These People Hate You!


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Sep 27, 2008
I would much rather play WoW than have sex with the annoying one. Hell, I'd rather mine for a few hours in Eve (the most boring activity in existence).

Zykon TheLich

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Jun 6, 2008
They don't hate me, they don't even hate you, they are just slightly disparaging of the hardcore gamer lifestyle & hardcore gamers. Gamesradar lie, and you bought their sensationalism. Also:
Bendon said:
haha "What level was he?"
That made me laugh too.


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Apr 14, 2009
Skeleon said:
Hm, I'm not a true gamer then, for I have goals.
i must not be a true gamer either, for while i am lacking goals and a job, i am female, and as we all know, female gamers simply do not exist.


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Nov 5, 2008
I guess I should make sweeping generalizations about non-gamers to even the playing field. They are trapped in the past and if they tried to pick up a controller they would impale themselves with it.

US Crash Fire

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Apr 20, 2009
yeah cause all gamers fit into a nice stereotype!
im a firefighter, im in the air force, i love the beach, and im pretty good in a fight
not the fat lazy antisocial twat living in my moms basement stereotype.


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Apr 27, 2009
See, I wouldn't give up World of Warcraft for the girl that was complaining about being ranked below it, because she's a *****. Also, I'll have these people know that I'm not single because I'm a gamer, but because I'm hideously ugly! HA! I win!


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Jun 26, 2008
jeez, now i know what road rage feels like... but im "lazily" sitting on my ass instead o_O

Azeban said:
I would much rather play WoW than have sex with the annoying one. Hell, I'd rather mine for a few hours in Eve (the most boring activity in existence).
id rather play WoW then have to talk or listen to her...

and i dont like WoW, i dont have the patience or multi-tasking ability for it XD


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Dec 7, 2007
You can tell that these people have never played a video game, commenting on shit you don?t know about, nothing speaks of greater ignorance. That be like if I picked up a comic book and found some random fight scene and then went through life assuming that all comic books consisted of nothing but senseless violence. now lets look through some of the comments made by these brainless ignorant fucksticks you guys want to be insulting and make assumptions well fine ill show you an insult
There is a lack of creativity because so much information is being constantly fed to you
Your complaining about to much information and yet you play D&D
Id rather clean my house
Well its about time you cleaned that shit pile anyway
Id rather go out and do something cultural
So what you do or whatever you smoke is automatically superior to art? Well at least the ego part of your brain is un damaged
People who are more interested in wining at any cost then having fun
that?s a stereotype and any one who uses stereotypes to form an opinion without actually meeting the people is a stupid ignorant dick
There is no depth to your character
You mean like in real life? Your lack of information is astonishing
You have no life and you just sit around and your lazy
All life is meaningless in the grand scheme of the universe but doing that and being an egotistical ignorant disrespectful ***** and finding the time to do all that weed must take more effort then actual work and we still find time to have social lives and keep our hobbies and art forms
Get a life
This coming from the ***** who spends her time online looking for a good fuck? Rest assured ill live longer then you because while im raising a family youll be getting murdered in an ally somewhere by one of those online friends of yours
My dad told me fish have no feelings that and a bunch of other insensitive shit
Well I don?t se any gills on you so my guess is he was projecting, assuming you know what that means
Question would you date a gamer?
Its fun for a while but then it gets boring
Well then you should feel right at home
I want to date someone with goals who doesnt sit around playing video games all the time
Yeah so all you have to do is sit and leach off this person for the money you need to buy all that dope
MMORPGs? lost a couple boyfriends to this
So if you lost your boyfriend or girlfriend to an item of greater worth what dose that say about you? You should just be relived that it wasn?t seppuku, or did that come after your endless bitching?
I needed to work really hard to get fucked
Harder then usual? Damn thats pretty hard
I wouldnt be able to be around someone who was needing to play video games all the time it would just be like a nightmare for me
Well at least the feelings of hate and disgust would be mutual in your relationship for once
Cutting there breasts of or sticking knives up there crotches or pulling their balls through their noses
And your phobic about violence you sick twisted fuck

I am aware I may be banned for my comments, but whatever go ahead I spoke my mind and that?s what I think of these people


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Apr 25, 2009
this girls only had very hard gamers i mean if i had i girlfriend i would make time for her


Free of All Weakness
Jul 8, 2008
I like comics.


This only reinforces my belief that playing video games is much more fun that going out with the cool kids. If all they can do is stereotype until they fall into an alcohol-induced coma, I'd rather stay at home.

Oh, and I can see why that annoying girls boyfriend wouldn't have sex with her.

Monkfish Acc.

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May 7, 2008
Holy negative stereotypes and generalisation, Batman!
Man, I would be so much more offended if I could ever stop giggling.

Who wants to bet most of those wimins spent every other night pissed out their head at some party?


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Dec 16, 2008
ROFL!! These people make me laugh, very very hard, when you're feeling a little torn up, it's nice to just watch some people that are this stupid and ignorent, I feel slightly better now.