The Week In Review

Logan Westbrook

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Feb 21, 2008
The Week In Review

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the international edition of the Week in Review... señoras y caballeros, recepción a la edición internacional de la semana en la revisión.
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Mechwarrior Vs Attorneys: FIGHT!

Finally, probably the biggest news of the week is that the ever-so-wholesome Disney has bought comic-book giant Marvel. We must now prepare ourselves for the announcements that the Jonas Brothers will be joining the Avengers and the Punisher will be getting a new sidekick in the form of Hannah Montana. Of course it also means that Deadpool might be in the next Kingdom Hearts, so it's not all bad... (link [])



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Nov 28, 2007

When it comes to Harmony Gold I'd imagine their issue is that they haven't been making much money off their properties for a while. They are after a quick payday without any other way to get it. They had plenty of oppertunities to defend their copyright, and they never used them so as far as I'm concerned Mechwarrior is fine.

Besides as I understand things Harmony Gold owns the rights to Robotech which is actually a combination of several unrelated Japanese works combined into a single work. Something possible because of the same artists.

I really have no bloody idea how they heck they are going to work this one out given the fact that the same images they are defending have been used in places other than Robotech. Macross for example went on to form it's own universe of sequels which have no connection to Robotech at all.


As far as Disney goes I personally cannot see how they are going to be able to deal with the 'M' rated properties in a way that will keep the fans happy, unless they wind up putting Marvel under one of their sub companies.

As far as Kingdom Hearts goes, I can't see them using the Marvel characters for that while keeping the franchise's atmosphere what it is now.


People are already talking about the problems inherant in Disney and Warner Brothers controlling pretty much all animation/comics between them. I am waiting for the inevitable merger. :)



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Aug 22, 2008
Mechwarrior Vs Attorneys: FIGHT!
If I don't get to play a Warhammer I'll be very upset.

OnLive Goes Kind of Live!
Eh, so-so. I'd be surprised if it did kill consoles, but I wish them every success in bringing more competition to the table. Competition breeds progression which can only be good.

Evil Genius Bashes Video Games
He may have created one of my favourite anime series of all time, but I'm afraid I (unsurprisingly) have to disagree with him.

Langdell Quits IGDA
Awesome. It's about time. Now hopefully he'll fall into the same category as Sarah Palin as a non-entity who people need to stop paying attention to.

Move Over Goofy, We've Got Captain America Now
Spiderman as a Kingdom Hearts summon please.


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Sep 5, 2009
If you'd like to find out more about the history of the enmity between FASA and Harmony Gold (and also Playmates), check out

I go into detail drawn from the public legal documents relating to the matter.


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Oct 10, 2008
This week in review thing is kind of useful. I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3: Wolverines revenge. Oh, and screw Langdell, he can go die in a fire.