The Week in Review: Sex Scandals and Piracy

Logan Westbrook

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Feb 21, 2008
The Week in Review: Sex Scandals and Piracy

In this week's edition, Anonymous is digitally pursued to Texas, and Kinect sexy time gets sensationalized by a local news outlet.

Local News Channel Reports on Kinect Sex Game

ThriXXX's Kinect-using, fondling simulator has received some attention from a local CNN news affiliate, based in El Paso, Texas, and it's about as sensationalist and misinformed as you might expect. After buying her 5-year-old son Edwin an Xbox 360 and Kinect for Christmas, she was shocked to discover to discover the terrible things that people were doing with Kinect. Sadly, the news that the Microsoft had blocked the ThriXXX game seemed to provide little comfort. (Link [])



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Sep 28, 2008
lacktheknack said:
Ugh, why must the controversial sex stuff ALWAYS get on the news!?
It's simple, because as far as old people are concerned, gaming is for nothing more than little kids. It's only ever going to be for kids, and will never be for adults, at least not until those of us who grew up playing games become those in charge. Once we're in charge, we'll find something new to rally against. It's how the cycle works.


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Mar 18, 2009
May I ask why the Kinect Sex Game wasn't blocked and Lego violence was? Kinda baffles me...

Anyway, a good week!