These Neon-Infused Movie Posters Will Trip You Out, Maaaannn


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Jun 8, 2015
These Neon-Infused Movie Posters Will Trip You Out, Maaaannn


Italian design firm Van Orton is injecting some much-needed life into the movie poster biz with these beautiful, inspired posters.

Movie posters are a dying art form, so much so that someone with even the most rudimentary understanding of Photoshop could easily find gainful employment in Hollywood's graphic design industry by following a few simple steps:

1) If it's an action film [], you tilt the background, throw in an explosion or two, and make sure your star is holding a gun for good measure.

2) If it's a rom-com (especially one by Nicholas Sparks), the "close-eyed headbutt" set before a serenic background [] will always suffice.

3) For horror films, it's even easier: Just use an eye! [,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18kxyiew9nov1jpg.jpg]

But amidst all the repetition and blandness of the current movie poster industry has emerged a shining beacon of hope, quite literally, in Van Orton Design. Founded by twin brothers hailing from Turin, Italy, Van Orton have turned the poster industry on its head with a series of vivid, neon-colored posters depicting some of our favorite films [].

The collection of 'one point perspective' illustrations are drawn with a single vanishing point near the center of the frame, with all lines converging at this chosen spot. Defined by vibrantly hued neon colors contained within thick black lines, the images offer completely new interpretations of movies like 'the grand budapest hotel' and 'pulp fiction', while still maintaining recognizability.

Check out a gallery of some of our favorite re-imagined posters below, then head over to Van Orton's Behance page [] to check out their entire collection of designs, which includes everything from video game posters like the The Legend of Zelda to portraits of NBA stars.

(Images used with permission. Credit Van Orton design.)

Source: Design Boom []