Things That Annoy You


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Nov 17, 2008
When people talk about things like they know it, but have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. They have no facts, have done no research but they 'know this is right'.

Also, power ups in the Mario Kart games, seriously I know weapons in racers is fun but a nuke that seeks out the guy in first? That's a little lame.


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Sep 19, 2011
Lightning Delight said:
Definitely when you are waling through school hallways and there are those arseholes who think they can take up the entire hallway by stopping in the middle of it an talking and blocking traffic throughout then entire thing. And also people who don't use turn signals. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for people like that. Finally, overzealous Catholics. I myself am Catholic, but I know that there is a time and place for religious teachings, and biology class is not fucking one of them.
im with you on the overzealous thing, there is this guy who comes out and protests at all the metal shows in town (at least he used to) and will shout "jesus loves you" at everyone in line. theres also those people who tell me i have been "misguided by satan" when i mention that im pagan.

The Pinray

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Jul 21, 2011
Too many things. When it comes to forums, I would say users that sign their posts. I see your name right next to your post. Are you so important that you feel you need to remind me? Annoying as all hell.



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Dec 23, 2010
1) Louis Spence- Every time he opens his mouth I want to choke him out with his own tounge. I have no problem with gay people but I have a problem with him cramming every single negative stereotype down my throat (I KNOW) every second he for some reason is on tv.

2) Howard Webb- After the 2nd penalty yesterday. snm.


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Aug 2, 2008
People who are overweight, unhappy about it, complain about it, and despite having no medical reason as to why they can't lose weight, still haven't lost it.

Just...shut up and be happy about yourself, or make the change. Don't just have a Diet Coke instead of a regular - actually put in the effort into maintaining a decent lifestyle.

It didn't used to get to me so much, but after the ninety-eighth-billionth time someone has turned around and said "You're lucky you have a fast metabolism!" after completely ignoring the fact that I make my own healthy meals and exercise practically every day, and make every effort I can to do something active in my spare time. No, it's nothing to do with our different lifestyles - clearly life hates you.


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Feb 6, 2012
People who are offended on other peoples behalf.

Yes it's great that your sisters friends 3rd cousins dogs pet hamster had cancer. And you dare tell me to my bald emaciated face that cancer jokes are offensive to people with cancer?



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Feb 18, 2010
Know what..? It's easiest if I just say "life". Yea. Life. That annoys me more than anything else. Sure, I could start listing all things I find annoying, or the ones I find the most annoying, but that would take too long. And it would be too annoying. Heh.

So yea, life in general. At least currently. Maybe it'll stop being annoying in a while? Who knows. I hope so though. That would be... Less annoying. Or something. I think. Probably.

Also, captcha. That's annoying. D:

Mister Eff

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Apr 11, 2009
People who don't respect urinal etiquette. There's 5 urinals, I'm at the end, the rest are free. GO IN THE MIDDLE OR THE OTHER END. Not next to me or in a position that SOMEBODY has to stand next to you. And don't stare at my junk. Or my face.

People who don't respect arm rest etiquette. That makes me go apeshit if I'm at the cinema or something and my friends put their arms over their rest and onto mine. No thanks.

A lot of facebook users. You know the types, I don't need to mention them all.

People proving me wrong. I don't like being wrong. Who does?

People who get too much into my personal space. I'm a big fan of personal space.

That godawful show "Whitney"

Chairman Miaow

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Nov 18, 2009
People who glare at you as though you are being rude when you say excuse me. I mean, would you rather I barged past you? Maybe then I could stand in your way being completely unaware of my surroundings you rude, dimwitted fuck.


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Mar 4, 2010
I don't mind if you text during class, I just can't stand when you have someone texting and their keyboard on their phone sounds like a herd of zebras going across the plains of Africa.


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May 26, 2010
People who adamantly defend something they have no stake in. I literally get a headache watching them talk because they're clearly not thinking straight. I've never seen someone do this without a combination of the following:

I'm right and you're wrong because I said so, and any evidence I have is weak at best.


Completely changing the subject because they found something they didn't like in someone's response.

Add it all up to get an argument no one ever wins. Although there was never an argument in the first place; just a shouting match.

Also, people who use "It's all subjective" to hand-wave things they don't want to talk about. The context it's used in implies change is always a bad thing. Plus, it's very passive-aggressive.


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Sep 10, 2009
Terminate421 said:
People who think they are cool by bashing popular things.

Also people who bash newer pokemon and refuse to accept that there are pokemon past X generation.
I've got a feeling that I've quoted you on this subject before, but I could be wrong. Anyway I couldn't agree more. To anyone out there who keeps on getting in my face about how there is only 151 Pokemon to which I say, there is 649 Pokemon deal with it.

Also I hate people who.
Chew with there mouths open.
Talk to loud at night.
Also people who nitpick at cosplayers, so it's a bad costume because the hair is slighty incorrect? Or the colour of the jacket, jeans, T-shirt, etc is slighty the wrong shade? To all cosplay nitpickers I say this, "Takes a deep breath" "FUCK YOU." The best of it is, these nitpickers are normally the only ones that aren't wearing a costume.

Finally this is a small but annoying thing that my roomate does, who is always up way before me in the morning. Would it kill him to open the kitchen blinds and windows I mean it's not that hard.


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Mar 6, 2011
Lilani said:
Also, people who get on a bus when it's standing room and stop in the middle when they KNOW there are a lot more people that need to get on.
Oh god. In that same vein, people who get on the bus and all clump near the front. Assholes, there a WHOLE REST OF THE DAMN BUS! I don't want to have to squeeze my fat ass past you because you can't be bothered to go towards the back till the Driver tells you to.

People who say "Well that's just your opinion." Why yes, I know it is thanks. When I used the word "I" prior to the opinion I'm pretty sure that should have been enough info.

People who post religious shit on their Facebook pages. I don't mind one or two but making 5-6 posts that are just religious pictures with some "So true" attached is annoying. If you weren't relatives you'd be gone!

People who take their frustrations out on you. Oh your having a bad day? Well then sure, feel free to piss, ***** and moan about how I didn't throw a cardboard box into the trash that you walk past EVERY morning. Yup, nothing about that style gets old at all.

Fun fact, what's referred as "having a temper tantrum" like that, is actually called an Amygdala Hijack named for the Amygdala, which is the portion of the brain which controls emotion. Thank you College!


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Jun 30, 2011
Cheery Lunatic said:
Being poked.

It drives me insane. People think it's cute/funny. IT'S NOT. STOP POKING ME.


-People who don't understand the simplest things ok for example I was testing my sister for a maths exam, shes thick as fuck by the way so I made it easy.

"Sis, if a car is travelling at 60 miles an hour, how many miles does it do in half an hour?" Her answer? "50?" -.- Dumbass!

-People who can't spell, things like "lose" ok, too many people spell it like "loose". For example in a game of League of Legends I see at least once a week "Omg you make us loose!" GGRRRRRRR! ITS LOSE YOU DUMB SHIT!

-Trolls naturally....

There are a lot of things that piss me off, best not say anymore, lest you use the knowledge against me.....


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Jul 26, 2010
People who can't stop referencing TVtropes when posting some kind of review/critique/post about any media you care to mention.

"Well, clearly must be The Man Behind The Man, thus making him the true Big Bad. Who'd have thought he wasn't just going to remain The Dragon. I bet he'll end up Dragon Their Feet before the Final Battle, so we can have a Sequel Hook. After all, he's such an obvious Starscream, even if is too much of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander to notice."

"Haha! What a hilarious Lampshade Hanging!"


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Nov 7, 2011
lRookiel said:
-People who can't spell, things like "lose" ok, too many people spell it like "loose". For example in a game of League of Legends I see at least once a week "Omg you make us loose!" GGRRRRRRR! ITS LOSE YOU DUMB SHIT!
This, this annoys me so much, it's "lose" and "losing" NOT "loose" and "loosing" and yet the mistake is continually made.