These Babies in Geeky Costumes are Cooler Than You


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Aug 15, 2013
These Babies in Geeky Costumes are Cooler Than You

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Finding your fandom can start early, very early, and these babies have already staked a claim on a fitting fandom. From Star Wars to The Avengers and even a Baby Groot, these kids two things in common: stellar costumes and the drive to take back naptime.

Check out 32 of the newest, cutest fans and find a full list of photographers below.


Baby Leia (by A. Bilger Photography) []

Tiny Mario (by J. Ann Photography) []

Baby Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (by A Piece of Lisa Photography [])

Tiny Spock (by Dimples and Curls Photography [])

What's the age rating on that lightsaber? (by Staci Noel Photography [])

Even The Flash gets sleepy. (by JME Portraits [])

Two Chewwies are better than one. (by JME Portaits [])

The boy who lived (by Amy Cook Photography [])
Sleeps baby Yoda does. (by Image By Echo [])

Tiny power, great responsibility. (by JME Portraits [])

Baby Olaf (by JME Portraits [])

Knights start small. (by A Piece of Lisa Photography [])

Never fear, a baby Jedi is here! (by JME Portraits [])

Newbie n00b (by Kimberly G Photography [])

The Doctor needs his rest. (by J Lobbins Photography [])

It's tiring being in the Justice League. (by Kellie Carter Photography [])

Love of literature starts early. (by Katrina Elena Photography [])

Don't mess with this batmobile. (by Kimberly G Photography [])

Baby Alice in Napland (by JME Portraits [])

Baby, I am your father. (by Malia B Photography [])

The dwarves love tiny Snow White, except maybe Grumpy. (by JME Portraits [])

Avengers Assemble around Baby Spidey(by JME Portraits [])

Teeny Mike is destined for great laughs. (by Sugarloaf Photography [])

The tiniest Dark Knight (by Ashley McNamara [])

Cat in the Hat, baby-style (by Rachel Smith Studios [])

Naptime between novels. (by Tavia Redburn [])

Up, up and away to naptown. Even adventurers need a break. (by Blue Gate Photography [])

Baby Groot! (by JME Portraits [])

Baby nerd (by A Piece of Lisa Photography [])

Taking a break from piloting the Millennium Falcon. (by A Piece of Lisa Photography [])

Two tiny marauders. (by Tanya Haswell [])

Tiny R2-D2 is too adorable (by Smallbites [])

Source: Boredom Therapy []



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That title? That's the reason this article doesn't have comments.
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