll be getting it either way. The Wii already offers all the motion control gaming I can put up with, for most games a normal controller works better.


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Mar 17, 2010
I'm sure they can go ahead and pull "Call Of Duty: Black Ops" from the shelves; it already sold more copies than there are people on earth.

Leg End

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Oct 24, 2010
United States
So... The Internet saves a Loli Star Wars fan thus restoring my faith in humanity , Bill Nye collapses and people tweet instead of calling 911 which sends my faith back down the chart, Bioware is teasing us again, an obscure group tries to ban the single greatest selling thing ever and Kinect is not watching me shirtless in my underwear playing the aformentioned best selling thing ever(or doing "other" things).

All in all, typical week on the internet.

In other news, the Desert Bus charity stream is dancing to a certain well known swedish pop(?) song.



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Jul 4, 2009
Black ops ISN'T FOR KIDS DAMN IT!!!1111 If you let your kid buy Black ops and then complain about it then you are a horrible parent.

People didn't try to help him and instead used Twitter? what is this world coming too?


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Aug 30, 2009
Hopefully a team based shooter made in the masseffect world is NOT what it is.

Im hoping for a proper alpha protocol.


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Apr 27, 2010
What?! Someone was making fun of a little girl's love of Star Wars? It was Yahtzee wasn't it? Wasn't it?! (shakes fist in anger)


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Nov 17, 2010
Surprisingly, this week, besides Nye, wasn't a big shocker to me.
@ Katie, the new Jedi, I think the Bullying epidemic is starting to become more and more of a concern to parents and education authorities. Not too long at school, we declared a new holiday, HERO day. A day denouncing the evil of harassment and supporting our fellow humans. Which I didn't have a problem with.. Free love and all that noise, but they forced it upon us with an assembly, parade, and IMMEDIATE suspension on all bullying.
@ Nye, the popularity of tweeting is annoying. One of the greatest scientists of now collapses and no one dares to help him up right before they inform their followers? For shame.
@ Bioware, AWWW SHIT.
@ Black Ops, OK, this one REALLY doesn't surprise me. EVERYTIME a new Call of Duty comes, some one is certain to flip shit. Last time with MW2 it was the Russians and this time, a Super-Hero coalition. It's getting old.
@ Kinect, I really don't care whether they're watching the store where the Kinect I didn't buy is. If I did own one however, I would play nude. Cheers, Microsoft.