Things From Skyrim You'd Like to See in Fallout 4


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Aug 21, 2011
wrightguy0 said:
more joinable factions would be nice, the radiant quest system form skyrim should also be carried over, the option to buy property, better difficulty levels (NV was arserape city after a certain point, a point where you would normally feel like a boss, and you were still getting kicked to the dirt)

I also want to see them drop weapon maintenance and bring in more crafting and the fallout version of "Enchanting" the ability to make stim packs, powered ammo, normal ammo, and even the guns themselves. Fallout should also have Skyrim's skill system, getting better at tasks like hacking and lockpicking just by doing the task, then selecting the perks you want based on what you use naturally.
Skyrims skill system is broken though and every skill is abusable upto max in less than an hour...why on earth would you want that? Fallout 1 and 2 had level 305 as max so they should revert back to that system and remove the ridiculously easy level cap. If they took it all the way back to 305 levels then the game would seem much longer and rewarding rather than Skyrim which was just a matter of time and ultimately redundant.


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Nov 29, 2011
Well I would like something implemented in FO4 from an other game than Skyrim.
It would be the character animations from RAGE, you know the great animations, facial expressions, enemy clutching its leg in pain while still running for some protagonist pie, now that would make FO4 more than awesome, it would be STELLAR.

Other than that maybe some mounts (animals not vehicle) and changing weather.

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Oct 28, 2009
A better 3rd person camera is needed. I know the one in Skyrim wasn't great, but it was better than Oblivion/Fallout/New Vegas. Fallout 4 needs a workable 3rd person camera.

I didn't play much of skyrim(and never sober) so I don't remember much else that Fallout would need.


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Nov 7, 2011
-Dual wielding
-Mounts- Imagine having mutant dogs and rats as mountable animals.
-As someone said a more logical reason for cities ti exist, like trade and having water, etc
-The skyrim clothes system, gloves, shoes, body, hat. It looks like every survivor went to the post-apocalypse wal-mart.
-Wildlife- where the hell are all those iguanas and squirrels I've been enjoying so much?
-Bows and arrows- I'm surprised they haven't done this before, it's been 200 years since the apocalypse, why has nobody figured out an easy weapon that has basically unlimited ammo?
-Resource gathering- like Skyrim's mining but with salvaging like cars, rubble, etc

Other games etc
-If they add mounts you should break them in like in Red Dead
-The DLC stories from New Vegas- the game was good but the DLC was amazing, especially the narrations at the end
- weapon customizing- changing the stock, barrel, adding scopes, flashlights, etc


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Jul 2, 2009
Probably the thing I would like to see most is the ability to play as a ghoul. Most of all if such a thing were implemented then I would want it to impact how my character is treated by NPCs. Not just a few vaguely racist comments by enemies in the heat of battle and all that. Regarding playing a super mutant (as some have suggested) I don't really see how you could do so without having practically every NPC trying to kill you. I mean, you'd be a bloody super mutant!

Other than that it's just standard stuff. An alternate mode of transportation, weather, sprinting, real time conversations, etc.

One thing I would like to see continued from New Vegas though is Hardcore Mode or at least something to make me feel like I'm actually trying to survive in the Wasteland.

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Nov 18, 2009
MichiganMuscle77 said:
The ability to attempt to pick ANY lock, despite skill.

OOOH here's a good one. You know when you go into a dungeon and by the time you reach the end, there's usually some glowing writing on the wall that "gifts" you a new Dragon Shout?

What if, in Fallout 4, each of the Vaults have different firmware upgrades for your Pipboy that enable new features? Not sure what those features could be... probably mostly involving VATS, but maybe something to do with inventory or the map as well.
The first one I was gonna say anyway, but that second one is genius.
Upgrades for the pip-boy would be immense.
I think they'd have to be fewer than Dragon Shouts, but more meaningful. Perhaps general cybernetic enhancements, too, such as visual aids, etc.

For me mainly though just the incredible amount of quests that are in Skyrim, and the Radiant system. Also, even more Random Encounters. They completed FO3 for me, and no game has quite done them as well since in my opinion.


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Apr 24, 2020
United States
The difficulty curve.

randomize much of what foes are in what location, but unlike Fallout New Vegas, don't put in Deathclaws as Beef Gates that block a large amount of the game world, or mountains rendered climb-proof with invisible wall aid.


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May 7, 2008
The conversations/ voice acting, the leveling system, the dragons, a convenient plot point that gives me the ability to breathe fire.


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Nov 2, 2009
The only thing I liked really were the better running/walking animation as well as better speech animations. I also like how when talking to someone you weren't locked in place. Aside from that I felt fall: NV had a much better control scheme such as the pipboy inventory and follower wheel management systems.

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Aug 7, 2012
recruit00 said:
Muspelheim said:
Pretty much what Soviet Heavy said, although I'd also like something akin to the mining from Skyrim. You walk by a good chunk of reasonably well preserved metal and can salvage it, or maybe dig through old engines for spare parts.
Another thing I'd like would be horses. Mutated ones with a horn, maybe, or at least some form of mount. Oh, and flower picking, living of the land and all that. Really, they just ought to airlift the Hardcore-mode and the cooking skills from New vegas.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... Yeah, mutant spiders. I hate spiders, but they do make awesome opponents. Imagine one of those spindly things just skittering around on the ceiling...
The conversation system ought to be airlifted as well. That's one of my favs from Skyrim, how everyone doesn't just freeze in place when I open my mouth and carries on with their business.
An equivolent to the cart travelling system would be nice. They've ought to get a few rails fixed in 200 years.

But above all; readable books. Perhaps a few scorched remains from Pre-War times, maybe a few paled notes from a survivor trapped in a closet. Reading them on your Pip-Boy is just less fun, and honestly... What if that thing lies?

recruit00 said:
The game to not be made by Bethesda o wait...

If it is more like Fallout 3 than New Vegas, they won't be getting my money. New Vegas was actually well done story wise. Fallout 3? Haha, don't make me laugh.
While I do agree that New Vegas' storyline was alot better in many ways, it's still not that much to write home about option-wise... "Hey! Glad that massive brain damage thing worked out for you! Here's the Sensible Faction, with a functioning society and stuff! And here's the Nonsense Faction, doing ridiculously contraproductive stuff! Ave caesar, enjoy your handegg gear! Or become a robot overlord yourself, if you'd like. Now go hit them slot machines, tiger!"

Still a bit better told and realized than Fallout 3's, though. Perhaps letting Obsidian into the back seat could create the best middle ground storywise?
Yeah, the Legion was done so poorly. If you chose it you got like two missions compared to the tons of the NCR. And like you said, unless you're completely insane, NCR is just better.
Not Obsidian's fault: they got a shit deadline. According to most of the devs who've talked about the cut content, they needed 3-5 months of extra time to expand on the Legion and add post-endgame content.

OT: Add sprinting (use the AP bar as a limiter. Makes Agility much more important), Obsidian developing the game with a reasonable deadline instead of fucking them over like always (They have shit luck with publishers), bring back the roaming beasts function like in F3, but also have certain areas that are populated with high level beasts as well (Like New Vegas).

Other than that, next-gen graphics, perhaps an enhanced interface, the ability to kill everyone like in New Vegas (because giving them Plot Armor just pisses people off. You understood that with Morrowind, why did you forget it now?) and an upgraded Hardcore mode.


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Aug 12, 2010
Soviet Heavy said:
As the title says. What sort of mechanics or details from Skyrim would you like to see implemented in the next fallout game?

Personally, I would like to see an analogue for the equipment enchanting. Jury rigging Future-Tec equipment into your attire to receive the benefits. New Vegas sort of did this with the upgrade system for certain armors, but I'd like to see a full implementation.

This leads into the next part. In Skyrim, your choice of armor really doesn't matter much once you reach a higher level, meaning you can pretty much where what you want, rather than needing to grind for higher armor points. I'd like to see this in Fallout, but with a bit more differentiation. Obviously Powered Armor or metal will be stronger than Leather, but if you go out wearing a duster, you won't be totally helpless. That way, you get to keep your character's look without compromising your safety too much.

Also, not freezing the gameworld once you go into a conversation. Have everyone continue about their business.

What would you like to see done?
This question insults me. I want Fallout 4 to be as far away from Skyrim as possible. Preferably more along the lines of Fallout New Vegas which was by far a superior Elder Scrolls-like game. Personally I would rather have the old Fallout turn-based games back instead.


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Aug 31, 2009
Cheesepower5 said:
I want dragons in the next FO game. Big, scaley, fire-breathimg dragons.
I do too and I think this can be explained away as a Vault experiment on genetic splicing or something similar. Either that and/or a Vault-tec or similar prototype Robot made by the U.S. military in a similar vain as Sentinel Prime...only a rocket-propelled Dragon.

I would like to see the build-your-own-home thing expanded into a build-your-own-town mechanic. I feel like I explained this in another FO4 thread but the ability to build your own town, have people come in, spend money and/or donate scrap metal (or weapons, or ammo, or energy cells, or everything ever) so as to further expand the township into a city. It would also be great to eventually buy/build monuments or trademark buildings/bill boards/ etc.


May 5, 2020
A mode of transportation. It would make sense to have caravans no? There were some in FO3, I rarely saw any in NV. Ah well.

And sprint option please.

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Dec 31, 2009
The converstation system I REALLY enjoy, just make it a tad bigger so I can actually read the font.

I REALLY enjoy the level-up system on PS3, but we really need to upgrade it so that PC playesr won't ***** about ii, along with the UI.

Let's see, I love the radiant story can we add that in there?